A Guide to JetBlue's Newly Revamped TrueBlue Loyalty Program A Guide to JetBlue's Newly Revamped TrueBlue Loyalty Program

A Guide to JetBlue's Newly Revamped TrueBlue Loyalty Program

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TrueBlue is the frequent flyer program of JetBlue Airways. While JetBlue points aren't the most valuable airline rewards in the world, the TrueBlue rewards program has created a fan base by keeping things simple.

TrueBlue points are easy to earn by flying with JetBlue or partner airlines, spending money with a co-brand credit card, or taking advantage of the TrueBlue dining and shopping programs. When it comes time to redeem, JetBlue rewards are about as simple as it gets. There are no blackout dates, and you get a fairly consistent value for every point you spend.

Effective today (May 10, 2023), JetBlue just made significant changes to one program aspect: JetBlue elite status qualification. Mosaic elite status has been popular among JetBlue's frequent customers for the benefits it provides. Now, there are big changes to elite status qualification methods and requirements, elite tiers, and the benefits provided. And the changes are surprisingly good.

Let's take a look at everything you need to know to start building towards your next trip with JetBlue points.

Joining TrueBlue and Tracking with AwardWallet

You can join the JetBlue TrueBlue program online for free. Plus, you can also create free accounts for your kids. For kids under 13 years old, this requires you to enroll first. Then, you'll need to log into your account, click on your initials and point balance near the top of the screen, and click on “Enroll a Child.” Follow the prompts to enroll your kid.

Once you sign up for TrueBlue, you should add it to your AwardWallet account. AwardWallet will help you track your JetBlue reservations, points balance, elite status, and any credits or promos associated with your account. AwardWallet Plus members also see their JetBlue earnings and redemption history, as well as their progress toward the next tier of elite status.

JetBlue TrueBlue logo

Earning JetBlue TrueBlue Points

It’s relatively easy to earn TrueBlue points, even if you only fly occasionally with JetBlue. Thanks to a variety of partnerships, you can earn points from online shopping, dining out, or making purchases with a JetBlue credit card. These are the best ways to build up your TrueBlue balance.

Earn JetBlue Points with Credit Cards

TrueBlue has partnered with Barclays to offer three JetBlue credit cards. In addition to making it easy to earn JetBlue points with your everyday purchases, these cards come with some solid perks that can save you money and make your travels even more enjoyable.

JetBlue Plus Card

The JetBlue Plus Card provides solid value for anyone who flies with JetBlue at least a couple of times a year — especially if you or your travel companions regularly check a bag. The card comes with a free checked bag for you and up to three other travelers on the same reservation.

The JetBlue Plus Card does charge an annual fee of $99, but that's justifiable thanks to two key benefits:

  • An anniversary gift of 5,000 bonus points (worth between $60 and $75) every year you keep the card.
  • A 10% rebate when using points to book a JetBlue-operated award flight.
JetBlue Plus Card
JetBlue Plus Card
Annual Fee$99
Welcome Bonus 50,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 on purchases in the first 90 days and payment of the annual fee
Each year you remain a cardmember, you'll earn 5,000 bonus points on your account anniversary. If you can also use the free checked bag benefit for yourself and up to 3 companions at least once a year, this card should easily return more value than its annual fee.
  • 6X points per $1 spent on JetBlue purchases
  • 2X points per $1 spent at restaurants and grocery stores
  • 1X points per $1 on all other purchases
  • Small business owners can get enjoy similar benefits with the JetBlue Business Card. If you prefer to avoid an annual fee, the JetBlue Card offers a few basic perks and helps you build your balance of JetBlue points with your everyday purchases.

    Earn JetBlue Points on Flights

    When you book a paid ticket with JetBlue, you'll earn TrueBlue points that can be used to book travel in the future.

    Like other frequent-flyer programs, JetBlue rewards earned from flying can be credited only to a TrueBlue account in the passenger's name. Thus, if you fly with your kids, you won't be able to put their points directly in your account — even if you're the one paying for the ticket.

    However, JetBlue makes it easy to pool points with family, so ensure everyone on your itinerary creates a TrueBlue account before you fly!

    The number of TrueBlue points you'll earn for each flight depends on which type of JetBlue fare you purchase and the price paid. Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint fare classes earn a base rate of 3 TrueBlue points per dollar spent. Blue Basic — JetBlue's basic economy offering — earns 1 TrueBlue point per dollar spent.

    JetBlue also offers a great incentive for booking directly on their website: Blue Basic fares earn an additional point per dollar for bookings on JetBlue.com, and the other fare classes earn an extra 3 points per dollar.

