Act Fast: Buy British Airways Avios With a 50% Bonus Act Fast: Buy British Airways Avios With a 50% Bonus

Act Fast: Buy British Airways Avios With a 50% Bonus

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This British Airways buy Avios promotion has ended. However, you can still purchase British Airways Avios.

British Airways just launched a flash sale to buy Avios via a short promotion. This deal ends March 24, 2022. Executive Club members can get a 50% bonus when buying Avios. While this is better than other recent promotions, it's still a poor deal—particularly for U.S.-registered accounts (more on that later). However, there are still some cases where it could be worth considering.

A Note on Buying Avios

Buying points isn't usually the best way to accumulate any award currency—Avios or otherwise. It's much better to earn points and miles through everyday purchases, credit card welcome bonuses, and traveling. However, there are at least a couple of scenarios where buying points can make sense.

First, if your balance is just short of booking that next great redemption, buying points can be the fastest solution. Considering award availability can change in a second, waiting around for points to post may make the difference between snagging an award and not.

Second, it's often possible to save money by buying points for an award redemption instead of paying the cash fare. I'll get into some examples of this later in the post—but needless to say, I'm all about saving money however I can.

Key Terms of the Buy Avios Promotion

Banner image for flash sale to buy Avios with a bonus in March 2022

  • Buy or Gift Avios and receive up to a 50% bonus.
  • Promotion expires on March 24, 2022 at 23:59 (GMT).
  • Executive Club members can buy a maximum of 200,000 Avios (pre-bonus) per year.
  • Purchases can take up to 3 business days to post to your account.
  • To buy or gift Avios, you must have at least one Avios point in your account. If you have a zero balance, you'll need to have collected or redeemed Avios in the past 36 months in order to buy Avios.
  • Avios purchases can be refunded within 14 days, provided they haven't been used.
  • Buying Avios will reset the expiry date for Avios in your account (typically 36 months of inactivity)

With this promotion, you can buy Avios with a 50% bonus as long as you purchase 2,000 Avios or more.

British Airways Club World Business Class
At one time, British Airways' ‘Club World' seats were industry-leading.

Different Prices for Different Regions

Here's the real kicker with promotions to buy Avios from British Airways. British Airways offers different prices depending on where you've registered your Executive Club account:

  • For accounts registered in the United States, you will pay $5,523 for 300,000 Avios (including the 50% bonus). That's 1.84¢ per mile.
  • For accounts registered in the United Kingdom, you will pay £3,215 (~$4,232 USD) for 300,000 Avios (including the 50% bonus). That's 1.41¢ USD per mile.
  • For accounts registered in the European Union, you will pay 3,601EUR (~$3,980 USD) for 300,000 Avios (including the 50% bonus). That's 1.33¢ USD per mile.

And unfortunately, you can't select your preferred currency. British Airways determines the currency based on your account's registered address.

The Value of British Airways Avios

From recent redemption data from AwardWallet users, we see the following values for British Airways Avios:

  • Short-haul economy and premium economy: 2.28¢
  • Short-haul business and first class: 3.39¢
  • Long-haul economy and premium economy: 2.15¢
  • Long-haul business and first class: 4.50¢

This doesn't mean that you'll get this much value from every Avios redemption option. In fact, many Avios redemption options — especially on British Airways flights themselves — can be downright bad. However, the value can be found when you know where to look.

Buy Avios and Save

British Airways utilizes a distance-based award chart. So, shorter flights are going to cost less. There are several British Airways sweet spots where buying Avios could save money compared to paying a cash rate. Moreover, members who meet certain criteria can transfer Avios between British Airways and Iberia. That means that you could utilize purchased Avios to leverage Iberia's award chart, as well.

Let's take a look at a couple of scenarios where buying Avios could make sense.

Los Angeles to Kona on American Airlines

Using British Avios for flights on AA is a staple redemption among award travelers. And no route is more loved for this strategy than a one-way to Hawaii from the West Coast.

