$10 Billion Upgrade to JFK Airport $10 Billion Upgrade to JFK Airport

$10 Billion Upgrade to JFK Airport

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The Big Apple has a reputation as one of the greatest cities on Earth to visit, yet on the other hand, most people who have used its main international airport John F Kennedy (JFK), will tell you that it is not befitting one of the biggest cities in the US. Hopefully, a recently announced a $10 billion-dollar overhaul of the aging airport will help fix that.

JFK 10 Billion Upgrade

Connectivity Improvements

Governor Cuomo announced a plan that will focus on improving the airport in three key areas:

  • Improved road access to the airport
  • Expansion of rail transit options for passengers
  • Transforming JFK into a “World Class Airport”

The plan will transform the airport, according to Governor Cuomo, who stated that “We are New York, and we remember the bravado that built this State in the first place, and that is the attitude that will take JFK and turn it into the 21st century airport that we deserve.”

The improved access to the airport will see the Van Wyck Expressway transformed into four lanes, with a ring road enabling easy access to all of the terminals. These new roads will have plenty of parking options added to them, with both long term and short term parking possibilities.

JFK 10 Billon Upgrade Mockup Day

In addition to the road expansion, the new plan calls for the development and expansion of the current Air Train. There are currently two plans under consideration, the first calls for expanding the network to give travelers the option for traveling directly into New York city center, the second plan calls for increasing the number of cars on each train, at the same time the main stops on the Air Train will be expanded.

In addition to the Air Train and roads, tunnels will be constructed between the terminals to allow passengers to move between them with the least interruption.

Terminal Development

The terminal buildings themselves will either be redeveloped or torn down and rebuilt. The buildings will offer world class facilities. The plan also plans to improve entertainment, duty-free shopping, and meeting facilities. Governor Cuomo illustrated what is to be built by emphasizing the facilities at the new TWA Flight Center Hotel.

Air-side the plan will also expand taxiways, easing congestion at the airport, and increasing the number of slots available at the airport. Needless to say, any development has to keep security in the forefront of the planning. To that end, new state of the art security systems will be incorporated in the redevelopment plans.

JFK 10 Billon Upgrade Mockup Night

It's About Time

This is great news for residents of New York, and anyone who regularly uses JFK. It is high time the airport was enhanced to cope with the rigors of increased demand in travel. Hopefully the redevelopment won't destroy current airport operations.

Source: NY State

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  • Rob, it will be paid either with the existing Psgr. Facility Charge (“XF tax”) of $4.50 per person & or higher landing fees, which would have to be passed on.
    Vancouver Canada (YVR) Airport invented the Airport Improvement Fee circa 1990 which has existed continuously since then! It’s even been increased and has inspired almost every airport in Canada to follow suit.

  • While on the one hand it is good to have a much improved airport, the massive downside is the cost. I’m sure this will be passed onto the airlines who will pass it on the the passengers with increased fares.

  • Yeah I try to avoid flying through any New York Area whenever possible. Newark doesn’t even have free wifi – like wth?

  • It’d be great to have this all done. Last time I was there they were working on something and coming in from an international flight that day was a nightmare! Customs took 2 hrs and then I had to go stand in line outside security as if I was just arriving at the airport for a flight. TSA took forever too since they had to route everyone there. So it’ll be nice to have the updates but I wonder how long it’ll take and how congested it’ll be. It is long overdue! I wonder how they’ll route everything while the update is going on.

  • I called AA recently to discuss an itinerary which had been impacted by a schedule change. To improve my flight day, AA offered me a new route using JFK as my gateway to Europe. No thank you. Hopefully in my lifetime the airport will be renovated, but I have my doubts.

  • That sounds really crazy. I have high expectations for this renovation. Either way, I am looking forward to it!

  • Another reason to always choose JFK over LaGuardia whenever possible. Excited to hear this great news.

  • ADAM PARSONS says:

    Wow, 10 big ones to be spent on an airport, suppose it will be the same wage as Trump!

  • It would be great if the Air Train would link up with Grand Central Station, and also if it would have many more stops in Queens.

  • it is about time that something was done to improve the airport. it is somewhat embarrassing that an airport used by most of the world is in sad shape.


    It’s about time . the airport is over 65 years old. Whether the terminal buildings are redeveloped or rebuilt , i’m sure you have to be conscience of the delays it may cause when your planning.

  • Bertrand Say says:

    Should improve the traffic into the airport. Hope they renovate the lounges and other facilities inside the airport also.

  • Living in NY and dealing by with JFK. All I can say is about time. NY airports all have worst train options into Manhattan. The construction will probably takes decades and cost billions over budget.

  • All 3 new york airports need major updates to terminals and transportation options to avoid nyc and nj roads. just passed through and seems to be worse than it was 10 years ago.

  • Cathy Krasnianski says:

    It’s about time!

  • great if it really happens!

  • LGA traffic has been a zoo. I dread arriving there. Wish they’d finish the LGA construction before tackling all JFK.

  • When coming from an international destination and landing at JFK will one have to clear security again?

  • As my nearest international gateway, it’s great news that the facility is going to be upgraded to world-class standards.

  • Spot-on! I changed planes @ JFK in 2013 enroute from Berlin, Germany to Charleston SC. I thought ‘WTF? This is the intl. airport of the largest city of the richest & strongest nation on Earth?! It looks & feels like an airport in the poorest countries of Africa!’

  • I wish they would add a second AirTrain inside security with post security transfers.