    Fare TypeBase Points / $1JetBlue.com Bonus / $1Total Points / $1
    Blue Basic1+12
    Blue Plus3+36
    Blue Extra3+36

    If you pay for your flight with a Barclays JetBlue card, you can earn 3 or 6 additional points per dollar spent, depending on which card you hold. And if you have JetBlue Mosaic status, you'll earn another 3 points on top of the base earning rate shown above. That's up to 15 points per dollar spent.

    Earn JetBlue Points on Partner Flights

    You also can earn TrueBlue points by flying on some of JetBlue's partner airlines. To credit a partner flight to your TrueBlue account, just enter your frequent-flyer number when you make your booking or at check-in.

    Earning rates vary by partner and class of service. Click on the name of the partner on JetBlue's website for more details about earning TrueBlue points.

    Additionally, JetBlue is rolling out a new partnership with American Airlines. Earning rates for American Airlines flights only offer a base of 5 miles per dollar spent when booked through American Airlines. If you book American Airlines flights through JetBlue.com, you'll receive the same earning rates as you would on JetBlue's own flights. The Mosaic bonus and points from booking with a JetBlue credit card also apply.

    You can't redeem JetBlue points with American yet, but that should begin soon.

    JetBlue American Partnership showing airplane tails with logos

    Transfer Flexible Rewards to TrueBlue

    TrueBlue partners with four of the most popular transferrable bank and hotel points.

    Note that the transfer ratio for Citi reduces to 1:0.8 if you only hold a no-annual-fee Citi card.

    In general, these transferrable points are more valuable than JetBlue points. Consequently, it's not a good idea to transfer points without a specific redemption plan. Amex also offers better conversion rates to all other partners, so transferring these points to JetBlue should be a last resort.

    Nonetheless, having multiple transfer options is a good thing, making it much easier to accumulate the points you need for a trip.

    Other Ways to Earn JetBlue TrueBlue Points

    There are other ways to earn TrueBlue points, including:

    You also can buy JetBlue points. When there isn't a special offer or promotion running, TrueBlue charges far more per point than the value you'll obtain when redeeming them. Sales or bonuses can reduce that cost, but it's still rarely worth buying JetBlue points. Keep an eye on our buy JetBlue points page to stay up to date on current promotions.

    How to Redeem JetBlue TrueBlue Points

    Earning JetBlue TrueBlue points is easy, but redeeming them at a premium can be a challenge. To maximize your JetBlue points, the best use of JetBlue TrueBlue points is typically flying JetBlue or its partner airlines.

    JetBlue Points Value: How Much Should You Expect to Save?

    The cost to book an award flight with JetBlue points is tied to the retail cost of the flight. We usually refer to TrueBlue and similar programs, like Southwest Rapid Rewards, as “fixed-value” or “revenue-based” airline programs because the number of points required to save a dollar on airfare is usually pretty consistent.

    Over the past two years, AwardWallet users have averaged 1.24¢  per JetBlue TrueBlue point, according to AwardWallet's mile value tracker. To put it another way, you'll spend an average of 81 points for every dollar of airfare. If you're curious about where we got such a precise number, check out our post explaining our point and mile valuations in detail.

    However, with TrueBlue awards, the conversion rate can vary significantly from one itinerary to the next. You can figure out the JetBlue points value for any trip by dividing the cash price by the number of points required. If the taxes are significant, you'll want to subtract them from the cash price before you divide. Here's our resource on how to calculate point values. If you're getting more than 1.24¢ per point in value, it's probably a good opportunity to redeem your JetBlue points.

    While JetBlue points are far from being the most valuable rewards available, JetBlue doesn't limit which flights you can book with points. If you aren't familiar with how most airline loyalty programs set their prices, check out our beginner's guide to award pricing.

    Book a Flight Using a Mix of Cash and TrueBlue Points

    In June 2020, TrueBlue introduced a new redemption option allowing you to book a ticket with a combination of cash and points. This feature, called Cash + Points, is super helpful if you don't have enough TrueBlue points to cover the entire cost of your itinerary.

    Cash + Points can be used for any JetBlue-operated flight, any time, with no blackout dates. To see your options, head to JetBlue.com, select “Use TrueBlue points” and choose the specific flight and fare type you want to book. Continue through the checkout process until you get to the “Review & Pay” screen. Here, you can select how many points you want to apply.

