Get Up to $100 Cash Back on Flights, Hotels, Cruises With Chase Offers Get Up to $100 Cash Back on Flights, Hotels, Cruises With Chase Offers

Get Up to $100 Cash Back on Flights, Hotels, Cruises With Chase Offers

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While not as well-known as Amex Offers, Chase Offers give Chase cardholders the chance to earn cashback when making purchases with select merchants. And now is a great time for travelers to check your Chase Offers, as there are currently several travel-related offers.

Here's a roundup of the flight, hotel, cruise, and rental car offers that we are finding in our Chase accounts. Keep in mind that offers are targeted, so you may not see all of these offers — or you may see additional offers than those we highlighted below. Also, you may see that the cashback rate varies between cardholders. Additionally, you could have the offer on one credit card that you have, while your spouse has it on a totally different card that earns different rewards.

15% Back at Gaylord Palms Resort via Chase Offers

  • Get 15% cashback when you spend $100 or more on a booking with Gaylord Palms
  • Reward capped at $63. Max out this offer by spending $420 in a single purchase
  • Offer valid only on bookings made directly with Gaylord Palms
  • One-time use only
  • Must make complete payment by June 30, 2022

Chase Offers Gaylord Palms


20% Back on “Things To Do” by TripAdvisor

  • Get 20% cashback on TripAdvisor Things To Do
  • Reward capped at $23. Max out this offer by spending $115 on a single purchase
  • Offer not valid on travel, rental cars, hotels, shopping, vacation rentals or other non-Things To Do purchases
  • Payment must be completed by June 16, 2022.

$100 Back on Marriott Homes & Villas

  • Get $100 cashback when spending $100 or more.
  • One-time use only.
  • Not valid at any other Marriott properties.
  • Payment for your stay must be completed by June 10, 2022.

10% Back on American Queen Voyages

  • Get 10% cashback when you spend $200 or more
  • Maximum of $577 cashback. Max out this offer by spending $5,770 on a single purchase
  • Payment must be made directly with the merchant. Offer not valid on third-party delivery services.
  • Offer not valid on Hornblower Cruises & Events, Niagara Cruises, Alcatraz Cruises or Statue Cruises.
  • Payment must be made on or before May 31, 2022.

5% Back on Pricebreaker by Priceline

  • Get 5% cashback when you spend $50 or more
  • Reward capped at $15. Max out this offer by spending $300 on a single purchase
  • Offer only valid on prepayment purchases with Priceline, including Pricebreaker and Express Deals
  • Payment must be completed by May 31, 2022.

$20 Back on a Tripadvisor Plus Subscription

  • Earn $20 back on your Tripadvisor Plus subscription when you spend $99 or more.
  • Payment must be made directly with the merchant.
  • Offer only valid on Tripadvisor Plus subscription payments. Offer not valid on other Tripadvisor purchases.
  • Offer expires on May 6, 2022.

5% Back at Marriott via Chase Offers

  • Get 5% cashback when you spend $100 or more on a booking at Marriott hotels
  • Reward capped at $39. Max out this offer by spending $780 in a single purchase
  • Offer valid only at domestic U.S. Marriott hotels
  • One-time use only
  • Must make complete payment by April 29, 2022

5% Back at Best Western via Chase Offers

  • Get 5% cashback when you spend $100 or more on a booking with Best Western, Best Western Plus, Best Western Premier, Vib, GLo, Aiden, or Executive Residency properties
  • Reward capped at $14.50. Max out this offer by spending $290 in a single purchase
  • Offer valid only on payments made directly with the merchant
  • One-time use only
  • Must make complete payment by April 14, 2022

5% Back at Chevron via Chase Offers

  • Get 5% cashback when you pay at the pump at Chevron gas stations
  • Reward capped at $2.50. Max out this offer by spending $50 in a single purchase
  • Offer valid only on pay-at-the-pump transactions
  • One-time use only
  • Must make complete payment by March 31, 2022

5% Back at Texaco via Chase Offers

  • Get 5% cashback when you pay at the pump at Texaco gas stations
  • Reward capped at $3. Max out this offer by spending $60 in a single purchase
  • Offer valid only on pay-at-the-pump transactions
  • One-time use only
  • Must make complete payment by March 31, 2022

10% Back at Hyatt Ziva & Hyatt Zilara via Chase Offers

  • Get 10% cashback when you spend $100 or more on a booking with Hyatt Ziva or Hyatt Zilara properties
  • Reward capped at $270. Max out this offer by spending $2,700 in a single purchase
  • Offer valid only on payments made directly with the merchant
  • One-time use only
  • Must make complete payment by January 15, 2022