Nothing beats a Hawaiian hike.
  • Mileage Rate: 13,000 Avios + $5.60
  • Typical Cash Price: $170
  • Redemption Rate: 1.26 cents per mile
  • Cost to Buy 13,000 Avios (at 1.84¢ per Avios): $239
  • Cost of Buying 13,000 Avios (at 1.33¢ per Avios): $173



Miami to St. Kitts and Nevis on American Airlines

If you live on the East Coast and don't find the long flight to Hawaii appealing, Avios presents another great option to get your tropical fix.

Book a stay at the luxurious Park Hyatt St. Kitts Christophe Harbour.

For whatever reason, flights to the Caribbean tend to be expensive relative to the flight time. However, thanks to British Airways' distance-based award chart, you can save money by using Avios instead.

  • Mileage Rate: 11,000 Avios + $15.60
  • Typical Cash Price: $407
  • Redemption Rate: 3.6 cents per mile
  • Cost to Buy 11,000 Avios (at 1.84¢ per Avios): $202
  • Cost of Buying 11,000 Avios (at 1.33¢ per Avios): $146



Chicago to Madrid in Iberia Business Class

Like I hinted before, just because you're buying Avios from British Airways doesn't mean you have to book with them. You could simply transfer your Avios to your Iberia account. Iberia's award chart has several sweet spots of its own, one of which involves flying business class to Europe.

Iberia business class

It's possible to book Iberia business class from Chicago to Madrid for only 34,000 Avios during off-peak season. Unfortunately, if you do this via British Airways, you'll get hit with the airline's infamous carrier-imposed surcharges:


However, if you transfer your Avios and book with Iberia, the taxes/fees are much more reasonable.

  • Mileage Rate: 34,000 Avios + $101.64
  • Typical Cash Price: $5,650
  • Redemption Rate: 16.3 cents per mile
  • Cost to Buy 34,000 Avios (at 1.84¢ per Avios): $626
  • Cost of Buying 34,000 Avios (at 1.33¢ per Avios): $452



Buy Avios with the Right Card to Maximize Your Earnings

Like many loyalty programs, British Airways partners with to process Avios purchases. This means buying Avios will (unfortunately) not qualify for any ‘travel' bonus category on cards that offer one.

With that in mind, the best card to use will fit into one of two categories:

  1. A card that offers a great return on everyday purchases
  2. A card on which you're currently completing a minimum spending requirement

Here are some of our favorite cards for everyday purchases:

Other Ways to Earn British Airways Avios

If you aren't in a rush, there are several other (less expensive) ways to add to your Avios stash.

British Airways Transfer Parters

For one thing, British Airways partners with several major transferable currencies, including:

  1. American Express Membership Rewards — 1:1 ratio
  2. Capital One Venture Miles — 1:1 ratio
  3. Chase Ultimate Rewards Points— 1:1 ratio
  4. Marriott Bonvoy Points — 3:1 ratio with a 5,000 Avios bonus for transferring 60,000 points (transfers in 10 hours)

Other than Marriott Bonvoy, the other points transfer immediately. Any card earning these types of points can, in effect, earn British Airways Avios. Even better, if you collect more than one, you can simply pool them together.

British Airways Co-Branded Credit Card

If you're looking for a big boost to your Avios balance, you may want to consider applying for the British Airways Visa Signature® Card (review). That's because the card currently offers a sign-up bonus of 100,000 bonus Avios!

British Airways Visa Signature® Card
British Airways Visa Signature® Card
Annual Fee$95
Welcome Bonus Earn 100,000 Avios after you spend $5,000 on purchases within the first 3 months from account opening.
  • Earn 100,000 Avios after you spend $5,000 on purchases within the first 3 months from account opening.
  • Earn 5 Avios per $1 spent on purchases with British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia, and LEVEL within your first 18 months from account opening, thereafter earn 3 Avios.
  • Earn 3 Avios per $1 spent on hotel accommodations when purchased directly with the hotel within your first 18 months from account opening, thereafter earn 2 Avios. Plus earn 1 Avios per $1 spent on all other purchases.
  • 10% off British Airways flights starting in the US when you book through the website provided in your welcome materials.
  • Every calendar year you make $30,000 in purchases on your British Airways Visa card, you'll earn a Travel Together Ticket good for two years.
  • Pay no foreign transaction fees when you travel abroad.
  • Simply tap to pay with your contactless British Airways Visa Signature Card. Just look for the contactless symbol at checkout. It's fast, easy and secure!
  • 3X Avios per $1 spent on purchases with British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia, and LEVEL
  • 2X Avios per $1 spent on hotel accommodations
  • 1X Avios for every $1 spent on all other purchases

