[Extended] Get a 25% Transfer Bonus When Transferring Citi ThankYou Points to LifeMiles

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LifeMiles just extended its transfer bonus for Citi customers. Now through August 27, 2021, Citi cardholders can convert ThankYou points to LifeMiles and receive a 25% bonus. That means when you transfer your ThankYou Points in increments of 1,000 points, you'll end up with 1,250 LifeMiles.

As a Star Alliance partner, Avianca's LifeMiles already has some of the best partner award redemptions out there. Plus, LifeMiles doesn't tack on fuel surcharges. Add in this bonus and some of the award flight options are downright insane.

LifeMiles Transfer Bonus Key Terms

  • You must open a LifeMiles account to search for award availability and book awards.
  • When you transfer Citi ThankYou Points to LifeMiles, you will receive 25% bonus miles.
  • There is no limit to the number of points you can convert to LifeMiles through this promotion.
  • LifeMiles processes the bonus. So, you'll see two transactions in your LifeMiles account. First, you'll get miles from the initial transfer. Next, you'll see another transaction issuing the 25% bonus miles.
  • Transactions are not reversible
  • The promotion runs through August 27, 2021 (originally August 20)
  • No registration required

Citi LifeMiles transfer bonus

Things You Need to Know About Avianca

The LifeMiles website is notoriously “quirky” — to put it nicely. For one, the LifeMiles award search engine frequently shows inconsistent award availability. The site can randomly log you out mid-search as well. But, if you can remain patient, you could end up with an incredible redemption. So, it's worth it to persevere.

Calling into customer service is no better and can be just as frustrating to deal with. So, take a deep breath, manage your expectations, and know that it will all be worth it in the end, most likely.

It's also important to understand that Avianca has recently filed for bankruptcy. Legally, LifeMiles is a different company, and LifeMiles states that it's financially sound. However, if Avianca ceased to operate, LifeMiles would lose access to Star Alliance awards and become much less valuable.

So, despite these reassurances, it's a best practice to not speculatively transfer your ThankYou Points. Instead, make sure you have a specific booking to use the points before transferring.

LifeMiles Sweet Spots

Domestic Short-Haul Flights on United

LifeMiles charges as few as 6,500 LifeMiles each way on short-haul domestic economy flights on its Star Alliance partner United Airlines.

Fly United domestically for as few as 6500 LifeMiles

This is already a great way to get serious value out of your LifeMiles. But, add in the Citi 25% transfer bonus and this award gets even cheaper. You have to transfer Citi ThankYou Points in increments of 1,000 points. But, an economy flight from Denver (DEN) to Grand Junction (GJT) is effectively only 5,200 ThankYou Points when factoring in the 25% ThankYou Point bonus.

Mind you, the cash price for this same flight is $357. So, you're getting extraordinary value out of your ThankYou Points.

Pay just 6500 LifeMiles for this $357 flight

U.S. to Mexico for Large Families

Large families can also utilize this LifeMiles transfer bonus. Flights from the United States to Mexico City on United can consistently have 6 open seats. To book for a party of 6 one-way, you need to transfer just 56,000 ThankYou Points to LifeMiles — or around 9,333 ThankYou Points per person each way.

Fly your family to Mexico City for 11,500 LifeMiles

U.S. to Europe in United Business Class

A favorite LifeMiles sweet spot is for Star Alliance business class awards between the U.S. and Europe. Normally, these flights cost just 63,000 LifeMiles plus about $5.60 in taxes and fees.

Fly United to Europe for 30k LifeMiles in economy or 63k LifeMiles in business class

With the 25% transfer bonus, you only need to transfer 48,000 ThankYou Points to have enough LifeMiles to book this award.

Bottom Line

Now until August 27, 2021, Avianca LifeMiles is offering a 25% bonus when converting Citi ThankYou Points to LifeMiles. With international travel uncertain once again, this could be a great time to take advantage of Avianca's fantastic domestic flight partner redemption option.

Who’s going to take advantage of this fantastic offer?

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  • Life miles can be bought often for about 1.3c. So if you can get better value out of your thank you points than this by transferring to other programs, better to just buy what you need when you need them and use your ty points on other partners. They do have good star alliance redemptions though especially since United has gotten crazy with their variable pricing.

  • I forgot to transfer my Lifemiles, Thank you Award Wallet for remembering me

  • Lifemiles is my second favorite citi transfer partner after turkish.

