Amex Offers: A Beginner's Guide to Saving Money Amex Offers: A Beginner's Guide to Saving Money

Amex Offers: A Beginner's Guide to Saving Money

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Eligibility is limited for the Amex Offers discussed in this post. Enrollment is required in the Amex Offers section of your account before redeeming.

Amex Offers are one of the most underrated benefits available to American Express cardmembers. If you like saving money and traveling for pennies on the dollar, it's time to take a closer look at how these promotions can put extra cash in your pocket and supercharge your Membership Rewards-earning strategy.

Unlike Chase Offers, which only provide discounts at select merchants, Amex Offers are split between cash rebates and opportunities to earn extra Membership Rewards points. Today, we’re going to cover the Amex Offer basics to help you build a strategy for saving money and earning more points.

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What Are Amex Offers?

Amex Offers are promotions that are tied to the purchases you make with your Amex credit cards. Just activate the ones you might use, then your rebates or bonus points will post automatically after you meet the purchase requirements. Amex Offers are personalized, so you won't necessarily get the same options as other cardholders.  

A screenshot of offer samples for August 2023

And notice the word “activate.” You need to add offers to your card before using them; if you don't, you won't receive the rebate or bonus points tied to the offer.

Which Cards Qualify for Amex Offers?

According to Amex’s FAQs, “any valid U.S. American Express Consumer Card issued by American Express, Business Card from American Express OPEN® or registered American Express Serve® Card or Bluebird® Card is eligible to participate in Amex Offers using an account.” American Express Corporate Cards, Gift Cards, and Prepaid Cards are not eligible. However, third-party American Express cards (issued by other banks) are eligible for Amex Offers.

It’s worth noting that the best Amex offers tend to be associated with American Express Membership Rewards-earning cards, as opposed to co-branded cards. So you may find the highest bonuses and most lucrative cash-back offers on cards like The Platinum Card® from American Express, the American Express® Gold Card, or The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express. 

With that said, you'll still find some lucrative promotions on co-branded cards — especially if you're trying to collect a different currency than Membership Rewards. For instance, an Amex Offer on a Hilton Honors American Express Surpass® Card may be more valuable to you if you are collecting Hilton Honors points with a specific redemption in mind. It's also true that co-branded cards often have great deals for purchases with the co-brand partner that might not be available on other cards.

It’s worth noting that Amex Offers don’t appear to be tied to your spending habits on each card.

Where Do You Find Your Amex Offers?

There are three places where you can find and activate your Amex Offers:

When looking at your online American Express account, scroll to the bottom of your account summary page. There, you will find all the Amex Offers currently available for whichever card you’re viewing.

screenshot of Amex cardholder area showing where to find Amex Offers

In the American Express mobile app, your Amex Offers can be found by clicking the “Offers” tab at the bottom right of your home screen. Again, make sure to note which card is selected; you won’t be able to activate an offer for one card and then redeem it on another. 

where to find Amex offers in the mobile app, illustrated in this screenshot

The Amex Bot is an interesting alternative. If you have the (Facebook) Messenger app on your phone, you can search for “American Express” and log into your Amex account. You also can search “American Express” on Facebook from your desktop and message American Express's Instagram account directly. Doing that will allow you to utilize the Amex Bot in conjunction with your applicable Amex accounts to view and activate all your Amex offers.

screenshot of bot conversation

How Do I Use My Amex Offers?

Using your Amex offers is, thankfully, a very straightforward process consisting of only 3 steps:

  1. Activate the offer.
  2. Complete the necessary purchase requirement using the card on which the offer was activated.
  3. Receive the cash back or bonus points in your account within 90 days after the end of the offer period.

It’s that simple. Amex has this system down to a science, so even if your offer doesn’t track like it’s supposed to (this is rare), Amex makes it easy to rectify it by contacting a representative. You can always chat with someone at Amex through the chat function in the mobile app or website, as well.

Types of Amex Offers

There are 3 types of Amex Offers. Statement credits for purchases with a specific merchant or merchant category are the most common.

screenshot of cash-back offer samples

You might also earn additional Membership Rewards points per dollar spent at a specific merchant.

screenshot of offers for extra points per dollar

It's also possible to receive bonus Membership Rewards for meeting a minimum spending requirement with a merchant.

Amex Offers terms for Valentino luxury fashion brand to get extra points

Each Amex Offer will have an arrow; clicking on that shows the offer details and terms. These include the maximum possible savings, the total possible transaction limit, and the offer expiration date. Make sure you read all of the terms and conditions for each offer before you try to redeem it. That way, you avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Some offers will require purchases made on a specific website; others indicate whether can spread the spending across multiple purchases or must do it all in one transaction. These are essential to understand.

