Is JetBlue’s Best-Ever 60% Buy Miles Bonus a Good Deal?

JetBlue has just launched it's best-ever buy points sale, offering TrueBlue loyalty members up to a 60% bonus when buying 30,000 points. If maximized, you can buy TrueBlue points at an effective rate of 1.72¢ a piece—the cheapest JetBlue has ever sold them. But with a fixed-value rewards program, is buying points ever a good idea?
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Buy Marriott Points With a Best-Ever 60% Bonus

With Marriott’s just-launched point sale, Bonvoy members can buy points for just 0.78¢ a piece. That’s the cheapest rate we’ve ever seen them sold. This opens the door to stays at the most lavish properties at a fraction of the cost—which is great if you want to stay at a hotel fit for a movie star but can’t afford the movie star price. But, it’s also great for scoring inexpensive domestic getaways.

United Club Infinite Card Review

The United Club℠ Infinite Card is Chase’s premium United co-brand card and provides a host of top perks and benefits for anyone that regularly flies United. Check out our full review of the United Club Infinite and see if this card deserves a spot in your wallet.

Buy AA Miles for 1.79¢ Each, Earn 500 Bonus Miles on Every Flight

American Airlines’ latest mileage sale lets AAdvantage members buy AA miles with up to a 100,000 bonus. While the purchase rate isn’t the best we’ve ever seen, it’s not too far off—and there’s an interesting twist to this offer. Plus, AA also just launched a promotion to let travelers earn up to 5,000 bonus miles by booking 2020 travel by May 18th.

Earn Up to 6,060 Bonus Miles From Shopping Portal Bonuses

If you’re one of the millions making purchases online from home right now, your everyday spending could help you toward your next vacation. You can earn up to 6,060 bonus miles through these new shopping portal bonuses. However, you’re going to have to register before you can start earning miles. Here’s how.

When to Consider Buying IHG Points With a 100% Bonus

IHG has just announced its latest point sale, offering up to a 100% bonus on point purchases through June 15. If maximized, members can buy points for as little as half a cent each! This matches the best point sale we’ve ever seen IHG offer, making it a terrific opportunity for some redemptions.