Airline Shopping Portal Promotions: Earn Up to 2,000 Bonus Points This Week Airline Shopping Portal Promotions: Earn Up to 2,000 Bonus Points This Week

Airline Shopping Portal Promotions: Earn Up to 2,000 Bonus Points This Week

Earn Bonus Points

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This promotion has ended; please review current/active promotions.

The first fall promotion has arrived for airline shopping portals, yet only Southwest is participating so far. Travelers can earn up to 2,000 bonus points with the Rapid Rewards shopping portal before September 18. We will see if more promotions launch in the next few days, but three of the portals seem to be focused on a sweepstakes instead of the usual offers.

Bonuses from airline shopping portals are additional to the rewards you will earn through the shopping portals and from making purchases with a rewards-earning credit card. That means you can triple-dip on rewards with your online purchases.

Let's look at the bonus points and miles currently available from this airline shopping portal promotion.

Current Airline Shopping Portal Promotions

Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping portal promotion

Southwest Shopping Portal Sept 23

Through September 18, 2023, you can earn up to 2,000 bonus points when shopping through the Rapid Rewards Shopping portal. This promotion has two tiers:

  • Spend $100 and earn 400 bonus points (an extra 4x on your spending).
  • Spend $400 and earn 2,000 bonus points (an extra 5x on your spending).

Airline Shopping Portals Without Promotions

American Airlines, Alaska, Delta, and United all have yet to join this round of promotions. You can still check the AAdvantage eShopping portal, Mileage Plan Shopping portalSkyMiles Shopping portal, and MileagePlus Shopping portal to see if there's a specific sale you're looking for. This week, some featured stores include:

  • Adidas
  • PetSmart
  • Under Armour

Shopping Portal Lululemon Promotion

There's also a promotion running for these four shopping portals to earn 1,000 bonus miles plus 4 to 7 miles per dollar spent $200 at Lululemon through September 18, 2023. United is giving 4X miles, Delta is 4.5X, Alaska is 5X, and American Airlines is the best at 7X miles per dollar spent.

Key Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion ends September 18, 2023, at 11:59:59 pm ET.
  • “Qualifying purchases” do not include returns, cancellations, shipping and handling, taxes, gift card or other cash equivalent purchases, and certain products that are not eligible for bonus points/miles.
  • Allow up to 10 weeks after the promotion's end date for bonus award points/miles to post.
  • Purchases during the bonus period are cumulative; you do not have to spend the full amount in one transaction or on a single day.
  • With AA's portal, note that the bonus miles won't count as Loyalty Points toward status, though the base earnings will earn Loyalty Points.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, airline shopping portal promotions don't give the best value for points or miles. This promotion is decent, with Southwest offering 5X on purchases. Some promotions throughout the year give up to 10X miles, but the amount of miles is significantly lower (500 miles for $50 spent). Still, it's better than the 2X or 2.5X miles these promotions sometimes give.

A true miles maximizer also should check sites like CashBackMonitor or Evreward to ensure there isn't a better portal bonus for your retailer of choice. In situations where the total number of bonus miles is comparable, earning Membership Rewards through Rakuten may be the highest-value option.

Also, it is worth checking to see what other deals these portals offer. Each shopping portal is different; earning rates can vary for the store you want to shop at. Finally, remember that shopping portals are a great way to prevent your miles from expiring.

What fall purchases will you make to earn these bonus miles?

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    It´s amazing, I didn´t know that was actually possible. I wil try.

  • For those who want to accumulate with the mall and already have items to buy, it’s a great opportunity! thank you for the informations.

  • Michael Loughry says:

    This is very useful information. Bookmarked for future reference.

  • Muy buena noticia

  • Thank you for gathering this information! It is very useful. I’m going to try a flight for me and my daughters from Buenos Aires to New York with AA.

  • BrandoninAustin says:

    Correct – and using the tracking codes or UTM codes, many of the more sophisticated retail sites will dynamically price their merchandise, or use promotion logic to remove things like free shipping or other savings offers that more than offset the value of the points. In this case, spending $25 to get 1000 points is great. I’d just order something consumable for in-store pickup at Lowes, WalMart, etc. and call it a day.

