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What Are Email Parsing and Web Parsing APIs?

What Is an Email Parsing API?

The AwardWallet Email Parsing API is designed to solve one simple problem: extracting travel reservation data from a travel confirmation email. We can parse any travel confirmation email from any travel provider even if the travel itinerary is attached to the email in a pdf format. All of our APIs are REST APIs and we pay close attention to each attribute of an itinerary, be that pricing details or cancellation policy of a hotel reservation. In many cases, we augment the data that we find in the email with data from third-party databases and services. For example, even if the airport codes are not present in the email you still get them in our API response.

What Is a Web Parsing API?

Our Web Parsing API utilizes user credentials for any loyalty account and is able to return user's loyalty information, such as how many miles or points the user has, point expiration date, elite status, and other important pieces of a user's loyalty account. It can also return the user's travel reservations, as well as their entire account history as shown on the user's online account.

We currently have the following APIs available for consumption for our business partners:

Awardwallet Email Parsing API

Email Parsing API Email Parsing API

The AwardWallet Email Parsing API retrieves travel reservations out of emails. Send any travel itinerary/reservation and the API will parse it and return the reservation data in a structured format (JSON) for your consumption. Parsing is done automatically and takes just a few seconds. However, if automated parsing doesn’t succeed due to an unknown format, we will manually parse the message While this takes additional time it allows us to guarantee a 99% parsing success rate.

For pricing information or if you wish to set up an account to test the API, please contact us.

AwardWallet Web Parsing API

Email Parsing API Web Parsing API

The AwardWallet Web Parsing API supports the retrieval of the following information from online loyalty accounts:

  • Loyalty information (e.g. account balance, expiration, elite level, etc.)
  • Travel itineraries listed under user’s profile
  • Account activity history

Use of this API is transparent to your users. Simply provide credentials of a loyalty account to the API and it returns account details in a structured format. AwardWallet does not store user account information or credentials, using them only to process the request. Currently, we support over 600 loyalty programs using this API.

For pricing information or if you wish to set up an account to test the API, please contact us.

Web Parsing API Documentation

AwardWallet Account Access API

Email Parsing API Account Access API

The AwardWallet Account Access API provides access to an AwardWallet account. If authorized by the end user, the API provides access to the accounts that the user shared with the authenticating account. The API uses the oAuth2 protocol for authentication. Data is returned in a structured JSON format for easy integration of a user’s loyalty information into your application. This API is provided free of charge.

Account Access API Documentation

AwardWallet APIs Are Used by Online Travel Management and Itinerary Management Companies

Discover the Simple Cost-effective Solution to Email & Web Parsing with AwardWallet

AwardWallet’s email and web parsing services are used by all types of companies from small start-ups to larger corporations. Due to the large costs associated with building and maintaining a bespoke parsing API, AwardWallet can deliver a simple and cost-efficient alternative.

Carbon Footprint Offsetting

The services are of use to a variety of industries. One of the fastest-growing areas of the economy are green companies, and AwardWallet has the perfect solution for carbon offsetting. Companies can use our email parsing API to extract travel data from clients’ travel reservation emails. This allows them to work out the exact amount needed for the customer to offset their carbon footprint for the trip.

Flight Delay Compensation

Another area of growth is travel delay compensation. Companies that make a claim on behalf of delayed passengers can use our email parsing service to extricate the information they need without clients needing to spend time filling in forms. It can even be used to uncover new claims that the customer was not aware of.

Expense And Travel Management

Expense and travel management companies are the traditional areas where our email parsing can make a difference. With AwardWallet’s attention to detail of every element of travel bookings, all the data that you need for your business can easily be obtained almost instantaneously. The data is equally useful for companies that focus on business or leisure travel, as itinerary management apps become increasingly popular with both groups of travelers. Email parsing is also perfect for use with event management and sports & team travel companies.

There are many other uses for travel reservation data and AwardWallet can help build an Email Parsing API suitable for your companies specific needs.

Our Web Parsing API is a unique service for companies that want to offer clients the ability to track loyalty points and miles as part of their offering. The Web Parsing API doesn't even require your customers to have an AwardWallet account. For example, if your product offers the ability to earn loyalty points, you could offer a service to monitor points as an added benefit. Today, our service is used by some of the largest travel apps in the world.

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