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No. Award Wallet is not affiliated with any airlines, hotels or any other award programs and therefore does not have access to that information. It is your responsibility to know your award program numbers, ids, passwords etc.
No. cannot sign you up with an award program, nor can we add miles or points to your award programs. can help you keep track of your award program balances by logging on, on your behalf, to websites that have your balance information. We can not add miles to your program, only the owner of the award program can do that. You will need to contact the airline that you used for travel and request that they add the miles to your account. Then, use to keep track of your balances. is especially useful if you are participating in multiple award programs with different airlines, hotels, etc.
No. is designed to track your award program balances by logging on, on your behalf, to websites that have your balance information. We are not affiliated with those websites (i.e.,, etc.) in any way, so you need to resolve any account related issues directly with the provider of the award program. For example if you do not know how to login to United Airlines website to check your Mileage Plus balance you need to go to and resolve this problem directly with them before you will be able to use
For the most part - yes. Some types of accounts are not supported though.
No. can not transfer miles between programs, even if the Award program allows transferring miles / points only the owner of the account can request such a transfer directly with the award program provider. website
1. The number one reason for such error is invalid credentials. Before AwardWallet can retrieve your balance information you need to make sure that you can login to the provider’s website and see your balance. Here is how you can verify that you are entering valid credentials:
a) Go to AwardWallet and click the "Edit" link by the program in question.
b) Then click on "Reveal password" right underneath your password field.
c) At this point you will be prompted for your master AwardWallet password. Type it in and click Reveal.  After that you should be seeing both your user name and password in clear text.
d) Copy your user name and password and then paste  (don't simply re-type)  them into the login input boxes on the provider website in question.  

2. If the provider's website is asking you some questions about your profile after you login, until you answer those questions, AwardWallet will not be able to check your balance.

3. If you chose to save your passwords locally, it is possible that you either deleted cookies or changed computers.

4. It is also possible that the provider’s website has changed and AwardWallet is not aware of it. If none of the above is true, please send a note to us and we will do our best to fix the issue.
  Regular Account AwardWallet Plus
Automatically track reward balances for unlimited number of reward programs
Track rewards for any number of your family members
Automatically track travel plans
Allow sharing travel plans or reward balances
Notify when balances expire via email
(frequency: 90, 60, 30, and 7 days before expiration)
Organize rewards into custom views
Display extra reward account properties
Display historical account balance changes chart
Allow exporting award balances into Excel format
Display expiration notice Up to 3 expirations Unlimited
Support AwardWallet development efforts
Price FREE You get to choose
AwardWallet OneCard is a credit card sized plastic card with magnetic strip (which enables you to check in for your flights at airport kiosks ). The card will have your personal account numbers and program phone numbers printed on the front and back sides. The card can contain up to 30 different loyalty program accounts listed. We have two types of cards: gold and silver. Those AwardWallet members who have over 1 million miles and points will get a gold card and those who have fewer than 1 million miles and points will get a silver card. The cards will be shipped internationally as well as within United States via regular United States Postal Service.

OneCard is given to anyone who donates or upgrades their AwardWallet account. If you already have Plus membership and donate, your Plus membership is automatically extended for another 6 months. You will get 1 OneCard credit if you donate $10, 3 credits for $25, 6 credits for $50, etc.
No, AwardWallet OneCard does not store any of your passwords so if you lose your card you only lose your account numbers, not the passwords.
A: is designed to help keeping track of different loyalty programs for you and your family. It can login on your behalf to the different reward accounts and retrieve your balance, expiration, elite level, etc. and show this information in a single, easy to understand report.
We always use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving customer's data exchanged with our site. We have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you.

All of your sensitive data is encrypted in our secure database. Whenever we transfer your passwords we use https secure protocol (heartbleed free). We also give you the ability to store your passwords locally on your computer in a cookie. However, there are advantages of storing your passwords in our database, for example we would be able to automatically check your balances for you and then send you a report with your balance changes. Thousands of people have trusted us with their account information, our service is very mature (we launched our website in 2004) and the website is hosted and founded in the United States of America.

Finally for the techies out there here is more info:
  • Your AwardWallet passwords are hashed with bcrypt, cost:13, plus unique salt for each user.
  • For the passwords that users store locally on their computers we use Rjindael (similar to AES), 256 bit.
  • The "remember me" cookie is a sha 256 has of certain user attributes
  • Loyalty account passwords are encrypted with 1024 RSA key.
  • If someone is trying to brute-force your account we will lock them out for a period of time after few invalid login attempts.

1. Indicates that the balance has changed in the last 24 hours
2. Shows more details about the program
3. Username used to login to the loyalty program website
4. Account Number
5. Indicates that the password is stored locally
6. Account Balance
7. Last balance change value
8. Shows if the last balance change was positive or negative
9. Balance expiration date
10. Shows that the balance is not being updated automatically by AwardWallet (not common)
We are experimenting with it. If you invite users and they join you get free upgrades for every 5 people who join, however there is more to it. If any of the people you invite pay us for AwardWallet upgrades, you will get bonus points in proportion to their contribution. If the people you invited don't pay us for upgrades you don't get any points. When you reach certain thresholds, we will convert those points into miles of your choice and deposit those points into your loyalty account.
Sort of. First of all with the free version you can click on "Edit" by any program to see its expiration (even if it is hidden in the list view). So it is literally one click away. Second, you can ungroup your programs (in the left navigation bar) and then sort your programs by the expiration, by the program name, or by the balance in either direction (Ascending or Descending). Since we always show the first 3 expirations by reordering your programs you control which expirations are visible.
First of all you have to have admin rights on your computer in order to install this extension, in other words you should be able to install other programs on your compuer. If you have gone through installing the extension but AwardWallet keeps telling you that the extension is not installed you should verify two things:
  1. Make sure that the extension is actually enabled. Here are couple of screenshots that can help you do that:

  2. Make sure you fully restarted Internet Explorer after enabeling the extension. In most cases closing all the browser windows, but in some cases a computer reboot is required. 
If these steps do not work you can try uninstalling the extension and installing it again from scratch. Here is how you uninstall the extension:

First of all we only do first or business class international fares and the cost is $150 per booked person. Second, there are two teams involved: BookYourAward and AwardWallet, we are partners. AwardWallet team only provides you with a technical platform – a way to manage your booking requests and to securely share your reward information with BookYourAward. BookYourAward actually do all the groundwork: they search for availability, they run different options by you (so they will communicate with you back and fourth before any tickets are purchased), they find the most optimal and least expensive routes, they do the actual bookings, and they handle the payments. They are the experts at doing reward bookings, they have done tens of thousands bookings for their clients and they are very creative in finding availability. Neither AwardWallet nor BookYourAward provide phone support. All of the communication about a booking request is done via AwardWallet website where you can manage your requests and communicate with BookYourAward staff members about your requests. So if you have a question related to a booking request please don’t send it to AwardWallet support as we would not be able to help you, instead you need to login to your account and respond to your existinng booking request or create a new booking request:
After you login you need to go to "My Award Programs". On this page you can navigate to "Add a New Program" on the left navigation menu. Choose an award program from the list to be added to your profile. Please note that before adding a program you need to know your user name and password from the loyalty program's website that provides your balance. If you can’t login to the website that provides the balance (i.e for Marriott it would be AwardWallet would not be able to retrieve the balance either. After you add an award program to your profile it will show up under the "My Award Programs" section. There you can either click the "update" button to automatically retrieve the balance for just one program, or you can click "Update All" button to automatically update all award programs on your profile. Please note that if your login info is correct you can also use our auto-login feature, so that would automatically log you into the provider's website (i.e. This way you can see any additional information about your account. The auto-login feature is available on most of the award programs that we support.
No. AwardWallet is completely independent of any of the hotels, airlines or credit cards referenced herein and of any of the loyalty programs tracked or monitored using our services.
This warning comes up due to the fact that the provider web site does not offer https protocol which is used for secure communications. always uses https protocol when handling your account information data for security reasons. However, during auto-logon we have to pass your username and password to the provider's website, if their website is less secure than you will receive such a warning. You can safely ignore it, as if you login interactively you will be using their website anyways which does not offer https protocol.
After you added an award program to your profile you can follow the "edit" link, where you will be able to add a short comment to any given account (i.e. Mom’s account).
Yes. None of your data will be deleted you will just be downgraded with an option to upgrade.
AwardWallet Business interface is designed for our business clients, while is designed for individual members to track personal programs for themselves and for their family members. Via the interface you can:
  1. Track corporate loyalty programs such as Continental RewardOne or Delta SkyBonus programs.
  2. Have many linked users under your profile. While regular interface is not designed to support hundreds or thousands of linked accounts business interface is designed just for that. You can link a business account with travelers who use regular AwardWallet interface and choose what information needs to be shared. For example travelers may choose to only share their reward account numbers or they may lat the business account to completely administer and monitor their reward accounts.
  3. Business interface has a unique view where accounts are grouped by loyalty program, so if you have 100 travelers in your profile who have a delta account all of their accounts will be grouped into a single Delta account entry showing you a pie chart breakdown of mile ownership.
  4. Business interface lets you track individual users travel plans easier with an interactive map of where users are going to be at a point in time.
  5. You can schedule an export of your account information in a csv format from your business interface to your corporate network for other types of reporting.
  6. As our interface grows we will be adding more business specific features to this interface.
A business account can be registered from scratch via:

Or if you have a personal account on AwardWallet you can create a business account linked to your personal account so that you would be able to use the same credentials to login to a business account and to your personal account. To do that please follow this link:
  Regular Business Account Business Plus Account
Price $100 per 12 months per 25 users $250 per 12 months per 25 users
End users get AwardWallet Plus No Yes
This feature is only available to business accounts ( If you have an AwardWallet Business account then you can schedule your accounts to be imported via the following wget script:

wget --post-data='u=XXXXX&p=XXXXX&type=csv' -O AwardWalletAccounts.csv

Where XXXXX needs to be replaced with your username and password.
  • Click the little arrow next to the "Other Calendars" section and choose "Add by URL":

  • Copy and paste your personal iCal link that you got by clicking the Calendar auto-import button:

  • Click File -> New Calendar Subscription:

  • Copy and paste your personal iCal link that you got by clicking the Calendar auto-import button:

  • Configure the settinga as you see fit:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and switch to your Calendar:

  • In the top menu bar click "Open Calendar" -> "From Internet":

  • Copy and paste your personal iCal link that you got by clicking the Calendar auto-import button:

AwardWallet works in any modern browser, however you are using an old browser, we strongly recommend that you either switch to a newer version of your browser of choice or use FireFox or Google Chrome.