The card offers several valuable benefits for frequent BA flyers, with only a modest $95 annual fee. However, there are a couple of drawbacks. First, not everyone will be able to spend enough on the card to earn the full bonus. Second, many of the cards offered by 1:1 transfer partners deliver better earning rates. With that said, if you want to earn a lot of Avios in a hurry (and can meet the spending requirements), that sign-up bonus could be valuable enough.

Bottom Line

British Airways currently offers a promotion for Executive Club members to buy Avios with a 50% bonus on your miles. However, given how British Airways determines the currency used, this deal's actual value varies from okay to downright poor. U.S.-registered accounts can buy points for 1.84¢ each, which is an objectively disappointing value. Most people would do better by waiting for a better promotion or generating Avios through credit card spending.

With that said, there's still value to be had when leveraging British Airways' award sweet spots. If you need Avios in a hurry to finish an award redemption, keep this deal in mind.

Would you buy British Airways Avios with a 50% bonus?

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  • Has British Airways ever launched a better offer for points purchase or is this the maximum someone can get from ?


  • Fair offer but not so exceptional to tempting me to buy Avios.

  • Love the avios deals but terrible taxes flying through the UK!

  • If you can use Avios without using BA metal as well as skipping UK airports, they are good value. Once you get into fuel surcharges, most of the ticket cash prices are closer to those.

  • Not sure buying Avios ever makes sense other than to top up your account for an award in the near future, but I do love using them to fly AA domestically…no ridiculous surcharges that way!

  • Chicago to Madrid and Los Angeles to Hawaii in particular look like an amazing use of avios. I would only buy avios if I was going to use them straight away though as BA have had a number of devaluations and I wouldn’t want to risk holding avios.

  • I’m a big fan of Avios. Household account helps to stack them and I’m usually use them not for the flights but for hotels. In last years I found a lot of bargains – 150$ hotels for 8-10 K Avios per night.

  • Wow such discrimination. How easy is it to change your registered address? And whats the price for accounts registered in asia?

    • Ed – I haven’t personally done it, but you could always create an account with some other address. BA does allow for “family points pooling”, after all.

      • No need to create a new account, just change the address on your existing one and the updated pricing appears instantly. People do live in more than one country these days.

  • As others have said – whatever the deal, the surcharges from the UK are still ridiculous

  • Does BA have a dining program that earns miles for eating at member restaurants?

    • Not that we’ve seen. The US-based airline dining programs seemingly all have the same back-end system and only partner with restaurants in the US. So, British would seemingly need to partner with a UK-based dining program — or only have US restaurants in its dining program (which would be a bit awkward for a UK-based airline)

  • Muy buena la promoción de British Airways que acaba de lanzar para que los miembros del Executive Club compren Avios con una bonificación del 50%. Estaré estudiando las opción. Muy buenas línea aérea.

  • I have looked at using Avios for flying biz with BA and it’s scary! lol! I do wonder if they’ll ever not have us pay so much in taxes, etc. They must know how their loyalty members are using their miles. I wonder what their numbers are like with over water redemptions, etc.

  • Great offer, BA are running a lot of aggressive and generous promotions right now

  • While I do like avios points, I do agree i’s a terrible for US accounts given the currency exchange!

  • Avios can yield some decent values when used on AA for domestic flying….you just need to find decent availability and be flexible in your dates as BA often gets the bottom of the barrel from AA in terms of availability. This offer may be useful for topping off your Avios account for an AA transcon or Hawaii redemption – just remember to do a point to point routing with no connections as Avios redemptions are mileage based.

