Amex Offers: Get Up to $200 Cashback or Up to 40k Bonus Points on Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Cruises

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Eligibility is limited for the Amex Offers discussed in this post. Enrollment is required in the Amex Offers section of your account before redeeming.

Amex Offers are a great way for Amex cardholders to earn cashback or bonus points from purchases. There are generally over a hundred different Amex Offers available at any given time. But, not all cardmembers are targeted for the same offers.

Right now, there's a slew of travel-related Amex Offers available. Targeted cardmembers can earn up to $200 cashback when you enroll and use your Amex card in these offers. Here's a round-up of the top travel-related Amex Offers available now.

General Amex Offers Terms

  • With all Amex Offers, you'll need to activate or register your American Express credit card for the respective deal before you make a purchase.
  • Since Amex Offers are targeted, you may not see all of them available with your card.
  • Gift card purchases are generally excluded. When enrolling, check the terms and conditions carefully for restrictions.

The good news is that all targeted cardmembers seem to be getting the same offer. It doesn't appear that the cashback amounts are varying — like the roundup of Chase Offers that we shared recently.

Hotel Amex Offers

Langham Hotels and Resorts: Get $150 Cashback by Spending $750+

Langham Hotels Amex Offers

  • Spend at least $750 and get $150 cashback
  • Make $750 in one or more purchases
  • Limited to Langham Hotels in North America (New York, Boston, Chicago, Pasadena)
  • Purchases must be made in US dollars
  • Only valid on room rate and room charges
  • Not valid for lodging stays that are paid for before the promotion start date or after the promotion end date
  • Expires October 21, 2021

DoubleTree by Hilton: Get $45 Cashback by Spending $225+

DoubleTree by Hilton Amex Offers

  • Spend at least $225 and get $45 cashback
  • You can spend $225 across one or more purchases
  • Offer does not apply to advance purchase rates, including Advance Purchase, Save Now & Pay and Non-refundable rates
  • Excludes gift card purchases
  • Excludes other Hilton brands
  • Expires October 31, 2021

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts: Get 10% Cashback, up to $75

Amex Offers Hyatt

  • Get 10% cashback on room rate and room charges at Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
  • Up to $75 in total statement credits, after $750 in charges
  • Excludes gift card purchases, World of Hyatt point purchases, bookings made through Hyatt Travel, Hyatt vacations, or MGM
  • Not valid on Hyatt Residence Club and Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Not valid for lodging stays that are paid for before the promotion start date or after the promotion end date.
  • Limited to Amex business cards
  • Expires December 31, 2021

Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, LXR: Get $100 Cashback After Spending $500+

Waldorf Astoria Conrad LXR Amex Offers

  • Spend at least $500 on room rate and room charges and get $100 cashback
  • You can spend $500 in one or more transactions
  • Excludes all other Hilton brands
  • Excludes gift card purchases
  • Offer does not apply to advance purchase rates — including Advance Purchase, Save Now & Pay and non-refundable rates
  • Expires December 31, 2021

Staypineapple: Get $50 Cashback After Spending $250+

Staypineapple Amex Offers

  • Spend at least $250 and get $50 cashback
  • You can spend $250 across one or more purchases
  • Eligible transactions must be made in USD
  • Excludes amenities or purchases not charged to a room, group bookings, purchases or reservations made through third party sites or agents, and transactions made at
  • Expires January 31, 2022

Car Rental Amex Offers

Silvercar: Get $100 Cashback After Spending $500+

Amex Offer Silvercar

  • Spend at least $500 and get $100 cashback
  • $500+ can be spent in one or more transactions
  • Offer valid online at and for transactions via merchant mobile app.
  • Car rentals must be returned and completed by offer end date.
  • Offer ends October 6, 2021

Turo: Get $30 Cashback After Spending $150+

Turo Amex Offers

  • Spend at least $150 and get $30 cashback
  • $150+ can be spent in one or more transactions
  • Must book directly with Turo. Offer valid online at US website or via merchant mobile app.
  • Valid only on purchases made in US dollars.
  • Car rental must be returned and completed by offer end date.
  • Excludes Community Benefits, previously completed trips, and payments made directly to hosts
  • Offer ends December 31, 2021

