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Andrew joined the AwardWallet team in February 2023. Having a British father and a Greek mother, experiencing different cultures has been in his blood since before birth.


Like Erik, Andrew attended the University of Michigan and received a Bachelor of Arts while focusing his studies on Pre-law with the goal of crushing law school. But in the summer of 2010, Andrew took a 3-month backpacking trip around Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, and his life was changed forever.


From that moment forward, Andrew knew that he wanted to live a life of travel. He has since traveled to 51 countries while living in 12 of them. Andrew has since slowed his roll and is now living in Athens, Greece.


When Andrew isn’t traveling the world and creating new experiences, you can find him playing a game of football or tennis with friends, winning tons of money playing poker, bumbling his way through new languages, supporting Detroit & Michigan sports teams, and helping out with stray dogs in and around Athens.

Swedish Ice Bars & Kiwi Vacation Homes: When To Buy Choice Points With a 30% Discount (0.72¢ Each)

Choice Privileges just launched a new holiday promotion to buy points. Now through December 16, 2023, Choice Privileges members can get a 30% discount when buying Choice Privilege points. When maximized, members can snag points for as little as 0.72¢ apiece. This promotion can be valuable under the right circumstances, so let's take a look at some examples.

Amazing Amsterdam to Terrific Taipei: When to Buy United MileagePlus Miles With Up to a 100% Bonus (1.88¢ Each)

United is back with another promotion to buy MileagePlus miles, which is valid through December 22, 2023, MileagePlus members can buy United miles with up to a 100% bonus. At best, you'll effectively pay as little as 1.88¢ per mile — the same price as the previous promotion. But is it worth it to buy points and miles? Let's take a look, so you can make an informed decision before time runs out on this deal.

From Tokyo to Tinseltown: When To Buy Etihad Guest Miles With up to a 50% Bonus (1.33¢ Each)

Etihad Guest is offering a buy miles promotion, allowing you to grab miles with up to a 50% bonus. This deal runs through December 13, 2023. This gives members the ability to pick up Etihad Guest miles for as little as 1.33¢ each. This isn't the best price we've seen for Etihad miles, but it could still make sense to buy some in few situations. Let's take a look at a few examples of when buying Etihad Guest miles during this 50% bonus promotion would save you loads over paying the cash rate.

Multiply Your Avianca LifeMiles: Pay as Little as 1.05¢ To Increase Recent Earnings

Avianca LifeMiles is joining the "Multiply your Miles" party and is offering a promotion to receive up to a 61% bonus or 67% off when you multiply your LifeMiles. This promotion runs until December 21, 2023 and can provide good value if you're looking to grab some extra LifeMiles for an upcoming redemption you had in mind. Let's check out some of the details of this promotion and when it could make sense to pay to multiply your recent LifeMiles earnings.

Should You Buy Virgin Australia Velocity Points With up to a 40% Discount?

For a short period of time, Virgin Australia Velocity is offering members a discount on points that's much better than the last offer. Velocity members can get up to a 40% discount on purchases of up to 250,000 points. If maximized , you can grab Virgin Velocity points for as little as 1.4¢ AUD (0.92¢ USD) each. But you'll need to act quickly if you want to grab some, as this promotion comes to an end on December 11, 2023.

Swiss Chocolate & Turkish Delights: When To Buy Air Canada Aeroplan Points With up to a 20% Discount (2.1¢ Each)

Air Canada is back with another promotion for buying Aeroplan points. Now through December 30, 2023, Aeroplan is offering members up to a 20% discount on point purchases up to 250,000 points. That drops the effective purchase rate to just 2.1¢ per point. From short-haul flights between Toronto and Washington, D.C. to long-haul flights to Germany, Switzerland, and Turkey, you can find some good deals (if you look hard enough) to get outsized value during this promotion.

Hilton Holiday Happiness: Buy Hilton Honors Points With a 100% Bonus (0.5¢ Each)

Hilton's current holiday promotion offers members the chance to buy points with a 100% bonus! If you want to take advantage of this deal, you have the entire month of December, as it ends on December 31, 2023. This promotion enables you to purchase a maximum of 480,000 Hilton points at a reasonable 0.5¢ per point. Let's see how this can be an excellent deal in the right situation.

52 Loyalty Reward Program Promotions Ending Soon (115% LifeMiles Transfer Bonus, 100% Flying Blue Buy Miles Bonus)

Over the next couple of weeks, at least 52 loyalty reward program promotions and credit card offers are coming to an end, including the 115% transfer bonus with Avianca LifeMiles, the Flying Blue 100% bonus when buying points, over a dozen 10% cash back Chase Offers, and so much more. Here's a roundup of all of the promotions to consider maximizing in the next few weeks.

Buy Leading Hotels of the World Leaders Club Points With Up to a 100% Bonus (6¢ Each)

Looking for a luxury hotel or spa to enjoy a special occasion with loved ones? Buy LHW Leaders Club points during this promotion with up to a 100% bonus. If you maximize this deal, you can grab points for as little as 6¢ apiece. This is the first offer to buy Leaders Club points since the program became a Citi transfer partner, so let's look at the ins and outs of this deal.

15 Current Promotions for Buying Airline Miles and Hotel Points (Up to 100% Bonus Miles or 0.5¢ Per Point)

When you're a few miles or points away from a sweet redemption and you've exhausted options like transferring points from another program, buying them outright might make sense. Here are the 15 loyalty programs that currently running a discount or bonus promotion for buying points and miles, including up to 100% bonus airline miles and discounts down to 0.5¢ per hotel point.

Wonderful Waikiki and Gorgeous Grand Cayman: When To Buy Wyndham Rewards Points With a 40% Bonus (0.93¢ Each)

Wyndham Rewards just launched its latest promotion to buy points with a bonus. Through December 30, 2023, members can buy Wyndham Rewards points with up to a 40% bonus. If you maximize this offer, you can grab points for as little as 0.93¢ each! With over 9,000 properties worldwide, there are numerous properties where you can receive outsized value from this deal. In this post, we go through the details to show you how to take advantage of this offer — from vacation condos for $70 per night to suites in Hawaii or fully-furnished apartments in San Francisco for $140 per night.

Check Out These Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Travel Tuesday Promotions

The holiday season is kicking off, which means there will be sales -- lots of them! The period around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Travel Tuesday is typically the best time of year to receive a discount or promotion of some kind. We understand there are a lot of hotels and airlines out there to track, so we've rounded up the best holiday deals in this post. It's a fluid post, so make sure to check back regularly to see if we've updated and added a promotion that might be exactly what you're looking for.

Winter in Fiji to Holidays in NYC: Save When You Buy IHG Points With a 100% Bonus (0.5¢ Each)

IHG launched its latest buy points promotion. Now through December 30, 2023, members can buy IHG points with a 100% bonus. This deal allows members to buy IHG points for as little as 0.5¢ each. But is it worth buying IHG points? With AwardWallet users averaging 0.69¢ per point in value from redemptions, there's a lot of times this can make sense. Here are a few examples for inspiration.

Get 1.6 Cents Per Citi ThankYou Point By Transferring to Accor Live Limitless with a 50% Transfer Bonus

Take advantage of this 50% bonus when transferring your Citi ThankYou points to Accor Live Limitless until November 30, 2023. With Citi and Accor becoming partners back in May, this presents the first opportunity to transfer your Citi ThankYou points to Accor ALL with a bonus. But does it provide you with good value? We dive into the details to see if it does.