  • First time I’m seeing a difference in price on miles purchases depending on where you live and its not small either. Any idea if its possible to change the address if you split time between europe and usa?

  • Not worth the effort to buy them at this price. Sitting on more than I can use in the next 12 months.

  • I’m not ready to buy points speculatively yet, with pandemic-related issues still arising, but thanks for the information.

    • I think, we are on the verge of treating the “politically sensitive incident” as a non fatal serious illness.

  • I think it may be not wise to purchase BA Avios at this moment.

  • That’s sneaky, to charge a different value for US members. I keep a spreadsheet comparing whether best to buy through BA/IB/EI and it’s usually best buying with IB and transferring – but as I’m sitting on a pile of Avios already, I’m not a buyer yet.

  • My only problem is that I don’t always use the remaining points. 600 points are about to expire and I have no plans to use it, unfortunately

  • Be careful with their expiration policy. I previously got burned by BA

    • I think the BA expiry policy is much more generous than some other that they stay active providing you make at least one transaction every 36 months. Even buying something through the BA estore would count. As far as I recall ebay was a partner so even buying something at $1 every couple of years would be enough.

  • It is an awful time to buy these miles because it will not be possible to redeem them for the most desirable trips anytime soon.

  • Not a very good offer.
    Especially as it’s proposed in this pandemic period.
    It could have been much better.

  • Doesn’t quite do it for me. The current state of air travel still isn’t up/back to par IMHO.

  • I fly both AA and BA. Always seen the two as sisters. Wish they would work a little better together
    But who knows

    Sure thing is though as soon as it all opens I am flying again. Miss it terribly

  • Terence Baker says:

    It does seem to be an awful amount for air miles considering we here in the U.K., BA’s base, have not been able to travel for months and are just emerging from a total lock down. International flights still are prohibited, and BA and other airlines should think twice before potentially jeopardising pent-up travel demand.

  • Jennifer Beech says:

    It’s a pity the Airmiles programmes for BA and AA don’t tie up more effectively.

    We travel (in normal times) twice a year from the UK to the US and usually it’s with either BA or AA, or BA with an AA connecting flight.

    We have Airmiles with both and it’s hard at times to know what to register for. It would be hugely better if they used their One World partnership to help make the way Airmiles interact much simpler.

  • Avios used to be a fabulous program but not any more sadly after the recent devaluation…

  • I’ve used BA Avios for several domestic AA flights, but it looks like flying to Hawaii or the Caribbean should be my next move once the pandemic subsides….great use of Avios while avoiding the ridiculously outrageous BA surcharges.

    • Absolutely agree! My favorite use (during normal times at least) is flying lie-flat AA business class under 1,150 miles in distance (e.g. MIA-DFW) for just 16,500 Avios each way.

  • 50% sale is pretty good for BA especially if you have a flight to book in the near future and are close to that redemption!

  • Thanks for showing examples of some flights and costs involved!

  • Not the best time to invest in this offer

  • I understand the airlines need money but with these never ending offers for miles and points it’s an indication of the general devaluation of almost all programmes.

  • Can usually get good upgrades with Avios. Not worth it at present.

  • Even by purchasing this offer, I doubt whether I would get to use it this year.

  • Edward Monrad says:

    Hah no way is this interesting, given how cash strapped airlines are they should be offering far higher discounts for folks to give them what amounts to very low interest loans!

  • British Airway’s fuel surcharge is very high. BA flights in and out of London Heathrow airport have a very high surcharge. So I try to avoid fly out of London Heathrow with BA if possible.

  • What I hate about BA as I am sure many others do is the insane amount of surcharge you have to pay for the flight. We are now not using american airline mileage cards because they offer a lot of flight on BA to Asia with high surcharge. The others in Europe don’ which is good. If we need additional miles, which I doubt we will use this but oh well…

  • Love using Avios points for use on no BA flights to avoid their crazy taxes for UK airports!

  • I will not be buying British Avios miles for 2.12 cents each. I cannot believe in the current environment that any airline would still be charging fuel surcharges.

  • Gilberto Souza de Morais says:

    IMHO, it is not worth buying the Avios with only 30% bonus.