How to Transfer Avios Between Accounts (British Airways, Iberia, Qatar, Aer Lingus) How to Transfer Avios Between Accounts (British Airways, Iberia, Qatar, Aer Lingus)

How to Transfer Avios Between Accounts (British Airways, Iberia, Qatar, Aer Lingus)

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Avios are slowly but surely becoming a dominant force as an airline points currency. The recent adoption of the Avios platform by Qatar Airways Privilege Club means there are now 4 airlines that share the currency. And now you can transfer Avios between all of them—Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, and Qatar Airways—at a ratio of 1:1.

The ability to transfer Avios earned from one airline to another presents many opportunities. This new flexibility not only opens up the option to consolidate your Avios into one account, it also opens earning and redeeming opportunities. You can credit paid flights to the account that will earn the most, knowing you can combine the Avios elsewhere later. You also can book award flights with the best program, since you can move Avios into it from other programs freely.

Available Transfer Routes

Unfortunately, not all transfers can be done directly. To move points between certain programs, you have to move them to one program first before transferring them to their final destination. You can move your Avios as follows:

From / ToAer LingusBritish AirwaysIberiaQatar Airways
Aer Lingus-Use Avios.comUse Avios.comTransfer to British Airways, then to Qatar Airways
British AirwaysUse British Airways websiteAvailable on British Airways and Qatar Airways websites
IberiaUse Avios.comUse British Airways website-Transfer to British Airways, then to Qatar Airways
Qatar AirwaysTransfer to British Airways, then to Aer LingusAvailable on British Airways and Qatar Airways websitesTransfer to British Airways, then to Iberia-

Moving Avios from Aer Lingus to either Qatar or Iberia can be a pain involving multiple steps, but it can be worth it. Imagine that you have a large balance of Avios in your AerClub account. Being able to combine these with Avios in your British, Iberia, or Qatar accounts can be a way of better leveraging your Avios for a specific redemption. Also, pooling small balances into a single account can create a more useable balance.

Transfer Avios Between British Airways and Iberia

Transferring Avios between Iberia and British Airways is very straightforward. The best way to do so is through the British Airways Executive Club website. To move Avios in either direction, head over to the British Airways website and log into your Executive Club account. Click on the ‘Manage My Account' tab, then the ‘Combine my Avios' tab.

Screenshot of British Airways Executive Club account where you can combine and move Avios

After the page opens, you will have the choice to select either Qatar Airways or Iberia. Click on the ‘Combine my Avios' button in the Iberia section.

Screenshot of British Airways Executive Club account showing the option to combine Avios with Iberia or Qatar Airways directly in the website

At this point, British Airways will prompt you to enter your Iberia Plus log-in credentials.

Screenshot of page asking for Iberia log-in details to combine Avios

Next, British Airways will log you into the transfer facility. There you can see both your accounts and the balances you have in each. Now, you can select the transfer direction on the bottom left-hand side and enter the number of Avios you want to transfer.

Final page asking how many Avios to move and which direction

Once you have selected your transfer amount and direction, click on the ‘Review my transfer' button. Just confirm the transfer, and then you are done.

Review page for transfers between British Airways and Iberia

Transfer Avios Between British Airways and Qatar

You can combine Avios between British Airways and Qatar easily on either program's website. However, before you can initiate transfers, you need to link your accounts. You can link your account through either site. When you log into your Qatar Airways Privilege Club account, the site will prompt you to link your British Airways account. If you have not been prompted upon logging in, you can head to the Avios linking page and select ‘Link my accounts'.

Pop-up in the Qatar Airways Privilege Club portal asks members to link accounts with British Airways so you can transfer avios

You will then be asked which account you want to link. In this case, the only option is the British Airways Executive Club.

Screenshot of Qatar Airways Privilege Club website where it asks you which account you want to link so you can transfer Avios to British Airways

A pop-up will open, explaining the process; click on ‘Link accounts'.

Pop-up gives information about the process to link British Airways and Qatar Privilege Club accounts to transfer Avios

At this point, you will need to enter your British Airways Executive Club log-in credentials.

Pop-up asks for British Airways log-in information to link account to Qatar Privilege Club

You will need to complete a two-step verification process to finish linking the accounts.

A pop-up requires two-factor authentication via SMS to link British Airways and Qatar Airways accounts to transfer Avios

Your accounts are now linked. At this point, you can view your balances in each program.

A pop-up with a 'congratulations' message confirms the British Airways and Qatar Airways accounts are linked

To transfer Avios between British Airways and Qatar Airways on the British Airways website, log into your Executive Club account. Follow the same steps as you did transferring Avios to Iberia, except you will select Qatar Airways Privilege Club this time. You may be prompted to log in again, after which you will see both of your account balances if you have linked your accounts successfully.