  • BrandoninAustin says:

    It does for some sites – many ‘marketplace’ style websites that are simply taking orders on behalf of small merchants, (like 1-800-flowers) for example, have dynamic pricing depending on how you arrive at the site. Click through a portal, and you’ll see the max retail price and available offers for portal customers. Enter organically and you’ll often see a lower price, different coupon offers, etc.

  • Too bad the AA miles are “bonus” miles and don’t count toward elite status (Loyalty points).

  • Travis Braugh says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve seen higher prices that offset any potential savings. If you’re really needing a few points, it may be worth it, but like everything, it comes at a cost.

    • JT Genter says:

      Shopping through a portal shouldn’t lead to higher prices. You’re just clicking through the portal to the merchant’s website to make a purchase.

  • David Fuhrer says:

    Good idea to check out these portals. Unfortunately I have usually found that any promotion is offset by the higher prices they charge.

    • Portals don’t sell anything, they connect you to the store that does. ie, use Rakuten portal to send you to Adidas to get points credited to Rakuten account.

  • Thank you very much for the information, this promotion is used to buy tickets anywhere in the world with these airlines or is it only in the USA?

  • Werner Kurpjuweit says:

    Interested in knowing more for add it up

  • This promotion is awesome. I can´t wait travel again.

  • Not bad promo even though I think people will wait the Black Friday some days later the end of the promo.

  • Cant say no to free points.

  • Great tip with holidays approaching!

  • AA bonus miles are great. Great opportunity to get extra miles!

  • I have to check Topcashback and similar sites before deciding it the bonuses are the best deal. Sometimes they have merchant specific offers.

  • It is great to know that Thanksgiving will be even better with bonus miles 🙂

  • Tis the season for bonus miles opportunities. Nice way to maximize your bonus miles with these offers.

  • William Blankenship says:

    Thanks for this tip with the holidays approaching.

  • The AA bonus is sure very high.

  • Thanks for this guide! A good reminder of what’s what in terms of shopping portals

  • Just received the UA offer by email today. Additional 500 bonus points if spending $25 on their portal by 11/22. I’ve recently started using the various portals lately; a great way to build up some extra miles…

  • Just in time for Black Friday, this is an excellent promotion

  • My average purchase price for one item is most likely under $100 which is why Rakuten/ebates is better in the long run.

  • Great tip, I had forgotten about these offers. Using shopping portals is the easiest way to earn miles these days when flying is not top priority!

  • Great way to tack on some extra bonus miles to your account while shopping for stuff you might actually need….shopping portals are one of the most consistent ways to rack up miles over the year – it really does add up over time and helps get you over the hump to your mileage goal.

  • La posibilidad de triplicar la cantidad de millas es interesante. Siempre es interesante poder acceder a puntos extras. No es facil revisar los diferentes portales para evaluar las promociones, y estos no siempre son claras , en la mayoria de las veces no accedo a ellas ya que las info son muy confusas.

  • Thanks for sharing this. The AA and UA offers seem particularly compelling to me in terms of value. Now i just need to find out what things i “really” need.

  • An easy way to make sure you never miss out on points earned through shopping portals is to download the toolbar extensions. I have multiple extensions downloaded onto mine, so every time I go to an eligible website all the extensions show a little pop-up that tells me how many miles/points I can earn per $ spent for easy comparison. I even have on extension that will tell me that a website I’m on doesn’t offer a portal reward, but will show me the same item I’m viewing at a site that does offer the portal reward. It means I never have to worry that I’ll miss out on padding my points/miles accounts whenever I shop online.

  • Great shopping bonuses for the 3 airlines involved. Waiting for something similar from AA!

  • ROSEMARIE says:

    This is a good reminder that if you are buying anything online it is god to check if there are any portal bonuses for your purchase. Over time these points add up.

  • So what’s the catch with all these since there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Are they selling your data?

    • You’d have to look at T&C about what data is shared. I think the model here is pay-for-referral. Vendors in the shopping portals pay the loyalty programs a percentage of the sale. Vendors get customers they wouldn’t have attracted alone; programs get a commission on sales—which they partially rebate to you in the form of points or miles.

  • Time for shopping!

  • I need to remember to go through a shopping portal, any portal, in advance of online purchases. Thanks for the reminder!

  • It’s a great opportunity to get some extra points….but It’s a pitty that American Airlines still doesn’t have this promo!…

  • It’s too early for back to school! Reminder that summer is halfway over.

