Which Airlines Have Online Shopping Portals?

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Almost every major airline has its shopping portal, which is an excellent way to pick some extra miles while you shop for everyday items. There are various strategies you can use to maximize your earnings from airline shopping portals. Below are some of the major airlines and their shopping portals:

Maximizing Your Earning

One of the best ways to maximize your earning is to use the reward comparison site such as evreward. Just head over to evreward, and enter the name of the retailer with which you want to shop.


If for example, you wanted to purchase an item from Macy's just enter Macy's and hit enter. The search will return all the different programs that are partnered with Macy's and what your earning rates would be.

evreward macys

In the aforementioned case, your best option might be Spirit Airlines, as opposed to the American portal which would only earn you 3 miles per dollar. Maybe you don't want Spirit miles, so you'd pick American — but the options and listings are there to choose.

The site indexes thousands of stores, including some big-name retailers like Overstock, Macy's, Target, and more. Some other sites just like evreward that you could consider using are CashBackHolic.com and CashBackMonitor.com

Things To Remember

To avoid getting frustrated and losing out on those extra miles, you need to make sure that you do a few things:

  • Always click through the link from your portal and make your purchase from the window that pops up
  • Make sure that you have cookies enabled on both sites so that the shopping portal can “track” your purchase, which means you get your miles
  • Do not use promo codes or coupons found elsewhere, only use those on the shopping portal, otherwise, you might invalidate your earning
  • Double-check the terms and conditions; some purchases may be ineligible, and you will not earn miles. A very common item that is ineligible is gift cards, which the purchase will earn you no miles


Shopping portals are a great way to boost your mileage balance, and keep your account active; depending on what strategy you use you can double dip on earnings. One thing to remember is to regularly check back with your favorite portal since they regularly run promotions (especially around the holiday season) which will earn you a ton of extra miles. So, enjoy and happy shopping!

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  • Avatar
    jason picker says:

    I’ve been looking for a good portal site since fatwallet.com stopped offering cash back

  • Avatar

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but AAdvantage Shopping has a great mileage bonus for back to school from now until August 18, 2107. If you have any shopping to take care of, now is the time!

  • Avatar
    Cory Doyal says:

    Portal purchases are a great way to keep points alive.

  • Avatar

    I was just thinking about this the other day while I was at a Marshalls store… united offers the MileagePlus X which most stores allow you to purchase gift cards as payment. If you use MPX to purchase a gift card and then use it to shop on portals then you would be double dipping.

  • Avatar
    Anthony Coulson says:

    There is also Velocity Australia (estore) and Qantas Australia (online mall). Another regular one I use is Krisflyer Spree (Singapore Airlines).

  • Avatar

    Great article. I agree with the cashbackmonitor shout outs. Helps to maximize points and determine which portal to use. Just be weary of JB Amazon I def do it correct and don’t always receive the points.

  • Avatar
    Air Flyer says:

    Interesting to know about evreward!

  • Avatar

    I never heard of evreward and will definitely start using it. What a great way to maximize my airline points. Thanks for sharing.

  • Avatar

    As always, cashbackmonitor saves lives when shopping online. My go to website before I buy anything

  • Avatar

    Nice to have evrewards in order to see who offer the best reward without visiting several sites.
    This is particularly true when spending a lot of money.

  • Avatar

    I’ve started using the American Airlines’ shopping portal is the AAdvantage eShopping℠ mall, and i was surprised how easy it was to gather points for buying items that I was going to buy anyway.

  • Avatar

    Alternately, it is a major pain to track these purchases through the shopping portals to make sure that they credit. Aeroplan has almost non existent (electronic) customer service and I’ve been back and forth with Alaska Mileage Plan several times without success. Almost not worth my time following up if it isn’t automatic…

  • Avatar

    I use Cashbackmonitor more often than evrewards now, but they both are essentially the same. You can set up an account and choose to customize your searches on cashbackmonitor to reflect only the programs you’re enrolled in.

    AAdvantage eshopping is currently running an “up to 2,000 bonus miles” promotion. Be wary, though, of shopping through their portal, because I’ve noticed often that the site they redirect you is a different version of the store’s website and has higher prices than if you were to just go to that website and not shop through the AA portal (but forego earning the bonus miles). An example would be if you went to 1800flowers.com, you can use Shoprunner for free shipping, discount codes and generally just pay lower prices in general than if you were to click through the AA eshopping portal to 1-800-flowers. You might earn 1,000 miles, but you’re paying for them via higher prices. This doesn’t appear to happen with links to brick-and-mortar stores like Home Depot or Walmart.

  • Avatar

    nice reminder about evreward

  • Avatar

    Portals are such an easy method for accruing miles by only exercising a minimum of extra effort or time. Gotta love living by the mantra, every point matters.

  • Avatar

    evrewards is great! I use it before I make any online purchase

  • Avatar

    I just use a different browser from all my other open windows just in case

  • Avatar

    Thanks for evrewards. I usually use a cash back site like Ebates or Topcashback unless there is an airline point bonus offer, but I’m bookmarking this site for the future.

  • Avatar

    Cashbackmonitor is great, but one should always check at least a couple of the sites listed. I don’t think any single one of these is always 100% complete, or 100% accurate. Actually, I often find Evreward to be the least reliable, in terms of completeness of portal listings, and current-ness of offers. I prefer the Webflyer Mileage Mall Search, when looking specifically for travel partner portal offers.

  • Avatar

    Thank you. I just went to evreward and googled a jetblue shopping portal. I didn’t realize that JetBlue had a shopping portal. I will definitely be using these portals. I’m pretty low on Jetblue miles. And I will use other shopping portals to reset my miles expiration dates.

  • Avatar

    I say it all the time, portals are the easiest way to rack up miles. Check CashBackMonitor and the others, watch for increased miles, and buy. For big purchases you know you’re going to be getting (appliances, etc), they can add up. Especially if you pair it with something like the Back to School promos many are running now, where you can add 2,000+ miles for certain spending.

    Just make sure for smaller, every day purchases that you’re getting a deal since you often can’t stack non-site promo codes. It’s better (IMHO) to save 20% off the price, than get back, say, 5% in miles.

  • Avatar

    I had no idea the mileage earning rate varied between the portals. Thanks for this post.

  • Avatar

    United also has Mileage Plus X too. Don’t forget that one!

  • Avatar

    If you’re not using an online portal for shopping you’re throwing away easy miles

  • Avatar

    Good to know. Many people do not know that they can earn miles by shopping, which they would do regularly.

  • Avatar

    AA just offered me 100 bonus miles to come back and use their shopping portal:

    “It’s been a while since you last shopped with the AAdvantage eShopping mall, and we miss you. Come back and we’ll give you 100 bonus miles as a thank you for shopping when you spend $100 or more”

    Not sure I can get too excited about 100 AA miles, although every little helps 🙂

  • Avatar

    Had never heard of evreward, thanks for writing about it!

  • Avatar
    Jacqueline parsons says:

    AA & BA run regular big bonus point offers on their shopping portals. If you check these offers regularly potentially you can bag yourself thousands of free points.