[Extended Expiration Pause] Do Air Canada Aeroplan Points Expire? [Extended Expiration Pause] Do Air Canada Aeroplan Points Expire?

[Extended Expiration Pause] Do Air Canada Aeroplan Points Expire?

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Aeroplan points do expire if you have not accumulated or redeemed Aeroplan points for a period of 18 consecutive months. However, Air Canada extended its suspension of all point expiration through September 30, 2024. So, you won't have to worry about any point expiration through then.

The 18-month period is the 18 consecutive months from the date of your last transaction. So, if your last transaction was on April 1 of a given year, all your points will be valid through October 1 of the following year.

Note that this 18-month policy was adopted on July 20, 2020. Under the previous policy, Aeroplan points expired after 12 months of inactivity.

The good news is there are several easy ways to prevent your points from expiring—which we cover below.

How To Prevent Your Aeroplan Points From Expiring

Earn Aeroplan Points

Redeem Aeroplan Points

Exceptions to the Mileage Expiration Policy

The mileage expiry policy is waived under certain circumstances, including:

Aeroplan Points Already Expired? You Can Reinstate Them

If your points have already expired, you have a couple of options. Within six months of your account becoming inactive, you can reinstate all your Aeroplan points free of charge by either taking an Air Canada flight or opening an Aeroplan credit card.

After the six-month period, you can still reinstate your points at the cost of 1 cent per mile plus a $30 administrative fee. To reinstate your points, you'll want to call the Aeroplan Contact Center at 1-800-361-5373.

Don't Forget

Aeroplan is a great program, with plenty of excellent value in its redemption sweet spots. With the program launched in late 2020, you can avoid dreaded fuel surcharges on award tickets. The program is active and regularly offers different promotions.

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  • Berkley Reynolds says:

    I have lost contact with Aeroplan. How do I get my Aerop;an number activated

  • Bonnie Ben-Israel says:

    What is the source of your information that Air Canada Aeroplan points expiration has been extended to May, 2023? On my account, it STILL states that my points expire in January 2023.

  • My son lost all this miles that we had been accumulating for years. Impossible to get them back. However I still like the program: for Canadians it is easy to accumulate points and if you reserve early, you can get good value.

  • Gaulin, Janette says:

    j’ai la carte Visa CIBC aéro or Aeroplan.. Je l’active toujours en payant mes achats mensuellement et totalement avec cette carte. Je veux connaître mon nombre de points Aeroplan. Impossible d’avoir information pertinente au no de tél. 1 800 361 5373. Veuillez me donner l’information en français à mon adresse courriel. Merci Janette Gaulin insatisfaite..,,

  • Need to know how many points I have on my account

  • I’m not sure why I received a notification from AwardWallet about expiring Aeroplan miles as I have been using my Aeroplan credit card on a regular basis (at least 2x per week) for the last several years.

  • Dixie Siciliano says:

    During lock down, it’s impossible to get anyone to answer phone at Home Hardware to order and get aeroplan miles, I think during covid that Miles should not expire as we are all told to stay home

  • Over 200,000 of my miles “expired” and I can’t get them back. No email was sent to me (not even in junk file). I have no emails from Aeroplan in the year 2019 (lots from 2008 – 2018). NO MORE TRAVEL WITH AIR CANADA…..EVER !

  • I was worried about my miles expiring soon but I also found out that they posted 1 mile as last transaction last month so Im glad i have 18 months to use them :))))

  • Recently Air Canada posted 1 mile in my account and my expiration date was reset for a year and a half, thank you Air Canada

  • The customer service call is really too difficult to get through. Even if it gets through, They might say that you need to change to another customer service. I sincerely hope that Air Canada can enhance the customer experience.

    • As with calling any large companies with world wide branches, always try to call the phone number that is not in your time zone. It’s much easier to get through in my experience.

  • There is a survey panel called Asking Canadians that gives you Aeroplan points for completing surveys. As with any survey panel, most of the time you get screened out. This one gives you 5 Aeroplan points even if you screen out, so it is a great way to keep my Aeroplan miles alive. Every once in a while, I even get to complete a survey. You need a Canadian address to qualify to join the panel.

  • The CA plan good at can be avoid dreaded fuel surcharges on award tickets. The BA have expensive fuel surchanges to redeem BA flight. But there have a good news is Cathay Pacific cancelled Fuel Fee.

  • Donating miles may be a good choice. I don’t have a website where I can participate in shopping award miles, and there is no credit card that can accumulate Air Canada miles.

  • Miles shouldnt expire period. Hope Aeroplan learns from programs like skymiles.

  • Marie Hickey says:

    18 months is not long enough in my opinion, especially given the current climate and how much travel will change going forward.

  • Still waiting for details on the new air canada loyalty program.

    • Aeroplan is on the way out soon, but good sign that Air Canada intends to have at least a slightly more generous expiration policy in their new rewards program.

  • Being able to restore expired miles within 6 months of inactivity at no charge is great. I do not know if this already existed, but if it is a new benefit, good for Air Canada.