Cruise Amex Offers

Silversea Cruises: Earn 5x Additional Membership Rewards Points (up to 40,000 Total)

Silversea Cruises Amex Offers

  • Earn 5 additional Membership Rewards points per $1 spent
  • Earn up to 40,000 Membership Rewards points. Maximize this offer by spending $8,000.
  • Offer valid for reservations booked via phone at 1-888-978-4070 “or by contacting your preferred Professional Travel Advisor”
  • Excludes purchases onboard and the Silversea Shop
  • Excludes add-on options if not booked at the time of reservation
  • Offer ends November 7, 2021

Our Take

There are plenty of travel-related Amex Offers available now for those ready to hit the road. If you are going to be staying at a hotel in the next couple of months and have an eligible Amex card, be sure to register for the applicable deal and get your rewards.

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  • Just way too many conditions to keep track of. If u can afford to stay at the waldorf are you really wasting any time hunting around to save 100 bucks?

  • Definitely a wonderful slew of AMEX offers. What irks me though, is the regional restrictions.

    N. America, the Carribean and Mexico alone do not cut it.

    I have a stay next month at a LM, a Marriott resort and a RC in Egypt. None of the offers can be applied. So much for this being a TRAVEL card.

  • I dont know why all of Amex offers are US centric. People of affluence travel internationally. I think they should amend their offers to make it worldwide.

    • Agreed. I assume that it has something to do with how Amex is able to recapture some of that value through credit card interchange fees (the amounts charged to the merchant) – which are capped in other countries.

  • Amex is definitely my fav card, this is a great offer

  • It’s always frustrating to find that most of AMEX hotel deals is only eligible for hotesl in the US and US territories, or at times, Mexico.

  • Amex seems to have nicer offers than chase although on chase I did see a 10% back on southwest!

  • Excelent news as always! I’m very excited with this news, hoping travel soon!

  • I had loaded the Marriott offer to my account awhile ago and when I landed up staying there, I was pleasantly surprised to also get the Amex bonus, I had totally forgotten about it.

  • I’ve taken advantage of many of these offers in the past. The only on I have currently is for Best Western. Luckily, I’m going to be able to take advantage of that one also.

  • Any known ways to get yourself targeted for good offers?

  • I just got $40 back on a Marriott stay. Always good o load them to your account anyway.

  • Great offers from my most used credit card provider, though it doesn’t seem it’s available in Norway (yet?)

  • I was finally able to use some of these this summer. I stayed at some Marriott’s and got that lovely email saying I was able to take advantage of a Amex deal. I really need to download their app to be able to look through the deals easily while away from home though. I will have to go and look through now and see what they have.

  • Those look like great offers. Too bad none of those offers are showing up for me on either of my AMEX Hilton cards.

  • This is a great summary of the offers out there

  • I get so excited to see these posted and then so let down when I have like none of them…..

    • Same here. My offers are terrible – cosmetics, contacts, luxury yoga pants, and luxury towels and linens. Seriously? What on earth are they thinking??

  • Thinking about signing up for amex with these offers as they compare favorable to chase offers!

  • Is it just me, or the rebates have been increased?

  • Well, if you were already planning on traveling to one of these places, it’s a nice bonus, but theses offers are not nearly enough to tempt one to make a special trip….you really need to do a little better here AMEX!

  • Amex is leaps and bounds ahead of the other issuers these days. Hopefully Citi et al up their game to match, but until they do, I’ll keep riding the Amex wave ?

  • Harvey Kwan says:

    Always check Rakuten to see if you can get more cashback or MR back when booking hotels.

  • i hope this offer last till after covid restricción, cause this is not available in Argentina

  • Keith Fahlenkamp says:

    Hope this resets my AA miles expiration. Worth a shot!

  • Alejandro says:

    Grear offers as always! Wish I can travel soon, already looking options! Thanks for the information.

  • Always like Amex Offers but often times if I’m staying at a hotel for just one night, I can get a room at a cheaper price than the price the deal is good for.

  • New times for the world……

    new offers are popping up, more and more
    There are several credit cards and hotels that are beginning to promote to resume the tourist movement that we had until 2019 …..
    very good news !!!!

