AwardWallet APIs: Email Parsing and Web Parsing

Our Email Parsing API Can Retrieve Travel Reservations From Emails and Web Parsing API Can Pull Loyalty Information From Loyalty Accounts

AwardWallet offers developers a set of powerful APIs which are used as a backbone of the AwardWallet service. The Email Parsing API is designed to solve one simple problem: extract travel reservation data from a travel confirmation email. Any travel confirmation email. From any travel provider. All of our APIs are REST APIs and we pay close attention to all the various attributes of an itinerary, be that pricing details or cancellation policy of a hotel reservation. In many cases, we augment the data that we find in the email with data from third-party databases and services, for example, even if the airport codes are not present in the email you still get them in our API response. Our Web Parsing API takes user credentials to any loyalty account and is able to return user's loyalty information, such as how many miles or points the user has, point expiration date, elite status, and other important pieces of a user's loyalty account. It can also return user's travel reservations as well as the entire account history as it shows up under the user's online account.

We currently have the following APIs available for consumption for our business partners:

AwardWallet APIs Are Used by Online Travel Management and Itinerary Management Companies

Today, online travel management and itinerary management companies use our Email Parsing API to retrieve travel reservations from any travel confirmation email. Our ability to break down the cost of a trip based on the information present in the email makes our Email Parsing API a useful tool for expense management companies to help their clients easily import their travel expenses by simply forwarding their travel reservation emails to a specific email address. Our Web Parsing API is a one-of-a-kind service for any company that wants to offers its users the ability to track loyalty points and miles as part of their service. This API doesn't require our partner's end users to have an AwardWallet account. Today, this service is used by some of the largest loyalty companies in the world.

AwardWallet Email Parsing API

Email Parsing API Email Parsing API

The AwardWallet Email Parsing API retrieves travel reservations out of emails. Send any travel itinerary/reservation and the API will parse it and return the reservation data in a structured format (JSON) for your consumption. Parsing is done automatically and takes just a few seconds. However, if automated parsing doesn’t succeed due to an unknown format, we will manually parse the message While this takes additional time it allows us to guarantee a 99% parsing success rate.

For pricing information or if you wish to set up an account to test the API, please contact us.

AwardWallet Web Parsing API

Email Parsing API Web Parsing API

The AwardWallet Web Parsing API supports the retrieval of the following information from online loyalty accounts:

  • Loyalty information (e.g. account balance, expiration, elite level, etc.)
  • Travel itineraries listed under user’s profile
  • Account activity history

Use of this API is transparent to your users. Simply provide credentials of a loyalty account to the API and it returns account details in a structured format. AwardWallet does not store user account information or credentials, using them only to process the request. Currently, we support over 600 loyalty programs using this API.

For pricing information or if you wish to set up an account to test the API, please contact us.

Web Parsing API Documentation

AwardWallet Account Access API

Email Parsing API Account Access API

The AwardWallet Account Access API provides access to the loyalty account data that belongs to an AwardWallet user. Once authorized by the end user, the API provides access to the loyalty accounts that the user shared with you. The data is returned in a structured JSON format for easy integration into your application. This API is provided free of charge.

Account Access API Documentation

If you are interested in using our Email Parsing or Web Parsing APIs, please contact us using the button below. Our support team will be able to provide you with additional information such as our pricing information as well as to set up your test access credentials!