Awesome to see that you’re ready to up your travel rewards game to the next level.

Award Travel 201 is the perfect place to do just that!

What To Expect

Meet the Team

A group leader and moderator team who between them have decades of experience in the world of miles, points, credit cards, and travel.

Who We Are

An AwardWallet Product

Proven technology, knowledge, and support from the entire team at AwardWallet.

Weekly Challenges

Each week we design a challenge alternating between our #RoutingChallenge and #SuiteSpot. These challenges provide a safe place to practice, test your skills, and get feedback from the best!
In #RoutingChallenge we provide the origin and destination, and you find the best way to do it.
In #SuiteSpot we'll offer a destination, and you'll have an opportunity to search different properties and locales to show us the best booking you can find.

Higher Level Discussions

The ideal content level will be a few steps above what you see in Award Travel 101. Posts will not need to be approved, but discussions will be moderated to ensure that they are not too basic.

AwardWallet Plus

You will receive a free upgrade to AwardWallet Plus as long as you remain a member of Award Travel 201.

Live Instructional Videos

Interactive Videos on a variety of topics including:

  • Award Booking Demos - Detailed Award Chart Analysis
  • Tech Tools like Expert Flyer and ITA Matrix
  • Credit Card Reviews and Comparisons
  • Miscellaneous Miles and Points Tips
  • General Travel Topics like photography, rentals, food, etc

Top Quality Information

24 hour a day, 7 day a week moderation means that discussions will be kept on track and any false or misleading information will be removed.

New AwardWallet Features

Get first access to try new AwardWallet features before they are rolled out to the general public. Help fine tune products so they will work in the best way possible.


Meetups will be organized once it is deemed safe and will include presentations from miles and points experts. We want you to feel comfortable and will provide opportunities for members at all levels to enhance their skills. Only group members will be eligible to register and attend. Conference locations will vary across the United States.

Instruction shared in Award Travel 201 will be a step above what you see in Award Travel 101. Examples include:

  • Professional Guest Speakers
  • Loyalty Program breakdowns
  • Access to inside information
  • Live Instructional videos

Learn more about loyalty programs and how to make them work for you, Award Travel 201 is where you’ll want to be. Come join us and learn how to enhance your strategies to maximize your miles and points. Travel more while spending less. We can’t wait to see you there!

Available Pricing for Award Travel 201


$9.99Paid Each Month

Bi-Annually17% Savings

$49.99Paid Every 6 Months

Annually25% Savings

$89.99Paid Onсe Per Year

Once you have completed the payment, you will be approved for the Award Travel 201 group on Facebook and your journey to a higher level of miles and points knowledge will take off.