Buy Spirit Airlines Free Spirit Points With up to a 60% Bonus (1.68¢ Each) Buy Spirit Airlines Free Spirit Points With up to a 60% Bonus (1.68¢ Each)

Buy Spirit Airlines Free Spirit Points With up to a 60% Bonus (1.68¢ Each)

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Spirit Airlines is back with another promotion to buy or gift points with a bonus. From now until October 13, 2023, Spirit is offering up to a 60% bonus when you buy Free Spirit points. Spirit has a separate storefront for gifting points; the price and bonus amounts are the same.

If you maximize this 60% bonus, you can help yourself and those closest to you receive up to 96,000 points for just 1.68¢ each. But are Free Spirit points worth buying? Let's dive in to find out.

Buy or Gift Spirit Points — Key Terms

As the most well-known ultra-low-cost airline in the United States, Spirit Airlines has a (in)famous reputation. Some love the carrier; others hate it. But there are certainly perks to the Free Spirit awards program, which launched in January of 2021. Depending on the status of your Free Spirit account, the level of this promotion might differ, so check your offers before buying points for yourself or gifting any points to your loved ones.

The best promotion we see offers a 60% bonus on points purchases (1.68¢ per point) with a maximum of 96,000 points in a single purchase (including the bonus). Let's take a look at some of the main points of this promotion.

Free Spirit 60% bonus buy points banner

  • Promotion is valid through 11:59 p.m. ET on October 13, 2023.
  • You can buy points here or gift points here.
  • There are four tiers in this promotion.
  • The minimum purchase amount to receive a bonus is 4,000 points.
  • Point purchases are not refundable.
  • Points can take up to 72 hours to land in the member's Free Spirit account.
  • Purchased points are applicable toward all Free Spirit rewards but not toward status upgrades.
  • Free Spirit accounts less than 12 days old can't buy or gift points.
  • Free Spirit points will expire if members have no earning or redeeming activity on their account for 12 months.
  • All Free Spirit terms and conditions apply.

Final price to buy Free Spirit points with 60% bonus.

The four tiers of this bonus promotion are as follows:

  • 1,000–3,000 points: No bonus (2.69¢ each)
  • 4,000–12,000 points: 20% bonus (2.24¢ each)
  • 13,000–39,000 points: 40% bonus (1.92¢ each)
  • 40,000–60,000 points: 60% bonus (1.68¢ each)

Save More With Spirit Saver$ Club

As if Spirit wasn't already a good way to ball on a budget, there is an opportunity to save even more. By joining the Spirit Airlines Saver$ Club, you can find even cheaper flights and point redemptions. The cost to join the Saver$ Club breaks down as follows:

  • 12-month membership: $69.95
  • 18-month membership: $99.90 (save $5)
  • 24-month membership: $129.90 (save $10)

Your Saver$ Club membership will renew automatically every year. Be mindful of this if you decide you want to end it. But for $69.95 annually, you can save quite a bit on both cash and point rates for flights. If you plan on flying with Spirit quite a bit over the coming year (or two), this could definitely present solid value when coupled with redeeming Free Spirit points.

Who Should Buy Spirit Points?

If you've read any of our posts regarding points sales, then it shouldn't shock you to know that we do not recommend buying points without a specific plan in mind.

Generally speaking, buying points is not a good idea for most people — especially when it's already a budget airline. This is because you typically can't redeem points for a higher value than what you paid to buy them.

Yet there are cases where buying points can make sense. First, buying points can make sense if you need to top off your balance to complete a specific redemption. Second, you should consider buying points if the cost is considerably cheaper than paying for the cash price of a ticket. Both of these exceptions are magnified when there's a points sale. Such is the case here.

Best Ways To Redeem Free Spirit Points

Now that you've bought or gifted some Free Spirit points, it's time to book a trip! Spirit tends to run some great deals with its points — assuming you plan ahead of time and choose the right destination. I wouldn't go as far as to call them sweet spots; they're simply good booking options. Let's take a look at some times when redeeming Free Spirit points can provide good value.

