Beginners Guide to Dining Programs

Dining programs are a great way to earn extra points and miles every time you eat out. While this strategy isn’t likely to make up a huge percentage of the points you earn, you could easily end up with a free domestic flight each year with minimal ongoing effort. Check out our review of the top programs, and watch the points start rolling in.

Which Airlines Have Dining Programs?

Most US-based airlines have dining rewards programs, which are an excellent way to help earn miles, that’ll contribute to making sure your miles never expire. Unless you’re focused on restaurants in the particular dining programs, you won’t become a mileage millionaire, but there is no reason to turn down perfectly good miles for free!

Register By March 31, 2017 for Dining Bonuses

Almost every major airline has a dining program affiliated with its frequent flyer program, enabling you to earn points every time you dine at a member restaurant. Most of these programs have signup bonuses to earn additional miles and points,…

Earn 1,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards with Dining

One of the easiest ways to collect points with Southwest is through the Rapid Rewards Dining program. This program lets you earn points for every dollar spent in participating restaurants. Currently, Southwest is offering a 1,000 points bonus for signing…