  • LifeMiles is one of the most underrated STAR Alliance partners with some solid values to be had. If you’re patient and can mercifully avoid having to call them and just do it all online it can be totally worth it – tickets to Europe with LifeMiles on UA and/or LH with no fuel surcharges can be a sweet deal.

  • A extra 25 percent is always a good thing, right.

  • I wonder why they extended this. Could it be that not a lot of people took the opportunity to do this?

  • Not a bad deal. Transfer mile bonuses are good.

  • 25% transfer bonus is great. Thanks for the notice.

  • Isn’t Avianca bankrupt? Seems ill-advised to stock up on their miles.

    • Avianca did file for reorganizational bankruptcy. LifeMiles is technically a different company. However, the value of LifeMiles is going to be close to zero if Avianca ceases operations and LifeMiles doesn’t have access to Star Alliance partners. With travel starting to make a recovery, hopefully that doesn’t happen. But, still, I’d only recommend transferring points if you have an immediate redemption.

  • Can’t wait to see next months special Lifemiles offer 😈😈

  • jon bumgarner says:

    LifeMiles – great for flights in the near future when schedule is very unlikely to change or you might need to cancel or change it.

    If the airline your flying makes a schedule change LifeMiles will not contract you until it may be too late to find another award ticket even close to your date.

    Monitor your flight for changes yourself.

    If you lose a booking due to Avianca incompetence they will charge you to redeposit points and then tell you it is industry standard to wait 7 months for refund of taxes and fees

    You can dispute charge if within you banks time limit from booking date and they do not retaliate.

    Avianca is too disorganized to retaliate.

    Biggest danger is arriving at airport and airline your flying having problem with ticket issued by Avianca.

    It can take many hours to reach an agent by phone and they are not likely to be competent

    In short – great deals. Horribly run airline.

    Use LifeMiles at your own peril.

    I currently have 89K miles stuck there and regret ever having tried to get a bargain redemption

  • Be aware of Lifemiles if you are new to them. Having created an account, transferred miles and booked an award ticket, I cannot access my account at all. I can only view and edit travel on the airlines website. Missing some basic functionality and no known way to fix it.

    So please be careful and test the site and award redemption search before betting on Lifemiles.

    Also, remember that their miles expire each year, so they must be used quickly!

  • Thanks for letting us know about this! There is still good value in LifeMiles, and this is a nice transfer bonus.

  • In my memory, Citi hardly ever offers transfer bonus to other partner airlines other than LifeMiles. Disappointing. Hope they offer this kind of transfer bonus to Singapore/Etihad/Turkish etc.

  • I prefer the transfer to american airlines more than life miles. Although the 25% transfer bonus is nice.

  • Normally I wouldn’t bother but it might just be worth parking a few preemptively of closing my Prestige account.

  • Well, I have to say that there are many other reliable and legitimate transfer partners.

  • I just signed up for LifeMiles last week and still can’t get a LM number (even tried calling them). I successfully signed up and can sign in but can’t find any account number. I was going to credit a newly booked transatlantic biz flight on another alliance member’s metal to LM so instead credited it to AC. Now that I know they filed for bankruptcy, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t credit LM. Thanks for the info…

  • Lifemiles is one program I haven’t used often. What is everyone’s overall experience with them?

  • Jose Sanchez Viamonte says:

    Thank you for the post, I agree with this of Avianca “The LifeMiles website is notoriously “quirky”” haha, but it´s true that if you have patience it´s really helpfull

  • The random log-outs mid-search are such a frustrating problem, but easily fixable if a company would simply expend a little cash in IT.

  • I often forget about these LifeMiles sweetspots

  • My friend has a chase card, and has always tell me all the good perks she receives. She has been encouraging me to get a card so now maybe I will.

  • I don’t know why, but LifeMiles is a airline program I’ve always been a bit weary of

  • Came just in time, helped friend book an EVA air award TPE-LAX

  • Don’t have any citi cards unfortunately but thinking about making a switch from chase soon!

  • This is a nice bonus. Just make sure that you have immediate use for the miles, you are giving up all other transfer venues.

  • Thank you for the information. I will not be taking advantage of this offer. I personally do not have the patience or the time to deal with a quirky website or poor customer service.

  • Right, that’s the way to extract maximum value from the distance-based economy class awards, by redeeming expensive and not frequently served destination awards.