  • oh with getting back to school stuff this can be nice! But then I am getting a nice bonus already with Rakuten. I would have to see if this would be better but I am thinking that it may not.

  • Nueva en esta forma de obtener millas.Llegue a esta App gracias. A un blog infoviajera que me indica las noticias sobre millas y asi dejo de sentir que siempre me entero tarde.
    Gracias a millas ya hice varios viajes


    Nice incentives to fly again…no matter where!!!!

  • This was very useful since it will help me delay mileage expiration *and* add a materially useful number of miles in some cases.


  • Great opportunity to get some extra points while shopping!

  • This is certainly the only time I use the airline shopping portals. The cash back sites give higher redemptions and in cash if there is no bonus.

  • I participate in these bonus promotions for a number of US airlines and they always post. You may need to wait a month but they are reliable.

    • Ok, that’s good to know thank you. That’s been one of my concerns. I usually go through cashback portals instead but the bonus miles would make this worthwhile.

  • Just in time for buying Father´s day presents, thank you

  • I’ve been using these shopping portals for the last months and they are very easy to use.
    Shopping bonuses are always welcome. I’ve earned only a few extra points and miles over the last years due to programs and benefits that end promptly.
    This way we can accumulate more miles to travel much more.

  • For American that seems like a lot, $200, for the 500 mile bonus. And its a drag it excludes gift cards.

    Does the purchase have to be all at once or can it be divided over a few merchants?

  • Good time to I buy a new pair of Crocs and earn some AAdvantage miles. 🙂

    I’m definitely in on this deal!

  • Heather M Caulfield says:

    I have never shopped through the portal, I wonder what the best deals are? I could use some bonus points!

  • Great reminder! I’ll check out what shops are available. Since I don’t have plans to travel in the next few months, earning miles through shopping is a good alternative.

  • Its a good deal! 500 bonus miles when you spend $50 in AA portal. Good opportunity


  • I don’t see this promotion as an incentive to spend more. It’s just a bonus for spend I already have planned.

  • Great reminder that my AAdvantage account for myself and the family need topping up as expiry date is only 2 months away for all our accounts.

  • angelo fonseca says:

    Gradually, we can accumulate miles to travel a lot …

  • shopping bonuses are always appreciated. ive earned quite a few extra points and miles over the years.

  • Thanks for the heads up! I always forget to check these portals, this is a great reminder.

    • You’ll reap rewards if you can reprogram yourself. As in, all online shopping should first start with a check of pts/miles/cashback rates at the store you’re headed to. If you don’t, you’re leaving meaningful money on the table.

  • Love the idea of Double Dipping!!!

  • Nice deals. Great way to extend Alaska miles expiration date.

    • Alaska miles seem more interesting to me for some reason now they are part of Oneworld. Logically though there is no reason why they should as they were already partners with a number of Oneworld airlines.

  • Jennifer says:

    Sometimes Rakuten gives a cash rebate that is worth so much more than the extra miles that you could get with these promos.

  • I have seen several of these emails. I think we all need to look at them but keep in mind where we want to earn the points or miles. I know I would love to earn these bonuses but right now I am focused on MR points.

  • I’m sure a lot of these shopping portals have the same back end but I’ve had poor success in tracking with United’s thus far

  • Why did Best Buy leave the program??! :'(

  • Great way to pick up some extra points that really add up over time. Good way to reset the expiration clock on points that still expire (AA, AK, etc).

  • Locked up during Covid….why not shop away and get some points

  • Maryjane says:

    The airline portals are great when there’s a bonus and when earning for a particular redemption. If not, I prefer the flexible points portals!

  • John Robinson says:

    Although now based outside of the US, I continue using my AA membership as a preferred frequent flyer program. To access the American Airlines shopping portal I was not able to use a non-US address zip code to register. So it’s worthwhile to remember that some (if not many) of the airline shopping portals are still regionally based to a particular country; globalisation has not yet extended this far.

  • My typical purchases are usually not in that price range, and even if they are, I find that cashback sites like Rakuten offer better value.

  • Easy way to cash in for a few extra miles for things you’re buying anyways!

  • I love when shopping portals add bonuses. I love the shopping portals in general. I keep the toolbar extensions loaded on my browser; they’ll insert little pop-ups when I enter a website so I can easily compare to see which portal offers the best return, and it also provides a means of never forgetting to check for opportunities to earn points/miles on every purchase.