  • My issue with this AMEX offer is that hotel-related offer is only eligible for properties in the US or Mexico, so it’s useless for an expat like me in Europe.

    • JT Genter says:

      I’ve noticed that! Many offers are indeed limited to the US.

    • Yea pretty much every single one is except the prepaid fine hotels and resorts.

      And recently marriott was update to US, canada and mexico. Rest are purely US locked, despite there being properties of their brands in mexico and canada, and the entire world.

      Really makes no sense for a company that prides itself on being the top international card issuer / travel service.

  • Eleventeen says:

    While these are great deals, it’s extremely stupid that almost all of them US locked, (or US, canada and mexico in the case of the marriott one)

    We can travel internationally again. American express is a very international company ,that prides itself on offering the best experience to international travelers..

    Yet almost all of these are major hotel chains with properties all over the world, so i can 100% guarantee you thousands of ppl will be traveling ot these places, using there platinum or whatever and wondering why the heck they didn’t get the amex offer. (Cuz its only in a very tiny fine print section that says US only)

    I mean the only one that international is the prepaid FHR one, so ill be using that soon. But the rest, meh, wish I could, but im not in the US, and not so fun to travel there atm. Perhaps i’ll do the vegas one, but may expire before i’m ready.

    So yea, amex really needs to stop this practice. Even if they were only 10% back international, they would be better. US locked makes zero sense, especially not for hilton, hyatt and marriott (which was recently improve to US, canada and mexico, but should be international)

  • Thank you for the extensive summary. It was a good reminder about Amex Offers that I need to take advantage of. I hope to start travelling again soon and need to look into all these offers. Thanks again!

  • Patricia says:

    Amex again offering interesting proposals to its partners.

  • AMEX continues to have fantastic offers for travel.

    With the AMEX Platinum card the offers during covid for groceries and delivery apps has been incredible to make up for the lack of travel opportunities.

    It’s great to see that travel offers are coming back strong. I’m sure that over the next year they will continue to have great reward offers.

    • My offers are junk. 🙁 Best I have is $5 off $15 at Subway. I just used it but I have no hotel, rental car, airline, etc.

  • Gianfranco says:

    Wow, very good to know!

  • Wish I could travel soon

  • Austin D says:

    I sincerely wish we could tell Amex which brands we love so they would be more inclined to target these offers. Don’t have any of the above except for Avis. Big bummer 🙁

    • same! There are so many offers I’d be jumping to take if they were for a different brand in the same industry.

    • I wish I knew how their algorithm worked. Should we add every offer? Should we only add offers in categories that interest? Should we only add offers that will get redeemed? Do we need to spend lots of money, or at certain stores?

      My offers are awful. I’m also hoping for better ones.

  • Love Amex offers. Wish I could travel soon

  • Stephanie says:

    Lots of great ideas here. Thanks – look forward to traveling again.

  • These are great offers from AMEX that I can actually use this year. AMEX is my go-to travel card. This article is very comprehensive information about the offers. Thank you for sharing!

  • Avraham Treiger says:

    Thank you for letting me know about all of these options. Now that I am fully vaxxed, I am looking to start travelling again,. Finally flying to vacation again for the first time tomorrow! I need to start taking advantage, especially of the rental car rewards!

  • This is a very helpful summary. Looking forward to more travel this year.

  • I wish Amex would update the rewards site so you didn’t have to add ones you won’t use to see new offers. The 100 limit is, well, too limiting.

  • Jorge Gonzalez says:

    Great News !! Amex always offers good rewards !!!!!!

  • Great post. AMEX continues to provide some of the best offers to receive cash back under their AMEX Offers. I also have the Chase Sapphire card and they have a similar program but the offers are usually for a much lower amount (e.g. offer reads 10% back for any purchases up to $6 whereas AMEX offers will often earn you $50). I love my Chase card but when it comes to meaningful targeted purchase offers (especially for travel) AMEX is superior.

  • These rewards look great, considering all the difficulties we have had for travelling last year. I already have a planned trip to USA, so I am going to check if I can use the Doubletree Hilton deal with my husband’s Amex.

  • I hope we see these offers continue into the latter part of the year once more places are fully open and back to “normal” operations.