    JetBlue Cash + Points Booking screenshot

    While this extra flexibility is nice to have, check the math before paying. Make sure you're getting something close to the average JetBlue points value of 1.24¢ each. We've found that the rates for Cash + Points bookings typically are worse than the average JetBlue points value when paying exclusively with points.

    The cash portion of a Cash + Points booking will earn TrueBlue points according to the rates listed in the table above. If your goal is to earn JetBlue Mosaic status, the cash part of these bookings will count toward your base flight points. However, Cash + Points bookings do not accrue flight segments.

    Related: A Brief Guide to JetBlue Cash + Points Redemptions

    JetBlue Redemption Partners

    Although JetBlue has a variety of different airline partners, the only currently-available option for using points is Hawaiian Airlines. Even still, you're unable to use your TrueBlue points to book a flight on Hawaiian Airlines online. Instead, you'll need to call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583).

    banner image says you can redeem trueblue points for hawaiian airlines

    Current redemption pricing for a one-way flight on Hawaiian Airlines is as follows:

    Between (class of service)And HawaiiAnd West Coast U.S.And East Coast U.S.And International Destinations
    Hawaii (economy)6,00022,00030,00030,000
    Hawaii (business)12,00045,00070,00070,000
    West Coast U.S. (economy)22,000--50,000
    West Coast U.S. (business)45,000--120,000
    East Coast U.S. (economy)30,000--50,000
    East Coast U.S. (business)70,000--120,000

    As noted earlier, American AAdvantage and TrueBlue have rolled out a partnership that will eventually include the ability to redeem TrueBlue points for American Airlines flights. An implementation date for this feature remains unknown. However, if you have AAdvantage miles, you can use them to book JetBlue flights.

    Rules for Redeeming JetBlue TrueBlue Points

    You can redeem TrueBlue points for any flight with seats available for sale. If you can buy it with money, you can use points. There are no blackout dates, but the cost in TrueBlue points naturally will be higher for more expensive flights. You also can use your TrueBlue points to book flights for other people.

    There is no additional charge to change or cancel a Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, or Mint flight. If you decide to rebook your flight, you will have to pay any cost difference. And, if there is a difference in taxes and/or fees, you'll need to pay this difference.

    For Blue Basic fares booked after June 7, 2021, a change or cancellation fee of $100 will be charged for itineraries within the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico, or Central America. For other routes, the Blue Basic change or cancellation fee is $200. These fees apply to awards booked with points, cash fares, and Cash + Points bookings.

    Pool Your JetBlue Points with Friends and Family

    One area where the TrueBlue program really shines is the ability to pool your points with other TrueBlue members. The JetBlue Points Pooling program allows between two and seven members to pool their TrueBlue points together. The Pool Leader then has the ability to use all of the pool's points to book flights.

    jetblue points pooling lets you combine your trueblue rewards

    JetBlue Mosaic Elite Status

    JetBlue completely revamped its Mosaic elite program, with changes going live on May 10, 2023. Previously, JetBlue kept things simple with a single elite tier called JetBlue Mosaic. Now, there are four Mosaic levels, mimicking other airline elite programs. The criteria to earn Mosaic is changing, as are the benefits. Let's dig into their newly-minted elite program.

    Qualifying For JetBlue Mosaic Status

    JetBlue now offers four levels of Mosaic status, simply named Mosaic 1, Mosaic 2, Mosaic 3, and Mosaic 4. The big change is that you no longer need Mosaic Qualifying Points or Mosaic Qualifying Segments to earn them. You now need “Mosaic tiles” to earn JetBlue elite status.

    Mosaic tiles are earned based on qualifying spending with JetBlue. This includes spending with the airline and on its co-branded credit cards. Tiles are earned as follows:

    • Earn 1 tile for each $100 of qualifying spend with JetBlue. This includes flights, car rentals, hotels, cruises, activities and extras, vacation packages, and more booked through JetBlue. It also includes many extras, ancillary products, and fees. In addition, you'll earn on spending on American Airlines flights booked through JetBlue.
    • Receive 1 tile for every $1,000 of spending on a JetBlue credit card.

    To qualify for JetBlue Mosaic status, you just need to earn the following number of tiles:

    • Mosaic 1: 50 tiles
    • Mosaic 2: 100 tiles
    • Mosaic 3: 150 tiles
    • Mosaic 4: 250 tiles

    You still qualify for Mosaic status based on the calendar year. Current Mosaic and Mosaic+ members will be assigned a level in the new program based on spending. Mosaic will be assigned at least Mosaic 1, and Mosaic+ will be assigned at least Mosaic 3.

