Tap-to-Pay to Get Bonus Points or Cashback Using Targeted Chase Cards Tap-to-Pay to Get Bonus Points or Cashback Using Targeted Chase Cards

Tap-to-Pay to Get Bonus Points or Cashback Using Targeted Chase Cards

Bonus Points

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This promotion has ended; please review current/active promotions.

Chase cardholders are eligible to tap-to-pay three times to earn bonus points or cashback. The offer varies depending on the card with bonuses offering 500-1,000 bonus points or $5 cashback. This is a pretty small bonus amount, and the promotion also seems to be targeted. But, every little bit helps.

Tap-to-Pay Bonus Promotion

For those targeted, all you need to do is use your Chase card three times for contactless payments before a certain date.

Some Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardholders are targeted for an offer to tap-to-pay three times by May 31, 2021 to get 500 bonus points. Each purchase must be for over $1.75. Look for an email from Chase that has “get 500 bonus points” in the subject line.

Meanwhile, targeted cardholders of the IHG One Rewards Premier Credit Card can earn 1,000 bonus IHG Rewards points by using tap-to-pay three times by March 31, 2021. For this version of the promotion, you'll need to spend at least $3.50 per transaction.

IHG tap-to-pay bonus

Terms and Conditions

  • No registration is necessary.
  • Your bonus points will be credited to your account within 6-8 weeks of your purchases.
  • Your account must be active and not in default at the time of your purchases.
  • You must not close your account or change cards before the end of the promotion.
  • This promotion is non-transferable and could be terminated at any time.

Our Take

Personally, I'm a huge fan of contactless payments, if only for their simplicity. I use Google Pay for nearly all payments. Also, since the pandemic started, most places raised the contactless payment limit from $30 to $45, as contactless is more sanitary. That Chase is promoting tap-to-pay payments and even giving a small bonus for them is great.

I'm particularly interested in this promotion myself simply because of how the U.S. is lagging behind the rest of the world with card technology. After spending a year abroad in 2015, I was surprised to see many other countries used primarily chip and pin for most transactions while the U.S. was still swiping. Shortly after that, Europe switched over to primarily contactless. Now, it seems the US is only now implementing tap-and-go payments.

I'd be interested to see if other banks follow suit. If you have another bank that has given you a bonus offer for using contactless payments with your credit or debit card, feel free to comment below.

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  • I have a hard time doing tap and pay. If I go to target they have it but when I check out at Walmart there is no tap and pay. I hope places adopt it. It would be nice to just tap and pay. I don’t know why the US is so behind on getting new tech out there with shopping.
    With using Samsung or Google or Apple pay does it still charged as with the store or vendor or is it tagged with samsung pay, etc?

    • Everything remains the same with the charge. Purchases are directly to the store and appear as such, not the payment platform. If it wasn’t set up this way, that would cause a number of problems.

  • I received an offer for 1000 bonus points on each of my IHG cards. It came along with the issuance of new cards. I haven’t received offers on any other cards.

  • Great way to go “contactless” at point of sale – although wish more places would take Apply pay.

  • I’m a Luddite who has struggled with a lot of technology and change. It all moves to fast. I’m just getting used to inserting a CHIP. Now it’s Tap to Pay and it’s so simple even I have hit the hang of it. Now all I need is Chase to trust me to use it and throw me a bone.

  • Demetris Demetriou says:

    I got this on my IHG card. Still hard to use from an earnings perspective.

  • Easy points. Two of my UR cards and my IHG card got the offer. I just have to train myself to tap and pay rather than using Samsung Pay.

  • For some reason I thought they announced previously they were getting rid of Chase Pay.

  • Nice little bonus for IHg cards, since everyday earning is so weak. Then back in the sock drawer.

  • I’m a fan of this, although I find contactless isn’t widely available everywhere. Hopefully it becomes more targeted soon.

  • That’s awesome. There is something very satisfying with that ‘beep’ when your card is read practically though the air!

  • lorem ipsum says:

    Got the offer on my CFU, 500 UR for 3 taps of $1.75 or more.

  • I got the tap to pay bonus for my two IGH cards but I wish I had been targeted for my Sapphire card. I’ll take any extra points offered but the Ultimate Rewards are so much more useful!

  • Ricky L. Escoto says:

    Thank you for this heads up! I was targeted on my Chase Sapphire Preferred card, so now I’ll have to rotate it back into my wallet for a while. Thanks!

  • Kate McCann says:

    Wondering how safe contactless payment is. I live in Vermont and even though I’m in the “capital” city, most of our businesses don’t offer contactless payment. For me, “contactless” is Paypal where I’m not coming into contact with a terminal or a cashier at all. Not being an “apple” person but rather an android, I haven’t needed to move toward Google Pay where I’m living. It just doesn’t seem widely needed or even accepted. This might be a great option for Chase Card holders, but I’d be really careful about recommending that someone get this card just for this offer. As someone clawing out of credit card debt, deals are deals until you’ve gotten so deep that you can’t get out. I’d rather explore debit cards that work with contactless payment options.

  • I got the Chase offer on my IHG® credit card by mail. I did the tap to pay three times and I got the thousand point bonus on my statement.

  • The IHG points are very hard to use. I once had 80k points and they removed the points without letting me know when it was approaching expiration. That was ~ $800 value.

  • That’s a nice little perk to incentivize contactless payment, but I always feel like it adds too much time to the check-out process because inevitably the reader doesn’t work or the cashier has never experienced this new fangled technology, so I usually just stick it in.

  • I received this offer for my United Chase Explorer card, easy 500 points. That being said, I find it a bit of a misnomer calling it contactless because after I tap my card on the screen, I still have to use my finger or stylus to hit the “credit” button.

  • That’s very easy to meet the requirements in NYC by just tapping on the subway (which is $2.75)

  • Anyone Bueller says:

    Agree on how far behind the USA is with tech implementation. The credit card scene is one of the more obvious. I spent a month in Australia/New Zealand and pretty much only used my Apple Watch to pay. Back in the States, it was an exception to be able to do that.

    • Agreed. As an Australian living in the US now, it always annoyed me how difficult it was to get a contactless card here until last year.

      Once everyone gets used to it, it’s so much faster. These days in Australia, the cashiers don’t even know how to process a non-contactless transaction.

  • For some reason, I am never targeted for Chase promotions. For those that are though, extremely easy 500 points.

  • I had something similar on my WOH awhile back. It was an easy way to earn extra points and I would love to see that offer come back.