  • Deepak Srinivas says:

    This is a great summary of the offers out there. We were able to use the Avis offer to save $150 off our rental costs for an upcoming trip to PHX. Best of all, this is stackable with existing Avis promo codes so we were able to get a great deal on the rates as well!

  • Once again Amex comes through, just at tge right time. Will be staying 3 nights at a Hyatt this weekend. Originally booked with points but had the Hyatt offer on both one of ey wife snd my cards. Changed to cash to benefit by $120. Only downside, having to pay for parking.

  • I never seem to get these offers on the “right” card. They must purposefully craft them to keep us from doubling up.

  • Maryjane says:

    I’ve been using a lot of these offers and they have influenced my stay patterns. I’ll be staying a couple nights at a Doubletree for the first time in years to take advantage of the offer. I hope Covid hasn’t meant the discontinuation of the cookie.

  • Hope they will have another round of Amex offers for hotel stays in July and beyond.

  • I can see how hotels are desperate right now. And I do wish the tourists are back. I notice some of the hotels in my neighborhood are really empty.

  • Just got a Doubletree offer on my Blue Cash. Nothing else of value though.

  • Perfect, thanks for this. Just in time for summer. Amex Offers is probably what makes their ecosystem my #1

  • Rob Schonfeld says:

    Anyone know what’s going on with car rental prices? They seem to have gone insane

    • I believe it’s because they sold off significant inventory during the pandemic, since no one was renting and they needed to generate funds to survive. And, now there’s not enough to match the increasing demand.

      • Did the bankruptcy decrease the overall national fleet size as well?

      • Makes sense. Rental cars have become either so expensive or so scarce that I’ve seen numerous posts in travel groups advising tourists and guests at events, such as weddings, to rent moving vans or home improvement store trucks at $20-$50/day.

  • I wonder what the recent stats are on hotel occupancy rates. Would be interesting to compare those trends to vaccination rates.

  • Margot Edde says:

    Thanks for compiling all these offers in one spot. So many great offers out there. I can’t wait to hit the road and utilize some of these AMEX offers!

  • Charles R Blaisdell says:

    Hoping the Hampton credit comes back

  • It is really nice to get a huge discount off any helicopter ride 🙂

  • Typically, do the hotel chains offer this via Amex, i.e. the hotel chains are absorbing the loss? And likely paying Amex some referral incentive?

    • I would love to get insight into this myself! I could see Amex eating some of the cost as Amex Offers makes Amex cards more valuable. But, I’d assume that the hotel chains eat most – if not all – of the discount.

  • I definitely get the hotel offers but I never see any of the car rental ones. And those are the ones I could really use.

  • Lots of hotel savings – they are clearly desperate for occupancy.

  • One of the best perks of having an AMEX card are the frequent outstanding offers they provide for spending….now if only they would get rid of the once in a lifetime approval policy and stingy card bonus restrictions I might do more business with them…..

  • I am curious to know what new partners they will introduce soon.

  • Gotta keep checking for some Hilton offers. None yet.

  • Elton Rogers says:

    These offers are great. I was able to use one of these offers on my tax preparation. Who would have thought it.

  • Great to have these offers. Since I haven’t been travelling I’ve been wondering about whether to keep my AMEX card or not but the offers at least make it worthwhile to hold on to all the other benefits. Hopefully it won’t be long before they’ll be useful again.

  • Definitely a good summary of the offers to keep in the back of my mind as travel hopefully starts to open up! Additionally I’ve been enjoying their offers for Best Buy, Goldbelly, and PayPal as well.

  • Keith Dsouza says:

    Pretty Decent Offers. Am traveling in next couple of months so these would help save a decent amount 🙂

  • Thanks! Was able to add the Marriott offer for an upcoming stay.

  • There are even rebates for flight purchases right now. Hopefully, there will be more rebate offers to come.

  • Hopefully, such rebates will be available till the end of 2022.

  • Nice! Love that there are so many different ways to earn cash back and points for through Amex. Hope we can all return to traveling soon!

  • 2021 Data point:
    My personal AMEX Platinum only offered Avis, not any hotels.