  • Veronica says:

    Good news! I hope American portal do the same soon!!!

  • I have made alot of bonus points for dining over the years, so this is a good opertunity.

  • Unfortunately, Cashbackmonitor does not refresh in real time. Point bonuses change constantly, and CBM is often 12 hours behind. I just made a $2K purchase with a bonus of 8 points per $. When I pulled the trigger, CBM was showing a bonus of just 2 points. By the time CBM caught up to the 8 point bonus, the actual offer was back down to the usual 2 points. I would not rely on CBM to show the best current offer, but it is helpful for tracking bonus histories. If you are not in a hurry to make a purchase, CBM can give you an idea of the max bonus you can expect if you are patient.

  • I usually use the British Airways shopping portal but this article is a good reminder to check other ones as well. I used to use the AA one quite often several years ago when they had ebay and Hilton, but they seemed to stop doing these ones.

  • I always check either a airline shopping portal or Rakuten before I make a purchase online … it’s a no-brainer and is essentially just free points.

  • Most of my purchases are less than $100 so I typically use Rakuten.

  • I only use these shopping portals to keep my points from expiring. Even with the bonuses, cash back sites are usually better.

  • It is just a practical way for the ocassional balance top ups.

  • Do people still use Delta Shopping as the airline has done it again by massively devaluating its points? 🙂

  • To use it to prevent expiration only applies now to AA. Delta and MileagePlus never expires.

    • The latest 40th anniversary promotion is such a godsend because the expiration dates can be pushed back again.

  • I use the Delta shopping portal and it’s super easy.

  • angelo fonseca says:

    A easy way to get a few miles for free

  • Excellent way of keeping miles from expiring. Personally during this pandemic situation it had become a challenge to get miles, unless you have a backup option like airlines shopping portals or credit cards.

  • JOSEPH F HONEK says:

    And if all your kucky stars align during one of these promo periods,
    Merchant “MIGHT” also be offering a higher then normal miles multiplier.
    When I land upon one of those I really feel I hit the maximum bonus ! ! !

  • Buying through these shopping portals is a no-brainer and a simple way to get miles. The miles get credited within a couple of days and the 500/extra bonuses from my experience on American get credited very quickly, usually less than 2 weeks after the promotion.

  • Bhikhu Shah says:

    I’ve been using the Delta shopping portal for the last 3 months and it is very easy to use.

  • Shopping portals are an excellent way to earn more miles and status.

  • Manuel Varela says:

    This is great news. I’ve always used the airline shopping to earn miles, specially AA to help extend the expiracy date. The best thing about United is miles never expire, I hope AA could do this soon! Thanks for the info as usual

  • Thank you for this valuable information. Due to covid and my pregnancy I was looking for a way to keep my AA miles alive!!! I dindt know about the AA eshop!

  • This is a great way to continuously add miles as I am not flying through the COVID crisis. The miles will eventually accrue and I will definitely be able to take advantage of them at a later date. There are LOTS of stores to go through – great selection!

  • I still don’t think enough people utilize shopping portals. They can be a great benefit for miles. Yes, you want to make sure the site is a good deal, but the miles are there.

  • Always great to see bonuses for the shopping portals. Great way to reset expiration dates.

    • Yes, especially for Alaska, this is one of the few ways to reset your expiration even without the bonus. Getting a bonus on top definitely makes it better.

  • Thank you for making me aware of these bonuses on the United airlines and American Airlines shopping portals. I can’t really think of anything I need to purchase at this time, perhaps I will come up with something in the next few days.

  • this is great. with covid my family probably won’t plan have a trip any time sooner. I was just worried about where to use off all the miles that we accumulate. with holiday season coming up, good way to prepare some gifts. just the leadtime is a little bit long ….

  • So two weeks to see if there is some shopping to do and earn the bonus.
    I will think about.

  • This is so great! The portals are so easy to use and now are a great way to gain a bunch of extra points to use when things open back up!

  • My typical use case of shopping portals is to renew expiration dates. This is, well, a bonus 🙂


    American shopping portal is one of the best out there. It has a small glitch when buying through a mobile device but customer service is pretty good to allocate the missing miles.

