What is Amex Offers and its Benefits

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One of the top benefits available to American Express Cardmembers is automatic access to Amex Offers and Benefits (“Amex Offers”). Amex Offers, which can be found at the bottom of your Amex online account home page, consist of a series of promotions from all types of merchants that are available to you as an Amex cardmember in connection with purchases made with your Amex card.

Amex Offers August 2016

Types of Amex Offers

There are three major types of Amex Offers:

  1. Ones that allow you to earn a statement credit after meeting a minimum spend requirement with a specific merchant or on a particular merchant category;
  2. Ones that provide a particular American Express Membership Rewards points bonus after meeting a minimum spend requirement with a specific merchant; and
  3. Ones that allow you to earn bonus American Express Membership Rewards points on purchases with a specific merchant.

FAQ's about Amex Offers

Amex Offer Statement Credit Bonus

An example of an Amex Offer from merchant Everything But Water that allows you to earn a statement credit after meeting a minimum spend requirement with a specific merchant:

Amex Offer Everything But Water

As you can see, by spending a minimum of $150 either in-store or online, you can earn a $30 statement credit.

Amex Offer Statement Bonus Membership Rewards

An Amex Offer that provides a particular American Express Membership Rewards points bonus after meeting a minimum spend requirement with a specific merchant, in this case, Dollar Tree:

Amex Offer Dollar Tree

By spending a minimum of $225 in online transactions at DollarTree.com, you can earn 4,500 American Express Membership Rewards points.

Amex Offer Statement Membership Rewards Earning Multiplier

Here is an example of an Amex Offer that allows you to earn bonus American Express Membership Rewards points on purchases with a specific merchant, in this case, Williams-Sonoma:

Amex Offer Williams Sonoma

As you can see, you earn 2X points per dollar on all purchases made online at Williams-Sonoma.com, instead of the standard 1X point per dollar.

When do Amex Offers show up on your account?

Amex Offers usually show up on your account during weekday mornings (new offers rarely show up on weekends). Make a habit of checking on Amex Offers at least once every other day so you do not miss out on any offer.

How to add Amex Offers

Each Amex card has its set of Amex Offers. To take advantage of these offers you need to add the specific offer to your account before completing the corresponding purchase. Otherwise, you will no earn a statement credit or bonus points. You add Amex Offers to each account by clicking where it says “Add to Card” on the right-hand side of each offer.

Many Amex Offers are targeted, so not all offers are available to all cardmembers. On the other hand, if you have multiple Amex cards it is possible that a specific Amex Offer will be available for only one or some of your Amex accounts. In these cases, if you add an Amex Offer to a specific account, the offer disappears from the other account(s). Nonetheless, there is an easy way you can add Amex Offers to multiple accounts when more than one card is eligible for the same offer:

  1. Before adding the Amex Offer to any account, open a different tab for each card targeted for the specific Amex Offer.
  2. Make sure each different card is on its Amex online account's homepage.
  3. Add the offer to each of your accounts.

Keep in Mind

Whenever you are targeted for an Amex Offer you are interested in, you should add it to your account as soon as possible as sometimes there is a limit on the number of times a specific Amex Offer may be added to accounts. Some Amex Offers also have expiration dates to be added that may differ from the expiration date to take advantage of a specific offer.

Even if you do not think you are interested in a specific Amex Offer, whenever there is at least a remote possibility you might be able to take advantage of an Amex Offer you should add it to your account. You never know when you might suddenly find yourself making purchases with a merchant you would usually not shop. You have absolutely nothing to lose by adding Amex Offers to your account(s).

It is also important to remember that some Amex Offers include minimum spend requirements that must be met on a single purchase while others allow multiple purchases to reach the minimum spend requirement. On the other hand, some Amex Offers are limited to certain merchant locations, while others are only available for either online or in-store purchases. Always read the terms and conditions to avoid disappointment.

Offset Annual Fees

The biggest reason all American Express Cardmembers should love Amex Offers is that they provide an easy mechanism to offset annual fees. In some cases, you can even profit from your card by taking advantage of numerous Amex Offers.

Amex allows you to easily track how much you have saved with Amex Offers. Simply click on the link titled “Savings” at the right-hand side of where the Amex Offers and Benefits section begins for each of your cards:

Amex Offers Savings

If you're ever wondering how much value you've received from your card, make sure to look at how much the card has saved you in the previous year. More often than not you will find that your Amex Card virtually pays for itself thanks to Amex Offers. And do not forget also to take into account the number of bonus points you have earned thanks to Amex Offers.

Bottom Line

Everyone loves free money and easy to earn bonus points. Simply put, this is what Amex Offers provide. Make sure you are taking full advantage of your Amex Offers to maximize statement credits and bonus points earnings. And do not forget to take into account how you have benefited from Amex Offers when deciding whether to keep or cancel a card.

What is Amex Offers and its Benefits
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