Getting the Most Out of Amex Offers

Whenever it comes to lists of promotions, we always like to take a moment to talk about overspending.

When so many deals and promotions are displayed in front of you, it's easy to experience what I call the “buffet syndrome” — a feeling that you have to take advantage of everything. Don't fall for this! Overspending in pursuit of a deal is still overspending. It's not good for your overall financial health, not to mention it completely cancels out any benefit you may have enjoyed from spending normally. We suggest following a simple rule with credit card promotions:

Unless you already have a plan for a purchase with a particular vendor, don't go out of your way to make one because of an Amex Offer.

The simplest way to make the most of Amex Offers is to regularly go through them, activate ALL of the offers you could see yourself potentially using, and then move on with your day. That way, if you manage to earn some cash back or additional points, they'll be genuine savings or earnings. They're activated and ready for you to use at this point.

Pro Tips for Using Amex Offers

There are a few things to keep in mind if you'd like to take your savings to the next level:

Don't hesitate when adding new offers.

Amex offers have a limit to the number of people who can add them to their accounts. That means that if you don't check and activate an offer immediately, the offer may “run out” before you have a second chance. There is no downside to adding an offer and not using it. Feel free to add all of the offers if you think there is any chance you may use them.

Carefully choose the card on which you activate an offer.

It's normal for the same Amex Offer to show up on multiple accounts. The terms and conditions state “limit one enrolled offer per cardmember across all accounts.” Until late 2018, the rule wasn't enforced; you could get the same offer on multiple cards. Unfortunately, Amex has closed that loophole. Even if you manage to activate the same offer on multiple cards, you'll only receive the reward for one redemption.

That means it's particularly important to choose the right card for activating an offer. Always try to keep the earning structures of each card in mind. For instance, if an offer is for spending on groceries, it's probably more lucrative to activate it on a card that earns extra rewards at supermarkets, such as the Amex Gold or the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express.

Check out our post on the best cards for each spending category or use the AwardWallet merchant lookup tool to find earning rates with a specific vendor.

Amex Offers are stackable.

You can easily stack Amex offers with other bonuses. For instance, the Ray-Ban Amex Offer pictured below can also be stacked with a shopping portal, like Rakuten, to earn extra cashback (or earn Membership Rewards!). It's important to evaluate each offer for how you can maximize your savings.

Amex Offer terms for Ray-Ban purchase

It's also important to evaluate each offer for how you can maximize your savings. is also a great place to look for cash back or bonus points opportunities when shopping online. Using shopping portals can add to your earnings and discounts.

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Use your annual savings from Amex Offers when evaluating a card's annual fee.

I recently resorted to some mathematics to calculate whether the Chase Sapphire Reserve® is worth the $550 annual fee. You can evaluate if the annual fees on your American Express cards are worth it to you by including the annual savings from your Amex Offers in your own calculation.

American Express makes this pretty simple to do. In the same “Amex Offers and Benefits” tab, on the far right, you'll see a tab titled “Savings.” This will show your total savings from Amex Offers over the previous cardmember year. Assuming your average savings will be similar next year, you can subtract this amount from the annual fee in your calculation. You might be surprised by how many “expensive” Amex cards pay for themselves year after year through Amex Offers alone!

screenshot of savings from Amex Offers over the past year

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves saving money and earning bonus points. Personally, I'm all ears whenever someone wants to show me a way to save money or earn more points with hardly any additional effort. Amex Offers fit the bill. If you don't overspend on things you don't need, they're an absolute “no-brainer” for Amex cardholders.

How often do you use your Amex Offers? Do you have any special system for tracking or maximizing them? Let us know!

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  • These are fantastic money savers, although obviously were better when could use the offer on multiple cards.

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  • Amex Offers, albeit not always great and not always relevant, have still worked to keep me using their cards 🙂 BoA and Chase cards have a much lesser variety.

  • These are fantastic money savers, although obviously were better when could use the offer on multiple cards.

  • jorge benitez says:

    Excelente nota, siempre se aprende algo mas y si bien tengo mi American Express Platinum desde hace mas de 30 años, este articulo me ha hecho ver cosas que no conocia muy bien, Hago uso de las ofertas de Amex’s pero siempre con cuidado de no comprar cosas innecesarias porque estan en oferta y evito el impulso inicial para darle un real buen uso a mis puntos.

  • Between having two Amex’s and three offers, I recently got a Sam’s Club membership, $100 in Disney gift cards, and 45 AA miles for only $88. Amex offers are amazing. Chase is trying to catch up but they’re not doing that well.

    • Hopefully someday soon. Now that they’re declaring themselves a $550 heavy hitter, they need to back up what they’re claiming.

  • They’re a fun thing to check to see if they cover something we were going to buy anyway.

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