  • Just in time for early Christmas shopping! And more people will be shopping online due to COVID restrictions. The only drawback will be if miles are devalued due to the extent of time travel has been restricted.

  • Love using shopping portals and getting to double dip! They used to allow the bonus on gift cards but does anyone know if gift cards still work for the shopping portals?

  • I use shopping portals as much as I can. It is always good to check beforehand which ones are offering the most points, if you are in multiple points programs. I have found checking cashbackmonitor helps me figure out which one would be the most lucrative for me. It even includes my favorite, the flexible points portals.

  • I had all these emails come through but since I use these anyway it’s just a nice reminder. I quickly had signed up for the shopping buttons on another post ya’ll had and have been eagerly trying to boost my AS miles since. AS is a little harder to get miles up to higher numbers when you have more than 2 ppl traveling, so their shopping tab helps. I have also adding them to my Chrome to pop up when I go to a website that I can get miles on. Sometimes I can be forgetful ;o)

  • It never fails; they always post these promotions right after I make a large online purchase for the home. I don’t want to spend money just for the sake of spending to earn points bonuses, but it’s good to keep in mind should something come up in the next few weeks.

  • I use AA shopping portal to make small purchases at Home Depot all the time! I make the purchase online through the AA portal and select in store order pick up at customer service . I earn a few miles and I don’t have to wander the store looking for one item. Also, the miles from Home Depot always post very quickly! Thanks for this airline shopping portal run-down! SO helpful!

  • This is a good thing to take advantage of but there seems to be more and more of these at different times of the year. So if you miss this one, wait for the next one.

  • nice promos, indeed. Also good to check

  • This is great! I wish I can fly again soon.

  • A year ago, we could not imagine that we would need to exclusively rely on shopping and dining to earn airline miles.

  • Ooh this is like a black Friday shopping portal special in July!

  • Nice to see bonuses even if minor ones.

  • This is really good, but American Airlines E-shop does not work in Argentina sadly

  • Thanks for this post. It would be interesting to read a parallel post for non-American airlines. Can you please recommend some options?

  • Thanks for the tip! looking forward to rack up more AA miles.

  • Thanks. Always good to have a reminder to use portals whenever possible. Also to check It has proven very helpful.

  • GrubHub bonus is great for those staying at home during COVID and ordering more than usual.

  • Gotta love the shopping portal bonuses…they add up quite a bit.
    I already earned more than 5K miles from these websites this year.

  • Very helpful list!

  • It would be nice to publish another article to directly compare all the sites mentioned in this article.

    • They all run on the same backend, created by a company called Cartera — that’s why these promos always launch at the same time — and have consistent point levels. It’s just up to you which airline’s points you’d prefer.

      • No, the point levels are definitely not consistent. The offers vary significantly between airlines/cards, and they are in constant flux. In most cases, the big bonuses rotate through the airlines. For example, you can always get at least 2 points on, but occasionally AA will offer a short term bonus of 5-10 points, which usually lasts just a day or two. AA may jump up to 8 points today, but tomorrow they will throttle back to 2 points, and then UA will come out with a big bonus for a day or two.

  • Such an easy way to get extra points and keep FF accounts active if they expire. Just have to remember to go through the portals before buying things online!

    • Yes, AA still has not changed its expiration policy, though this website can delay the account expiration date.

  • Brian Kessler says:

    What a great way to get my shopping done without leaving the house. And miles awarded is a bonus!!

  • i got the american airlines card and have been eshopping alot since pandemic. its a good deal. good information

  • Thanks for posting this. Sometimes you just don’t have enough points for a trip.

    • Just note that you might be waiting a while for the points to come through, so this probably isn’t the best option if you need points to make an immediate booking.

  • Always on the lookout for a shopping deal.

  • American Airlines eShopping Portal is the plan that i always use!!

  • Irene Carreras says:

    Hello Award Wallet bloggers!

    Thank you for compiling both shopping portals. I always wanted to compare both bonuses programmes as a Delta and AAdvantage user.

    Another thing that is not mentioned in this post is that even though shopping portals are a great way to double-dip, keep in mind that these shopping portals tend to double rewards haul during holidays like Mother’s Day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. So make sure you check them around those seasons to obtain even better bonus mile points 🙂

  • Sunshine98 says:

    Thanks. Been doing a lot more online to avoid crowds.