Buy AA Miles with a Bonus of up to 115,000 Miles

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AA has announced its latest mileage bonus with up to 115,000 bonus miles when you purchase 150,000 miles. The promo can yield some decent value especially if you factor in that purchasing the miles also qualifies for Airfare bonus category spending with many credit cards. Fortunately, this is not a flash sale, and you have until April 28, 2018, to work out how to best take advantage of the offer.

AAdvantage Buy Miles Bonus Through April 28 2018

Key Terms

  • Promo valid through April 28, 2018
  • Receive up to 115,000 bonus miles when purchasing 150,000 miles
  • You can only purchase and receive as a gift a combined total of 150,000 miles per year
  • Only AA accounts that are older than 30 days can purchase miles
  • Miles should post instantly, but allow up to 8 hours for the transaction to post

Maximizing The Promo

Unlike most airlines that use to process direct mileage purchases, AA processes their own purchases directly. This means that points purchases will code as airfare and are eligible for a travel bonus purchase on many credit cards. The top-earning cards to use across the three major point currencies are The Platinum Card® from American Express and Citi Prestige® Card (5X), or the Chase Sapphire Reserve® and Citi Premier Card (3X).

When you consider that AA is selling 150,000 miles for $4,425 plus taxes and fees, there is clearly some scope for earning here. While the Amex Platinum will pick up over 20,000 Membership Rewards, the Sapphire Reserve and Citi Premier Card will all pick up just over 13,000 Ultimate Rewards/ThankYou Points. It is tempting to go straight for the Amex Platinum to pick up the most points, however factor in your yearly travel strategy and overall plan and goals and use the card that best helps you achieve that—not one that just earns the most points.

Our Take

Even though the AA program has lost a lot of shine since it went revenue based and the subsequent devaluations, and changes, the program still has some redeeming features and benefits, and even some redemption sweet spots. That is why even though this might not be the most exciting of promotions, it is worth having a look at, to see if it will fit into your overall strategy.

Source: One Mile At A Time

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  • This VERY tempting! Works out to about 1.7c/mile to buy AA miles. I looked at a coach RT to CDG from ABQ for Jan 2019, cost about $1,225. I can get an award ticket for 45k miles, or $765 plus fees of about $80, so savings of about 30%. And I lose the earn for using an award ticket. The savings are much better when you look at Biz or 1st class and some of the award sweet spots. My issue is that I currently have over 300k AA miles, and I have no definite plans for them, plus I would worry about a devaluation while I wait.

    Howie, has this deal been available before, and should we expect to see it again? I’d like to wait if I think I’ll do as well or better in the future. THX!

  • I would not speculate on miles for that kind of money, just to have AA devalue them again down the road.

  • The_Bouncer says:

    A pretty decent deal, iff you have a use worked out for the miles and know the award space is available.

  • Will this purchase actually earn a category bonus? Is AA different from most other programs that use to facilitate this type of transaction. If so, I never knew that about AA.

  • The trick for us is finding an AA redemption that makes this worth doing.

  • My problem with AA is the same as most people feel which basically is, good luck finding saver level award redemption. If I could count on booking saver awards on the dates I need them to the fto’s I want, then I’d buy in. However, given the difficulty finding space, I shy away from using my mileage account as my bank account. I’ll not be purchasing miles.

  • Not that it would be worth it, unless you have to use up points, but if this codes as airfare, I wonder if it will trigger, or allow credit card points that are redeemable against travel charges to redeem points as a credit against the charge.

  • Definitely is worth it if you KNOW you have a trip coming you can use them on ASAP, but not for any other reason.

  • cheers to having 400K AA miles… I just need more vacation time to use them!

  • I also would not buy this deal speculatively. Wait until you have travel needs in place and can find available award seats that meet your goals.

  • I will not be buying AA miles anytime soon. My wife and I have AA miles we have been trying to use for two years to find two business saver awards to Australia/New Zealand.