$35 Back on Carnival Cruises via Chase Offers

  • Get $35 cashback when you spend $100 or more on a booking with Carnival Cruise line
  • Reward capped at $35; must spend $100 or more in a single transaction
  • Offer valid only on bookings made directly with Carnival Cruise
  • One-time use only
  • Must make complete payment by January 15, 2022

5% Back at ExxonMobil via Chase Offers

  • Get 5% back on ExxonMobil gas purchases
  • Limited to purchases made at the pump. Not valid on convenience purchases
  • Reward capped at $2.50 maximum. Max out this offer by spending $50
  • Offer expires December 31, 2021

10% Back at Great Wolf Lodge via Chase Offers

  • Get 10% cashback on payments at Great Wolf Lodge — whether reservations, activity packages, parties, etc.
  • Reward capped at $62. Max out this offer by spending $620 in a single purchase
  • Offer valid only on payments made directly with Great Wolf Lodge
  • One-time use only
  • Must make complete payment by December 31, 2021

10% Back on Southwest Airlines

  • Get 10% cashback when you spend $49 or more on a Southwest Airlines airfare purchase
  • Reward capped at $30. Max out this offer by spending $300 on a single purchase
  • Not valid on Southwest Vacations, fees, or in-flight purchases
  • One-time use only
  • Offer expires September 29, 2021

10% Back at Carnival Cruises

  • Get 10% back on Carnival Cruises purchases
  • Must spend at least $100 to qualify
  • $56 maximum rebate. So, you can max out this offer by spending $560
  • Offer expires September 26, 2021

Get 10% Back with Hertz Car Rentals

  • Get 10% back on your next Hertz car rental
  • Reward capped at $64. Max out this offer by spending $640 on a single purchase
  • Payments must be made directly with the merchant by May 16, 2021

Our Take

If you're unfamiliar with Chase Offers, make sure to read our guide on how to find out if you're targeted for a Chase Offer. As we pointed out, the cashback rate may vary between cardholders for these offers. You'll need to log into your account to see which one (if any) you're targeted for. Also, don't forget to check Cashback Monitor to ensure you're getting the best deal at each of these merchants.

If you're targeted, it's worth enrolling in the offer—even if you aren't sure whether or not you'll use it. Just make sure to jot down a reminder to use the enrolled Chase credit card if you do end up spending at the applicable merchant.

The comments on this page are not provided, reviewed, or otherwise approved by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

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  • Think about it, there is an opportunity for Award Wallet here to compile lists of merchants and what credit cards are running offers for each merchant. I believe a startup called Wallaby did something along those lines a few years ago but it closed shop.

  • Chase offers is WEAK!!! AMEX is the best. $10 off $20… that’s a 50% rebate. Where you at Chase? 5%? 10%. come on man.

  • Martin Gabriel Justo says:

    Very useful and valuable!

  • Compared to Amex Offers – the Chase offers tend to be less valuable – but it is always nice when a Hyatt card offer stacks… or the occasional starbucks one

  • I agree with the other poster, the confirmation can be a bit slow. I wish they improved that. But any way to save is welcome.

  • Don’t have those gas stations around my city, and I usually use points to book the little travel I have have booked next year. Maybe other people can use those offers more than I can.

  • I have 4 chase cards and I utilize chase offers throughout each card. I must have saved over $150 this year alone.

  • These are some interesting travel rebates but the maximum rebate amount is so small. For example, the exxon gas is good for one to two fill ups only.

  • These are all decent but AMEX has some targeted cruise offers that beat these by a bunch. I currently have Amex offers like RCL Pay $1000 and get $350 back or Celebrity $500 get $150, etc. etc. If you can split payment you might be able to use both.

  • I have used the Chase offer for Exxon gas twice this month saved almost five bucks.

  • Are that many people brave enough to take cruises nowadays?

  • Used the Chevron gas one and it worked great, comfirmation is a little slow, took 5 days to receive a email.

  • While these are good promos especially for the gas station purchases, the total dollar amount of the rebate are really small. For example $50 gas bill you will already be done with the promo.

  • I hate these Chase offers. They should be activated automatically instead of people constantly running to the site to see what new offers are added or expired. I rarely see offers for things I actually buy or retail stores that are in my area. And of course, I bought plane tickets from Southwest before finding out about this.

    • I agree. I’ve yet to use a Chase Offer, as they’re always with merchants I don’t shop at, or have to go out of my way to buy from….but the same can be said about Amex Offers, too (most of those are pricey and equally irrelevant retailers). Hyatt is the only one of value, but maybe Chase/Amex need more metadata about where I shop to tailor the offers accordingly.

