Buy Eva Infinity MileageLands Miles With Up to a 40% Bonus (2.86¢ Each) Buy Eva Infinity MileageLands Miles With Up to a 40% Bonus (2.86¢ Each)

Buy Eva Infinity MileageLands Miles With Up to a 40% Bonus (2.86¢ Each)

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This EVA Air buy miles promotion has ended. However, you can still purchase EVA Air Infinity MileageLands miles here.

Now through October 31, 2023, you can buy EVA Air Infinity MileageLands miles with up to a 40% bonus. This promotion can bring the effective price down to 2.86¢ per mile. Although EVA Infinity MileageLands miles can be quite valuable, this is not a great purchase rate by any stretch of the imagination.

Additionally, you'll find that there are some quirks to EVA's program. In this article, we'll look at the positives and negatives, and we'll discuss when it could make sense to buy EVA miles during this promotion.

Things To Know About EVA Air Award Redemptions

EVA Air's Infinity MileageLands allows open jaws, one-way awards, and allows two stopovers when booking round-trip awards — even on partners. Additionally, there are no fees for flight date changes, so long as the date is all you're changing. There's plenty to like about the program for those who can really maximize miles.

However, you also should note that some of the award pricing is higher than other loyalty programs. EVA also passes on “carrier-imposed surcharges” (A.K.A. “fuel surcharges”). Factor this into the value you're getting from your award redemptions. Plus, when booking awards, you can't use purchased miles for more than 50% of the redemption.

A Note on Buying Miles

Buying miles isn't usually the best way to accumulate any award currency. It's much better to earn points and miles through everyday purchases, credit card welcome bonuses, and traveling. However, you'll find at least a couple of scenarios where buying miles can make sense.

First, if your balance is just short of booking that next great redemption, buying miles can be the fastest solution. Considering award availability can change in a second, waiting around for points to post may mean the difference between snagging an award and not.

Second, it's often possible to save money by buying points for an award redemption instead of paying the cash fare. We'll get into some examples of this later in the post.

Key Terms of the Promotion to Buy EVA Miles

Buy EVA Infinity MileageLands miles promotion with a 40% bonus until October 31, 2023.

  • Buy EVA Air Infinity MileageLands miles with up to a 40% bonus.
  • Promotion expires on October 31, 2023.
  • Buy in increments of 1,000 miles.
  • Purchased miles cannot exceed 50% of the miles you use for a redemption (award, seat upgrade, etc.)
  • Miles purchased do not count toward status earning.
  • Purchased miles are valid for 36 months from the purchase date.
  • You cannot combine purchased miles with miles transferred to you from other members.
  • Members may buy a maximum of 150,000 Infinity MileageLands miles in a calendar year.
  • View the full terms and conditions here.

With this promotion, you can buy EVA miles with up to a 40% bonus. This promotion has four different tiers — so here's a look at the different bonus levels:

  • 1,000–5,000: 10% bonus (3.64¢ each)
  • 6,000–15,000: 20% bonus (3.33¢ each)
  • 16,000–25,000: 30% bonus (3.08¢ each)
  • 26,000–150,000: 40% bonus (2.86¢ each)

Different prices for different regions

You can pay in U.S. Dollars or Taiwan Dollars.

Buy EVA Infinity MileageLands miles in Taiwan Dollars with 40% bonus.

With the current exchange rate ($1 USD = 32.34 TWD), the Taiwanese Dollar rate is about 1.11% more expensive than if you pay in U.S. Dollars.

Buy EVA Infinity MileageLands miles in US Dollars with 40% bonus.

Buy EVA Miles and Save

EVA Air utilizes a zone-based award chart. There are several times when buying EVA miles could save money compared to paying a cash rate. Let's take a look at a couple of examples.

United Airlines transcontinental in Polaris business class

a United Polaris business class seat
Credit: Max Prosperi/ AwardWallet
  • Mileage rate: 29,000 miles + $5.60
  • Typical cash price: $1,499
  • Redemption rate: 5.15¢ per mile
  • Cost to buy 29,000 miles (at 2.86¢ per mile): $829

U.S. to Europe in business class on any Star Alliance carrier

Photo of SWISS business class seat

One of my absolute favorite business-class products is SWISS, but this same pricing applies to any Star Alliance carrier taking you from the U.S. to Europe.

  • Mileage rate: 65,000 miles + $500-ish
  • Typical cash price: $2,500, depending on routes
  • Redemption rate: 3.1¢ per mile
  • Cost of buying 65,000 miles (at 2.86¢ per mile): $1,859

U.S. to Egypt in Egypt Air business class

Photo of Egypt Air Airbus A320

  • Mileage rate: 80,000 miles + $241
  • Typical cash price: $2,567
  • Redemption Rate: 2.91¢ per mile
  • Cost to buy 80,000 miles (at 2.86¢ per mile): $2,288

EVA Air business class within Asia — KUL to TPE to NRT

business class cabin on EVA Air flight
Credit: EVA Air
  • Mileage rate: 25,000 miles + $54.12
  • Typical cash price: $1,389
  • Redemption rate: 5.3¢ per mile
  • Cost to buy 25,000 miles (at 2.86¢ per mile): $715

Maximize Your Purchase

If you decide to buy EVA Miles, you'll want to use the right credit card to earn even more. Unfortunately, EVA sells miles via, so this won't count as an airfare or travel purchase on your credit card. Use one of these credit cards as your best option:

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Alternatives to Buying EVA Miles

If you aren't in a rush, there are several other (less expensive) ways to add to your EVA miles stash. You can transfer from one of these partners:

Transfer Ratio
Average Time
Eva Air (Infinity MileageLands)
1 day
Eva Air (Infinity MileageLands)
2 days
Eva Air (Infinity MileageLands)
Arrival Plus cardholders
Eva Air (Infinity MileageLands)
Hilton (Honors)
Eva Air (Infinity MileageLands)
HSBC Personal Banking Rewards
United States
Eva Air (Infinity MileageLands)
1 day

Consequently, any card earning these award currencies can, in effect, earn EVA Air Infinity MileageLands miles. Even better, if you collect points through both Citi and Capital One, you can simply pool them together via transfers to EVA.

Bottom Line

EVA Air Infinity MileageLands is currently offering a promotion to buy miles with up to a 40% bonus, which comes out to 2.86¢ per mile. This is not an incredible offer by any means, but it can present value in the right situation. That would include topping off your miles for an upcoming redemption or when you're looking at buying a ticket that costs more than the price of buying the miles.

The main issue with this promotion is that you can't make a redemption that uses more than 50% purchased miles for the booking. Thus, the value proposition of buying EVA miles loses some of its appeal. However, you can combine these miles with earned miles and those transferred from bank programs to get to your desired award booking.

It's important that you do the math and check the details before buying in order to know if you can accomplish your goals.

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