Ryan Smith

Writer and Editor

Ryan is a freelance writer and editor who joined the AwardWallet team in 2021 but has been around points and miles for several years. After someone at his hostel in China said “I flew here for free using points,” Ryan was hooked. Ryan is on a mission to visit every country in the world and recently passed the 150 mark.

His wife joins him on many of his trips, and they enjoy snowboarding, diving, and seeing animals in the wild. When not traveling, Ryan is probably answering questions from his family about how he travels so much and whether all of this is illegal.

Marriott Bonvoy to Extend Elite Status, Free Night Awards, and More

Lots of news coming out of Marriott Bonvoy this week. Yesterday we shared that Marriott is eliminating its award chart. But, not all of the news is bad. Marriott is extending elite status, Free Night Awards, Suite Night Awards, and extending its pause on point expiration. Here’s what you need to know about which Marriott perks are extended and until when.

You Can Now Transfer Capital One Miles to 6 More Airlines at a 1:1 Ratio

You can now transfer Capital One miles to 6 more airline mileage programs at a 1:1 ratio. These improvements now mean you can transfer Capital One miles to 13 airlines at a 1:1 transfer ratio, putting it well on par with other major transfer currencies. This is a big improvement in redemption options. It should make Capital One miles much more valuable going forward.