  • I love Chase offers but I don’t think I have any of these new ones. I have taken advantage of some of the airline offers before, but I’m not sure even a Chase offer could convince me to fly Southwest.

  • Very interesting. I will have to look for these. I really need to remember to go and look at offers! lol! I am a bit busy now and forget. I do find it hard to see the bonuses and money back from Chase when I need to build Amex MR right now. How do you guys deal with that?

  • Chase Offers stacked with UR points = why Ultimate Rewards is one of my favorite rewards programs.

  • I’m rolling in Chase offers… 10% at McDonalds, Starbucks and Bestbuy, as well as $75 AT&T. Got 62 cents back from McDonalds last month; I’m using that towards a first class award on Lufthansa to Europe…

  • Huge fan of the southwest cashback- very useful and valuable!

  • I never seem to get any worthwhile Chase offers on any of my 3 cards, but at least when I do have one I don’t have to scroll through 100 ones I’ll never use like I do with Amex.

  • Reward capped at $3 maximum. Max out this offer by spending $60 – Lol that might be the smallest credit card bonus I’ve seen 🙂

  • I tend to get more out of Chase Offers on streaming, dining, certain retailers.

  • It must be regional – we don’t have any Texaco’s around here, but I’ve got an offer for Wawa.

  • I’ve had decent luck with Chase offers lately. And any money back to offset and AF is well worth it if you’re going to use that product/restaurant/service anyhow.

  • I am in agreement Chase offers still trail amex….Hopefully chase will do something to catch up….

  • Emily Davidson says:

    Some of the Chase offers for travel are great, but they can get so oddly specific that unless you happen to taking a certain route, it’s just not worth the hassle to go out of your way for the extra $10 rebate

  • Chris Eyink says:

    These Chase offers still trail AMEX in total value, but there are some gems from time to time.

  • The Gaylord hotel are so nice. I can’t wait to stay there again!

  • Savings for Alaska Airlines are very useful for me and my family!

  • I was able to take advantage of the Hertz offer on two of my cards. With the price of rental cards these days, it was nice to get some of that money back because of the offer.

  • Also check chase offers for other things like dining! It’s very random what kind of offers they give, but sometimes, it works out that I would have spent that money at that place anyways, so it works out well!

  • Silvia Rodrigues says:

    Great! thanks for the info. Now i´ll defenitely look to use my chase to have cashback.

  • My lord, this is such a snooze compared to AmEx Offers. And they don’t make it easy, either.

    • I feel like both are hit or miss though for sure Chase is mostly miss. My Platinum card has absolute crap offers. My only one I’ve redeemed so far is a $5 off $15 at Subway. I thought this was a travel card??

  • I’ve just checked and I’ve got a 20% back offer for Best Western Hotels on my British Airways card – I’ve had the Gaylord offer before, and IHG. I think I’ve even got an IHG offer on my actual IHG card, which was interesting, although didn’t get to use it.

    My BA card is my primary and gets the most offers, which makes some sense, but I wish they’d add more offers to my other cards; it might entice some spending there.

    I also wish that the offers didn’t shuffle around every time I add one, it makes it hard to find the next one to add if I see several good ones at once!

    • Now my BA card has the Gaylord offer again, but not Alaska AIrlines. Only Dell and Samsonite on my IHG and Marriott cards.
      I wonder if companies pay Chase to advertise offers, or how it works?

    • The offer shuffling around has stopped! Much better!

  • For those that may not know, you will get more Chase offers the more you spend on a given card. The cards I use all the time get tons of offers and the ones I don’t get few to none.

  • Wish they had the OYO offer much earlier. Stayed in December on a long stay and would have loved the cash back!

  • I guess it is all highly targeted. I didn’t get any of these promos

  • Thanks – these are good as summer is ramping up!

  • I just checked, and I don’t have any of these travel-related offers 🙁 It’s definitely worth checking these periodically since you never know when you’ll get a great offer. Does anyone know if there’s a way to combine these offers with using the Chase travel portal?

  • I hope there will be more and more Chase offers in the future just like Amex offers.

  • Jennifer says:

    While the chase offers have a high cash back percentage, the capped amount is usually very little.

  • The offers will sure make many more domestic getaways possible because international travel will NOT resume anytime soon.

  • Solid offer from Chase if you use these travel partners…sure hope they add some more though….love to get an offer for flying Southwest Airlines and staying at IHG or Hyatt hotels.

  • Gabriel santarelli says:

    My take is that hertz cashback offer is the most convebient if you want short term results and you also paybwith your card your car rental expenses. In an year you get 1 free rental of the avg # of days.

  • This promo is great!! I will start using my Chase points to travel and get cash back. Thanks for the wonderful info!