    JetBlue Mosaic Elite Status Benefits

    One of the biggest changes to the JetBlue Mosaic elite program is the benefits it offers. With the expansion to four elite tiers, there's also a notable expansion of perks. Here is what you will enjoy at each Mosaic elite level:

    Mosaic 1 Benefits

    Earned after accruing 50 tiles, you'll enjoy the following Mosaic Signature Perks:

    • First two checked bags free for yourself and eligible companions.
    • Dedicated Mosaic check-in area.
    • Select Even More Space seats for free at check-in (subject to availability).
    • Access priority security at select airports.
    • Mosaic priority boarding privileges.
    • Same day flight changes with no fee.
    • Free inflight alcoholic drinks.
    • Dedicated priority chat assistance and support line.
    • Complimentary upgrades using the Heathrow Express in London.

    If you hadn’t already selected them before reaching Mosaic, you’ll unlock the JetBlue Vacations bonus and 5,000-point bonus from the Perks You Pick (discussed further down).

    Mosaic 2 Benefits

    Earned after accruing 100 tiles, you'll enjoy the Mosaic 1 perks plus an additional Signature Perk:

    • Select Even More Space seats for free at booking.

    This gives you up to 7″ more legroom. Only available on JetBlue flights.

    Mosaic 3 Benefits

    Earned after accruing 150 tiles, you'll enjoy the previous Signature Perks plus:

    • Move to Mint: Receive four certificates that let you book economy then move to Mint at no extra charge (space must be available).

    Mosaic 4 Benefits

    Earned after accruing 250 tiles, you'll enjoy the above Signature Perks plus:

    • BLADE Airport Transfers: Receive credits for four one-way BLADE Airport helicopter transfers between Manhattan and New York-JFK or Newark (EWR).
    • Move to Mint Again: Receive two more certificates that let you book economy then move to Mint at no extra charge (again, space must be available).

    Check out this post to learn more about the benefits of JetBlue Mosaic status. Things get better for non-elites, as well, as you'll be rewarded even before earning Mosaic 1 through the new “Perks You Pick” system.

    Use TrueBlue Points to Fly JetBlue Mint, as seen in this cabin photo
    JetBlue Mint. Credit: JetBlue

    New TrueBlue Perks You Pick Options

    JetBlue is rewarding fliers even earlier through the new “Perks You Pick” options — available even before you qualify for Mosaic 1. Members can choose a new perk for every 10 tiles they earn. That means members get to choose a new perk after 10, 20, 30, and 40 tiles to customize their flying experience.

    For every 10 tiles, members can choose from one of the following:

    • Priority security: Access expedited security when available.
    • Early boarding: Access group B boarding — except when traveling on Blue Basic fares.
    • Alcoholic drinks: Receive a complimentary drink of beer, wine, or liquor on each flight — only available to travelers over 21.
    • 5,000-point bonus: Receive a 5,000-point bonus in your account.
    • JetBlue Vacations bonus: Receive a one-time 2x points bonus on a JetBlue Vacations package.

    However, things change after 50 tiles when members hit Mosaic level 1.

    Mosaic Perks You Pick

    While the 10-tile milestones drop off once you qualify for Mosaic 1, JetBlue opens up a new menu of Mosaic Perks You Pick for their elite members. The Mosaic Perks You Pick is similar to AA Loyalty Choice Rewards, Delta Medallion Choice Benefits, and the recently introduced Elite Choice Benefits by Alaska.

    Each time a TrueBlue member reaches a new Mosaic level, they can choose from one of the following Mosaic Perks You Pick benefits:

    • FoundersCard Blue Membership: Receive a variety of business and lifestyle benefits (over 15) curated for Mosaic members.
    • Pet Fee Waiver: Take your pet onboard at no extra charge, saving up to $125 per flight.
    • Select JetBlue Card statement credit: Receive a $99 statement credit on the JetBlue Plus Card or JetBlue Business Card
    • 20 bonus Tiles: Receive a 20-tile bonus; you can deposit it in your account to reach the next level faster or gift it to someone else.
    • 15,000-point bonus: Receive 15,000 bonus TrueBlue points to boost your balance.
    • Mint Suite Priority: Receive priority access to Mint Suites on selected aircraft. This option will launch later in 2023 and excludes Mint Studio.

    If you frequently travel with a pet, the pet fee benefit could be massive. It could be enough to justify switching loyalty to JetBlue. Four round trips per year with your pet adds up to $1,000 in savings if you select that perk. Having a menu of options is excellent, as it lets fliers select the perk most valuable to them.