  • ROBERT NAGY says:

    Another great way to save. Hope we can travel soon.

  • Nice. Happy new year to us and hope we can take advantage of the travel offers this year.

  • Too bad the CET spend is confined to Las Vegas; there are lots of CET locations around the USA, that some cardholders would not have to fly nor drive long distance to reach.

  • These are all great offers if only there was not a pandemic going around. This is not a good promo at this time. It might even lead to some people getting covid by doing these offers.

  • Also, there are new offers for $50 off a $50+ purchase at Best Buy and Home Depot on the personal Platinum card, which can be used twice at each brand. Not too shabby 🙂

  • I got the Loews and Crown Plaza offers. They are OK though not my first choice of hotels. However, when I was looking at the offers I saw that I had another one that was 25 dollars back for every 500 dollars I spend on the card (Blue for Business). Now that is a valuable offer!

  • Lots of great new Amex offers today, I got a bunch for $50 off $50 at Best Buy and a bunch of other places

  • I like these MGM Resorts credits. It’s too bad they expire so soon, however.

  • Jessica Arbai says:

    This is absolutely excellent! Thank you so much for sharing some truly yummy points-earning deals and tidbits! Keep them coming!

  • I used one of these offers at a Doubletree several weeks ago. The refund was nearly instant! Great deal for a stay I already had planned.

  • I think that the interesting thing is that these are available now. Have tried to use things similar in the past with much difficulty, and now so much of our travel is on hold

  • That’s quite a slew available for now. Need to find some prepays to benefit from.

  • Don’t think I have a use in mind at this moment, but definitely useful for those booking travel right now.

  • I have had great luck with Amex offers in the past.

  • Dario Schmidt says:

    This is great, I´m asking now if all AMEX cards are included. I mean, I have an AMEX given by a bank.

  • Damn. I was hoping to combine the 2 different MGM offers, but there aren’t any hotels shared by both offers. Too good to be true I guess.

  • This offer should be extended to all AMEX holders. I am not American and most of these offer is only for American.


    Its seems Amex is trying to put the people back on track to travel. Not an easy task but undoubtedly needed for many economies. If a vaccine is mass produced within two or three months, those perks are super valuable.

  • I’ll always take the free money/ points. Too bad the don’t advertise these programs more but then they probably would be too populate to exist!

  • Is it valid for all Amex cards, including Amex Green?

    • Yes! Amex Offers are available on almost all Amex-branded cards. Only some prepaid cards don’t have access. However, the offers are targeted to different members. So, you may not see all of these offers.

    • “Offers” are on all cards but not all offers are offered on all cards. My wife and I have three Amexs between us and we’ll see many of the same offers but many will also only be targeted to one of our cards.

  • Thanks. However, I do not see the Delta offer on my account. I’ve tried a couple things and am guessing, as Delta is my airline of choice for the yearly credit, that might be why it is not showing up?

  • The Hampton Inn part of this promo to get $50 cashback after spending $175 works for me. Still no work travel during this pandemic but I need to check on my elderly parents and don’t plan to stay in their home to keep them safe.

  • Received the various Hilton offers. Not sure whether I will use any but I always add them just in case. Easier to have them added than to forget they exist later on.

  • I would like to know how much these discounts and rebates help the domestic travel industry going.

  • this offers are only valid in USA?

    • Unfortunately, yes. Amex Offers are only valid for US cardholders. And many offers require the purchase to be made in the US.

      • I think that some of my Canadian friends have mentioned Amex offers with their Canadian cards. (Though I can’t be sure I remember correctly.) Though I realize that this is a US site so the articles are written from that perspective, if some of the international posters have data points to share, I bet it would be appreciated.

        • That’s right, we often do focus on US aspects. But, we do try to include global perspectives and promotions when we can. Our writers in Scotland and Ireland definitely help that!

          As far as Amex Offers go, the T&C note: “An “eligible Card” means an American Express U.S. Consumer or Small Business Card that is not cancelled and that is issued to you by a U.S. banking subsidiary of American Express.” So, I thought that it was only US cards. It’d be great if Amex Offers are also available up North! 🙂

  • It seems like Amex is trying to entice us all to travel. I just wish the vaccine was here to make travel safer.