Please note: All points and prices below reflect the cost if you are a member of Spirit's Saver$ Club.

Boston to Aruba

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the mesmerizing Caribbean nation? Now is the chance for you and your loved ones to grab a seat to the island paradise for quite a good rate.

Boston to Aruba using 8.5k Free Spirit points.

  • Points rate: 8,500 points one way
  • Typical cash price: $188 one way
  • Redemption rate: 2.15¢ per point
  • Cost to purchase 8,500 points (at 1.68¢ each): $143

Atlanta to Lima

If you want to check Machu Pichu off your bucket list or simply want some fresh ceviche, there's never a bad time or reason to head down to Peru.

Atlanta to Peru using 9k Free Spirit points.

  • Points rate: 9,000 points one way
  • Typical cash price: $185 one way
  • Redemption rate: 2¢ per point
  • Cost to purchase 9,000 points (at 1.68¢ each): $151

New York to Cartagena

Colombia is a diverse country with tons to offer. From the green jungles of the Amazon to the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean, you can head down to the South American gem to dance salsa and drink aguardiente until the early morning hours.

New York to Cartagena with 6k Free Spirit points

  • Points rate: 6,000 points one way
  • Typical cash price: $2o2 one way
  • Redemption rate: 3.37¢ per point
  • Cost to purchase 6,000 points (at 1.68¢ each): $101

Maximize Your Purchase

Spirit doesn't sell its own points directly, instead selling through Sadly, this won't count as an airfare or travel purchase on your credit card. If you buy or gift Spirit points, consider one of these credit cards:

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Other Ways To Get Free Spirit Points

If you're not in a bind for time and looking to build your stash of Spirit points, a better method might be to earn a sign-up bonus on a Spirit co-branded credit card. The Free Spirit® Travel More MasterCard® earns Spirit points on daily purchases, and new applicants can amass a stash of points. Earn 50,000 Bonus Points + $100 Flight Voucher when you apply online and make at least $1,000 in purchases in the first 90 days of account opening.

Additionally, you can combine points with family and friends through Points Pooling. You can combine Free Spirit points with up to eight friends and family members, letting you book reward flights faster.

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Bottom Line

For most people, buying points probably doesn't make sense unless there's a specific use in mind. This promotion for up to a 60% bonus is a good way to buy (or gift) Free Spirit points in order to book a very reasonable ticket to a plethora of destinations.

However, travelers can get Spirit points in better ways than buying them for 1.68¢ each. For travelers who have tapped out all other sources, though, it can make sense to buy points for the right award redemption.

Are you planning to buy or gift Free Spirit points for 1.68¢ apiece through this promotion?

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  • When I bought a ticket from Houston to Newark on Spirit Airlines earlier this year on Spirit’s website, as I have done several times before the Covid-19 pandemic, this time I also bought the Spirit Savers Club for a year.
    But unlike before the pandemic, the Savers Club membership never showed up in my Free Spirit account, so was not available when I searched future bookings. Contacting Spirit’s customer support by text or chatbot on their website yields a “working on it” and then nothing further for hours. There is no phone number to call on their website. So there is NO customer support except for the ticket counter at the airport. Fortunately, Spirit has not been the best fare (including extras) on any further flights this year (JetBlue and American and Viva Aerobus have pretty consistently been lower on the routes I typically fly), so not been an issue, but am not going to attempt to join Spirt Savers Club any further. If a renewal gets charged to my credit card early next year, will dispute directly with the credit card, since Spirit has no real customer support. I am guessing the failure of Spirit’s online system resulted from their re-doing Free Spirit during the pandemic. Moral of the story – Spirit is fine as long as everything works and dont need any customer support, otherwise be prepared for some risk of losing your money and/or flight through no fault of your own.