  • Emily Davidson says:

    This was a great heads up as I don’t check the offers frequently. Added a few to my card!

  • Thank you for this great reminder – I’ve been missing out Starbucks 5% back. Doh!

  • Thanks! That is great info!!

  • Thanks. Free money is always cool.

  • angelo fonseca says:

    In the current context, cashback can be considered quite relevant, as there is no possibility of expiration, which does not happen with points and miles.

  • I get a blank page when I go to Cashback Monitor. Anyone else have that issue? It’s been happening for a while now…

    • No problems here, and we seem to use it several times a week. Certainly hope it’s cleared up for you by now. If not, definitely try clearing ur cache on ur browser or simply switching browsers altogether.

      • Even when i clear cache, I get a blank page on my iPhone using Safari and on my desktop using both Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Based on that, I think cashbackmonitor either has me blocked somehow, or my wifi vendor is blocking that site as I use the same wifi on both devices. I turned off wifi on my phone, cleared cache, and it worked. Strange! But at least there’s a workaround.

  • It’s nice to have these offers, but I prefer the AMEX offers, which don’t have caps generally and can be made over multiple purchases.

  • Taken in total across all of my Chase cards, Chase Offers have repaid more than the cost of my AFs.

  • I was browsing my chase deals the other day and saw these! I was happy since this will help during Spring Break. I saw some deals with Amex too. I am hoping to take advantage of something. Though I think the Amex will be better for me than Chase options.

  • Chase offers are not quite the cash cow that Amex offers are, but definitely some good ones you can save some $$ on.

    • My Chase offers have been absolute garbage. My free Hilton Amex has better offers than what my CSR had. I downgraded that and now I’ve been targeted for the 100k Amex Platinum so I’m gonna switch from Chase to Amex.

  • This time I have the Alaska airlines, Dollar rental car, and Best Western Offers all on my Sapphire Reserve card. The Best Western offer will stack nicely with a current gift card offer they have for each day stayed at one of their hotels. These fit in nicely with my current travel plans so I’m really pleased.

  • I’m not seeing these offers on the Freedom Unlimited card.

  • Thank you for the information. I wish Chase was offering the discount on Hyatt, Hilton, and IHG hotels

  • Gerardo Gonzalez says:

    All cashback promotions are interesting to analyze. Personally, I try to be informed and use the one that is most convenient for me. I am very satisfied with AwardWallet because thanks to them, I now have better and easier access to promotions. It is also very convenient to be able to manage your loyalty plans from one place.

  • Does Chase ever do United offers due to their partnership? I have an Alaska offer but that does me no good.

  • I have the Alaska and IHG offers. I will probably use the Alaska offer but there are so many better hotel deals available with bonus point offers that the IHG offer doesn’t make sense. On the other hand, I enroll for everything just in case. I didn’t realize that Gaylord Hotels are one of the Marriott brands. That is good to know for those of us who are trying to maintain status.

  • Likewise, I wish this was a multiple use offer

  • Just in time for an end of year stay at IHG.

  • So I’ve gotten – and redeemed – several Starbucks offers on my CSR for 5% back. I’ve made many purchases at Starbucks over the four years I’ve had the card and it’s 5% every time. My wife just signed up for the CSP and without a single transaction she got a 10% back offer at Starbucks. What gives?

    • Quick followup to this, I recently signed up for a checking account and my debit card has a 10% back at Starbucks too. I’m confused.

  • I got the Hyatt offer in the past and put that one to good use. I’m hoping to see that one again. I wish they were multiple use offers as was the one I received for Alaska Airlines.

  • Rather than spend time trying to contort your travel plans to fit into the restrictions of these sort of offers, you’re better off just searching widely among all hotels and short-term rentals to find a good deal and good location. You’ll end up saving more and be happier.

  • Omar giammarino says:

    Es una noticia grandiosa

  • Able to make use of 3 Hyatt offers since September. All of the offers are wonderful if they time right. The only downside is that each are for one time use and not cumulative.

  • My Chase Sapphire reserve had 21 offers. However none were for Hilton, Hayt, or best Western.

  • Alejandra Capacio says:

    The Hyatt discount is always a great offer

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    I think if one is targeted, it is definitely worth enrolling in this offer. The qualifying hotels etc. are all of very good quality.

  • Nice, it looks like Chase offers are slowly catching up with Amex offers.

  • Chase offers are 2nd tier to amex and usually have big cash back percentage but very low amount. Anyway I would still sign up for this in case you use it.

  • August 10% back on my both my Hyatt card and CSR on up to $250.
    October 10% Hyatt card and 5% CSR.
    These offers keep on coming!