  • Too bad these offers are all (or mostly) U.S.-only!

  • Christian Smoje says:

    Could someone tell me why these offers are not available for AMEX cards issued in Argentina?

    • Unfortunately, only “American Express U.S. Consumer or Small Business Cards that are not canceled and are issued to you by a U.S. banking subsidiary of American Express” are eligible.

  • i added nearly 200 offers and delta never appeared. has anyone had offers drop below 100 without delta and then delta appear later?

  • Good news but I feel they may include more car rental options

  • At first I didn’t see the Delta offer, but it did show up an hour later after I added 20-30 offers. The trick to getting new offers to show up is to reduce the number of total offers to under 99 by adding some to your account. I wish there was an option to remove offers by deleting them instead of adding them.

  • Yep I went through my Amex savings and added them all. I then went back in and looked at all that I have added before and wrote down the ones I think I might use. I do not want to forget any and miss getting some savings back, if I cannot get more benefit from charging on the card actually branded with the company.

    I wonder if Amex is trying to drum up more business since they are buying more points from the companies?

  • I’ve got most of the Hilton offers, unfortunately none of them are on the Aspire card (only available on the Plat, Gold, BBP).

    The Marriott one’s are pretty interesting as they are not restricted too much by specific brands making them easier to use.

  • AwardWallet seems to be a great deal to keep track you frequent flyer mile. I am a new member, easy registration.

  • Stephen M Lioy Jr says:

    Any way to force these to appear on cards where they’re not targeted organically?

  • Great offers, it´s a pitty that it´s only available for north american CC…

  • Very Good actives, I’d like take part this, but I think save money would be my first choice. The Covid-19 impart so many things.

  • At the moment, there are a lot of good offers and opportunitys to encourage people to travel again.

    I hope in the shortest possible time, travels and tourism return to normality.

  • Kimpton Hotels: Get $40 Cashback After Spending $200
    InterContinental Hotels: Get $60 Cashback After Spending $300
    Hotel Indigo: Get $40 Cashback After Spending $200

    … could be a better deal for some who stay at properties of all three brands within a short period as the three brands are all under the same loyal program.

  • I was hoping that the offers would be so great that it will entice me to travel again. But alas, I probably won’t be traveling before that expiration date.

    • I think these offers are really meant for “staycations,” as everyone knows international travel is practically out of question for 2020.

  • I love Amex offers. They are worlds ahead of Chase. On my no-AF card, I just got $5 back from Starbucks and $45 back from shopping small (I dropped the ball and didn’t get all 10 shops).

  • Farid Kassam says:

    car rental is a decent offer from AMEX.

  • AMEX has been struggling recently but this offer should hopefully help them. Pretty good offer

  • Even with the statement credit, it’ll still be cheaper for me to use websites like Airbnb instead.

  • Very good promotion! Thanks for reminding us! Can’t wait to use it!

  • Really? I am prepare to have a long stay with Marriott hotels. That’s can be help me save 10% money.

  • I am a disappointed, I want more from Amex offers, not only rental cars. What happens with the hotels offers?

  • Thanks. We are doing short car trips and staying at hotels. This will save us some dollars.

  • This is actually a very good promotion. Some of these promotions state only US based Amex cards are eligible so I have to check carefully before signing up before traveling.

  • Currently have 94 Amex offers. A couple of them were for rental cars, none for hotels, I am a little disappointed.

    • Similar. Feels like I have 100 offers but none of them any good. I guess that’s better than my CSR where I have 4 offers with none good. Oh well.

  • I have been targeted for a few of these offers. Mine are for lower spend than the examples (which I prefer). It’s hard to meet the higher spend threshold if you only stay one night at a location. Two of my cards got an offer for Best Western hotels. Only 100 dollars required to get the rebate. That will be quite useful for my work travel in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Been seeing a lot more like these lately. Highly appreciated for pointing them out.

  • These are some good offers. Good window of opportunity to use them as well.

  • Thanks for reminding me to add to my card. I don’t know when I’ll use them, but you never know!

  • Great offers, but as always no open globally. Marriott and American Express are global companies but they only acts locally. When a credit card for those who does not live in North America or ??.