Are You Eligible For A Share Of The Lithium-Ion Settlement?

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit with many Lithium-Ion manufacturers. The lawsuit revolved around the sale of cylindrical lithium ion batteries and alleged that the manufacturers fixed the price of the battery cells. A final settlement has been reached with the manufacturers, and you could be eligible to receive part of the $44.95 million settlement.

SPG & Marriott 48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Sadly, Marriott and SPG have made a change to their cancellation policy, and it is not good news. Effective June 15, 2017, the hotels will be imposing a cancellation fee on cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance. The new policy will see you charged for the first night including taxes and fees if you cancel less than 48 hours in advance.

Virgin America Announces Termination Of All Partnerships

The writing was on the wall for Virgin America, ever since the announcement of its takeover by Alaska and the completion of the deal last year. Only a few months back, Alaska announced that they would be terminating the Virgin America Brand in 2018, and now Virgin America has announced the dates of the closure of all its partnerships in preparation for the dissolution of the Virgin America brand.

5X Bonus at Restaurants and Movies With Chase Freedom This Summer

Chase has announced the latest 5x bonus categories for this summer on the Freedom card. By registering (free), you’ll earn 5% cash back on purchases at restaurants and movie theaters. The offer is capped, and you will earn 5% cash back on up to $1,500 of qualifying spend, which is a lot of restaurant and movie visits in 3 months.

Understanding Rewards Credit Card Application Rules and Restrictions

Along with keeping track of rewards card applications and managing your credit score, it’s essential to understand the credit card application rules for each credit provider. There is a lot of incomplete and misinformation about what you can and cannot do, we wanted to provide a resource that shares information available from both financial institutions and those that share their personal experiences in one place.

JetBlue Sets its Sights on Europe

It seems that JetBlue has set its sights on the lucrative transatlantic market! What is even more interesting is that the airline has not set its sights on competing with the low-cost carriers like Norwegian and WOW air, instead, they seem to be going after premium customers, with aircraft with a heavy Mint configuration.

Marriott Expects a Better Credit Card Deal and One Program

When Senior Executives speak in public, interesting little pieces of knowledge often come out, and it was no different when Marriott’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Lenny Oberg spoke at the Goldman Sachs Lodging, Gaming, Restaurant, & Leisure Conference. Some interesting details emerged about the future relationship between Marriott and SPG.