  • I love Chase Offers and the fact that – unlike AMEX Offers – one can save the same offer to multiple Chase credit cards. And Cashback Monitor is very useful.

  • I received an offer for 5% back at domestic Hyatt hotels with a maximum of $18 on my Sapphire Preferred. Unfortunately my Hyatt card, which I would prefer to use for any Hyatt stays, isn’t eligible for offers and I only have an international Hyatt stay planned during the offer period.

  • Darn, I just spent two nights at a Hilton Garden Inn before this promotion. Missed out.

  • They should consider increasing the bonuses because the market will definitely NOT return in 2021.

  • I prefer Hilton hotels, so I will use my Chase more. Thanks for sharing.

  • That’s odd that there’s a distinction with the offer at Hilton with the one at Hampton by Hilton. I would have assumed that if I stayed at Hampton, I would’ve gotten the Hilton offer too.

  • They’re no Amex but Chase offers are getting much better.

  • A good reason for paying with Chase Cards

  • The Hyatt discount is always a great offer, although ironically I never see it on my Hyatt card.

  • Finally some good chase offers, now let’s add more hotels and airlines!

  • These are very good offers at least CHASE chasbacks apply for non-resident cardholders, because Chase Rewards are not available for non-residents

  • I have such bad luck with being targeted for these!

  • How do you get Targeted for offers? I rarely ever have more than 4 and many times it’s 5% back at Starbucks with a cap of $1.50…

    • Following to see if anyone knows the answer to this. I was wondering the same thing.

      Maybe it’s based on an analysis of your card usage?

      • If it works the way AmEx Offers seems to work, start by always adding any offers you get to you card, even if they aren’t at all of interest to you. That should prompt more and different offers to follow. Hope that helps!

  • Nancy Hiatt says:

    Just applied for a Chase Freedom Unlimited card and was rejected – whaaat?? I have a Chase SWA card, and 2 Ink Business Cards, among others.

    What did they tell me?
    – too many applications for cards in the past TWELVE months – I got Alaska Airlines (Bank of America) card. And 2 cards the year before
    – no loans with Chase (#1 – no Chase offices in my city, and #2 I don’t need a loan!)
    – delinquency – yes I took a settlement with Chase THIRTEEN YEARS ago – because they upped my rate to 30% even though I NEVER missed a payment. I have been current on all my credit cards since 2009.

    – and to top it off my credit score is very high.

    What’s the deal?? How can I find the reconsideration number?

    Any of y’all having the same issues??

    • Hey Nancy, I’m sorry to hear about that. You can contact the lending team at (888) 609-7805 to discuss your application. We’ve seen evidence that nearly all CC issuers have tightened application standards since the pandemic started. Hopefully, reconsideration will help. But if not, I suspect the approval criteria will eventually loosen when the economy stabilizes.

  • Sigh…international travel is still far far away and I can’t use any of these sweet offers.

    • @JL – Same here, plus I’m still trying to burn some expiring free night certs, so I won’t be paying for any hotel nights until after the new year…… hopefully.

  • Some of these might actually be useful. In the past, I’ve found AMEX offers much more useful than Chase offers.

  • This is a great promo for Chase to have. Right now a lot of ppl are looking at holiday travel so they might be able to take advantage. Now I just have to hope they have a promo in oct. As we get closer to the holidays I am hoping they will have some promos and maybe think up some different ways to offer benefit to the cards.

  • These are good offers by chase, its just that the threshold amount of the discount is so low on these offers.

  • Two good resources that I use regularly: Chase Offers and Cashback Monitor.

  • It looks like you can take $150 off from a $1000 domestic long weekend vacation.

  • HYATT is the most love hotels for me to stay. It’s a good offer for me. Thanks this info.

  • The discounts are perfect for domestic getaways.

  • Good promo, I am ready to have a travel with my wife next weekend to stay at Marriott, Can be help me save more money.

  • This will save us a good deal of cash as we are vacationing by car and staying at chain hotels. Thank you!

    • Monica Samezuk says:

      Only for Us cardholders. Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton are global companies. When a card for those who does not apply tor any of those offers

  • Those are some pretty high offers!

  • I’ve been targeted for a few of these offers. I learned the hard way that you have to make sure you are spending the minimum amount. Definitely double check that if you are hoping to qualify for the offer.

  • I noticed that the Hyatt offer was on both my Hyatt and CSR.
    These offers have been a pleasant surprise since they started. Already saved the cost of the AF, on all of my premium cards this year, by strategically using them.

  • A shot at free money? Yeah, nothing to lose here. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the reminder, I forget about Chase offers all the time…