    Reciprocal Benefits When Flying American Airlines

    The benefits for Mosaic members traveling on American Airlines-operated flights haven't changed. These take effect once you qualify for Mosaic 1, and include:

    • Two free checked bags.
    • Free Main Cabin Extra seats.
    • Free same-day flight changes.
    • Priority boarding, expedited security and dedicated check-in areas.

    Comparing the New JetBlue Mosaic Program to the Old Version

    The new, expanded Mosaic elite system and additional perks provide a step up from the old system. Don't get me wrong: JetBlue already had a loyal following in the markets it serves due to previous Mosaic elite qualification requirements and benefits. But the new program offers upsides for both elites and non-elites alike. Nearly everyone will be better off.

    Being able to customize your rewards is huge, as is earning rewards at just 10 tiles. This is the equivalent of spending $1,000 with JetBlue or $10,000 on a co-brand credit card, which is far less than any elite status tier with other airlines.

    The new perks at the upper end are excellent, as well — especially the Move to Mint certificates. I'm curious to see how these roll out and what availability is like for using them.

    Across the board, JetBlue is doing well by nearly all of its customers through these changes. The only ones hurt are those who qualified on segments rather than spending. If you're in that boat, it might be worth evaluating your loyalty to JetBlue.

    Final Thoughts on TrueBlue

    TrueBlue members can get solid value from JetBlue's frequent flyer program. When you buy a JetBlue flight, you can earn up to 15x points — depending on the fare you book, how you book, which card you use, and your JetBlue status level. When it's time to redeem your points, JetBlue shows you exactly how many points you need for the flight you want. If a flight is on sale, you can pay points, cash, or a combination of the two.

    If you don't know much about other frequent-flyer programs, transparent pricing and access to any flight on sale might not seem that impressive. Sadly, both are rare. However, simplicity isn't free. Most other airline points and miles can offer two or three times more value than JetBlue points. More complex programs have a huge upside, but you have to invest the time to learn how to maximize your value.

    So if you're just getting started with points and miles and live in a market served by JetBlue, TrueBlue is a great place to start. But don't give up on learning about other frequent-flyer programs. The key to a great rewards strategy is diversifying your points so that you have multiple options for booking your next trip.

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    • How to get 10% miles rebate after taking award flight? My wife, daughter or myself never received it.

      • The terms and conditions note that “This Award Flight redemption bonus will be deposited into your Membership Account 4-6 weeks after your JetBlue-operated Award Flight.” If it’s been longer than that, I’d recommend reaching out to JetBlue to see if they can look into it. A review may need to be initiated by Barclays though.

    • Seems very similar to the Southwest program in terms of earning and redemption.

    • Shirley Janay says:

      Probably the best program overall. Thanks.

      • You get a remarkable number of opinions on that, depending on what you value. Each of the following top various lists: AA, United, and Delta. But, it’s Alaska that tops most.

    • Nice overview. This seems like a decent program, especially with the link to Hawaiian Airlines, and the others.

    • Gilberto says:

      True Blue is not only a simple but also reliable frequent flyer program.

    • Mariano Arreola says:

      The flights prices are good enough not to be relevant about the rewards been shared with other airlines. I would fly with tem anyways.

    • The pooling is very useful, as well as no expiration. Takes a while to build a balance though. I may just use Cash + Points on my next booking and treat them like a discount.

    • Thanks. I didn’t know that I could book Hawaiian Airlines with JetBlue points.

    • This program used to be rather underwhelming, but with the addition of flights to London in the near future and a partnership with AA in the works, there is a lot of upside potential here now unlike before….have to see how extensive and expensive the AA flights are with JetBlue points – that could be a real game changer.

      • I agree. I got their credit card and figured I’d burn the points quickly with a flight of two to NYC, but I’m now thinking of building a bigger stash for bigger things in the future.

    • This is a comprehensive overview of this program. It certainly has some excellent features such as points pooling. Now that Jetblue is expanding its routes and will have a partnership with American, I have bookmarked this page to refer back to it. Does Jetblue still give points for shopping at Amazon while inflight like they used to? That was an excellent way of earning points as was their Lyft partnership.

    • Omar giammarino says:

      Es un programa muy limitado solamente para esa compañía si bien los precios de los vuelos son económicos no se comparten las recompensas con otras aerolineas

    • pony_trekker says:

      While I like that Jet Blue miles don’t expire, Mosaic is the least attractive program out there. All I ever got was a welcome drink and a hello but because I generally book refundable tickets for business because my plans always change, the free changes were not a big deal.