  • Sometimes you don´t need to travel or you find cheaper ways of doing it than doing it with miles. I think airlines should think about extending the expliration time, specially in this covid time.

    • I understand AC has not refunded people who bought tickets on flights that never even left the ground… I agree with your thinking but their current covid strategy is not earning a lot of goodwill from me.

  • The real question is, are they worth supporting as a company after the way they treated so many Americans during the pandemic.

  • I wish they should follow all of the other major airlines that have no expiration on their mileage programs. This is similar to money which does not have an expiration.

  • Aeroplan has been my go to in the past. Easy to redeem online and when needed, the CSR are knowledgable and very pleasant.

  • About time! My favorite way to keep miles from expiring are using shopping portals for small purchases.

  • 18 months is a reasonable time. This is good news and should help Aeroplan retain members.

  • Janelle Doan says:

    Hello. I am an Aeroplan member and have a TD Aeroplan Visa card. From what I have read, because I have a TD Visa card, my points will never expire. And, if that isn’t the case, then just using my Visa card once every 12 months is enough to keep my points active.

    Could you confirm that please?

    Thank you,


  • Chiara Patriarca says:

    I have been calling for days to speak with customer service… I have spent HOURS waiting to talk with someone. This is unnacceptable.
    Please contact me right away as this is a barbaric way to conduct business nevermind treat your customers. Hire more phone reps!!!

  • B. MARILYN Ferguson says:

    I was notified by an aeroplan agent that I need to use my points or they will expire–in trying to get back to the caller, I cannot reconnect. Please help! at 250-386-9063

    Thank you,, B Marilyn Ferguson

  • @Mary @Roger

    If you guys have an avis car rental from before the expiration it can generate activity and reinstate your account for free. If you don’t have there are forums on the web where people sell them also.

    Good luck guys!

  • I can tell you what a disappointment today, when I called Areoplan and found out that for real my 80,000 vanished as they do not honour dormant accounts if no activity over a one year period. My heart is just aching right now. Through my ups and down over the last few years, I was hoping that maybe this could eventually help us to take a trip. Unforgiving they are!

  • Does RTW or mini-RTW literally you have to travel around the world in one direction to return to your original departure point? Or is it just a trip to multiple countries in any direction?

  • Have been a loyal customer of Aéroplan for over 35 years and lost close to 200,000 miles due to a technicality. The notification email went to my spam. Inform them of the issue and they would do nothing about it except telling me that I can purchase them back for 1 cent a mile. You know what it’s not worth it. I would spent $2000 in buying them back but I would not get $2000 worth of marchandise. Their ad says a mile is worth 2.5 cents is bullshit. Each mile is worth at best a penny. Air Canada have just lost a loyal customer for life.

    • I agree I had 300 thousand miles didn’t fly for year because of job and lost them all
      Good by aircanada I will never fly with them again

  • A loyalty program that shows its members no loyalty.

    • And kicks you while you’re down not giving refunds for canceled flights despite DOT stating multiple times that is required by law.

  • Martin Fricker says:

    My wife and I reside in the UK and are both Aeroplan members. Can anyone please advise me, is there is anywhere in the UK where we can collect Aeroplan points

    • If you fly a partner airline, you can select AC every so often as the rewards number to earn some miles in that program.

  • Frank L. Higgins says:

    Have my aeroplane miles expired and if not when do they do so
    How can I get them back

  • Why is it advertised that 25,000 points is worth $625 at Cosco but when I get onto the aeroplan site it shows 67,500 points for a $500 cash card?

  • My Aeroplan miles are expiring. I went on the site to spend some reward miles, and the system shut down when I was in the middle of purchasing saying they’re doing maintenance and come back tomorrow at 10:00 am. My concern is my deadline is at 10:00 am tomorrow morning, and I’m afraid I’m going to lose all of my miles???

  • I have 60,000 miles which I am going to lose very soon, if I do not keep my account active.

    If I donate a portion, say 5000 mile to an aeroplan charity does this count and the balance of 55,000 miles is safe for another year.

  • What is mini RTW?

  • Aeroplan is basically MileagePlus Minus

  • Did not know about the exception to minors. Great tip

  • To keep Aeroplan account alive we can answer some survey to get points for free.

  • They are not the easiest to use miles for upgrades

  • Very interesting about the exception for minors and credit card holders. I don’t know if other plans have that, who have an expiration on the miles. Plus letting you reinstate…very interesting. Is the phone number that’s published and well known? Or is this something that you guys found?

  • I’ve got some Aeroplan miles to use up.

  • MiniRTW is one of the best option with Aeroplan. if you really have to fly Air Canada then get the Amex rewards which transfers to Aeroplan 1:1 and redeem for MiniRTW. Other wise better to stick with United to credit the miles as a star alliance member.

  • I love the Aeroplan program as they are a star alliance partner. However, I will say that the flights tend to cost 2500 – 5000 more miles for the same leg booked through United.

  • angelo fonseca says:

    It is difficult to establish Aeroplan as a preferred program knowing that AirCanada will leave it.