  • The 5 day hold is great on awards.. find the award and then buy the points later.

  • thx Howie.

  • Agreed, the 5 day hold is the best right now.

  • Last year I took advantage of a similar AA promo. I got a total of 250K AA miles for $4311, incl. all taxes and fees. I more than made up for that spending with one award ticket to SE Asia, 1st class one way and biz class return, which would have cost $12K if purchased. However I’m determined not to spend that kind of money again. I’ll be even more diligent in earning miles in every way possible, incl. taking advantage of new credit card offers when they are available.

  • Bought 100K+ miles from AA, what a crooked system they have.

    Wanted to redeem miles and only choice was thru BA ( bastard airways)

    The surcharge on BA was $750

    I guess one crook knows other crook very well.

    I hope BOTH BA and AA go out of business SOON

  • Thanks for the information. I never knew AA did not go through I can always use my AA miles, just takes a little planning ahead.

  • I like to have lots of miles in my account “just in case” but buying them for speculation of using them later seems to be a bad deal for me now. I’ll wait for when a deal comes around that coincides with my award travel plans. Alway good to keep track of, however. Thanks.

  • Living in an AA hub as I do, it’s impossible to ignore their presence. Still, I always look upon AA askance as sometimes I just don’t trust what they are doing. Invariably, for instance, I think I’m booking onto equipment I want to fly but by departure time it’s been swapped to a lesser product. I wish I could embrace AA more but to me, right now anyway, I question their credibility. As such, I won’t be buying any miles.

  • @Jo says: “However, given the difficulty finding space, I shy away from using my mileage account as my bank account. I’ll not be purchasing miles.

    Agreed. The risk of devaluation is, unfortunately, too great.

  • I won’t buy just for speculation eventi though it’s a quite decent offer.

  • Thinking about doing Germany-Asia-Australia – would that work with the Max Miles in First? I’d like to try Emirates or Qantas..

    • You can’t use AA miles on Emirates (Etihad and Qatar you can, however). It’ll cost you 115k. Keep in mind Qantas doesn’t fly to Germany so you’d need to get to London or Dubai, or route through some other Oneworld hub.

  • While I think this is a decent deal, I’m still not a fan of buying miles.

  • Even though I REALLY want all those miles for some tickets I cannot spend that much.
    It’d end up being for SYD and I think I’d rather build up Chase UR points to help with the cost of first on Qantas.
    It’ll be once in a lifetime trip with my hubby and kids (doubt they’ll ever make it back but who knows) and I would love to go via the sweetness of first.
    Anyone know is Qantas first is worth it?

  • The_Bouncer says:

    Shammy’s comment is a perfect example of why you do not speculatively buy miles.

  • this is not bad when you factor in the 5x on the platinum card. will this also count towards your free airline spend from credit cards?

  • It is a good deal, but without any immediate plans to use the miles there is always the risk of further devaluation.

  • Buying miles takes all the fun out of it for me! However, I am in a situation where I might need another few thousand miles for a redemption with no other quick way to earn, so this might actually be worthwhile.

    It’s definitely great to know that it should code as travel for the CSR. It takes the sting out of buying the points. I can always find a good use for Chase UR points.

  • AS tempting as this, especially since points purchases will code as airfare on my CSR. I have had so much trouble trying to get to Greece with my AA miles, without flying thru London or taking 2 days of travel time each way. If they opened the PHL to ATH awards up I would jump on this offer for sure.

  • Would be great if AA had better award availability on their own planes.

  • fredinstl says:

    good to know but it is so hard to redeem those miles anyway

  • Crazy to buy miles at this price, given AAward non-AAvailability.

  • I wish it would be easier to redeem miles though.

  • Buying miles is still pricey. I only did it once on Alaskan Airlines because I was a little bit short of an award ticket.

  • WorldTraveller73 says:

    Like others have said, there are risks to using this as a bank account. The more interesting part is that this offer keeps coming back on a regular basis!!

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