Screenshot shows the options to transfer Avios from your British Airways account to Qatar Airways Privilege Club

Now, you can select the transfer direction and the number of Avios you want to transfer between your accounts.

Screenshot of transfer page on British Airways website before you complete a transfer of Avios to Qatar Airways

You can also conduct these transfers on Qatar's website. In fact, there is an advantage to using the Qatar Airways website to conduct transfers to/from British Airways.

Screenshot shows balances are visible when using Qatar Airways website for Avios transfers with British Airways

If you transfer on the British Airways website, your Avios balances aren't visible during the transfer proecess, but they are on the Qatar Airways website.

Using to Transfer Aer Lingus Avios

Screenshot of home page at

If you want to use Aer Lingus Avios, your best option is to use to initiate any transfers in either direction. Simply head over to and choose to log in using your AerClub credentials.

Home page of Aer Lingus account shows your balance and the option to 'manage my account'

Once logged in, select ‘Manage my account' and choose ‘Combine my Avios'.

Screenshot from with red box highlighting the option to combine Avios

The process is very similar to that on the British Airways website from this point on. From the drop-down menu, you select whether you want to move Avios to your British Airways or Iberia accounts, after which you will be prompted to enter the relevant account log-in credentials.

Screenshot from shows the process to combine Avios between Aer Lingus and either Iberia or British Airways in either direction

Just like transfers using the British Airways site, you need to select the direction for the transfer. Next, enter the amount you wish to transfer, and you complete your transfer.

Price Harmonization on Routes

As part of the integration, Qatar modified its award pricing to harmonize with British Airways and eliminate arbitrage options. Essentially, if you are looking to book a specific flight on a British Airways-operated flight from London to Bangkok, you will pay the same amount of Avios whether you book it via the British Airways or Qatar Airways website.

The same applies to flights on Qatar-operated flights. For example, a flight from Doha to Paris will set you back the same amount of Avios whether you book via Executive Club or via Privilege Club.

That being said, keep in mind that Qatar tends to have lower taxes and fees than the outrageous surcharges BA often levies on award flights. So, while the Avios price may be the same, there could be a substantial saving on taxes and fees by booking through Qatar Airways Privilege Club. Make sure to account for the ‘per segment' award booking fee with Privilege Club, though.

Great Credit Card Transfer Options

The ability to transfer Avios from Qatar to British Airways and onward to Iberia and Aer Lingus (or vice versa) has opened up lots of opportunities to transfer credit card points between airlines. British Airways is a transfer partner with American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Capital One Miles. Qatar is not a partner of any of these. Transferring your points to British Airways and then onwards to Qatar adds a lot of flexibility and provides even better value if you can score a transfer bonus when sending your points to British Airways.

On the other side, Qatar brings its own transfer opportunities. Currently, Qatar is a partner with Citi ThankYou Points, but British Airways is not. If you have a stack of Citi points, you can transfer them to Qatar Airways before moving them on to British Airways. This gives your points more flexibility and increasing your redemption options.

These transfer options also mean that credit cards earning any of these currencies could be used with the other programs. You could earn a sign-up bonus from one of these cards and then transfer those Avios to any of the other programs, earning in a four-pronged approach.

Our Take

The ability to transfer Avios freely between Qatar Airways, British Airways, Iberia, and Aer Lingus is a welcome move. Anything that adds flexibility and increases your usage options for your points, miles, or Avios is to be welcomed. Hopefully, even more airlines will consider joining the Avios program, making them even more flexible and valuable!

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  • Luke Thompson says:

    The only solution for me was to create a 3rd Avios account at AerLingus, and login to that at From there I could easily pull the points from IB, and then push them to BA, thereby combining my IB and BA accounts. This workaround was actually very simple, and the transfers are instant!

  • Charles Mitchell says:

    I have over 300,000 Avios points on Iberia and I have an account with BA with just 16,000 Avios points. I find the flight I want on BA but not Iberia. So I thought I’d transfer the points, but I cannot.

    Following our instructions I get this:

    Iberia Plus
    Sorry, you are not eligible to combine your Avios with Iberia Plus. Please see the full Terms and Conditions.

    Clicking through gives a long list of T&C changes. The headings for these changes don’t seem to relate to what I’m attempting to do. Any ideas what is the reason I cannot move Avios points?

    • Typically this issue pops up when the account details don’t match. Make sure both accounts have your same exact full name, date of birth, email, home address, etc. Otherwise, you can try using as an intermediary.

      • This even happens when everything on the accounts match!
        What do you mean by creating an account? When I go to and click on “join”, it only gives options to join one of the partner airline accounts and not creating an account!

    • I’ve been having this same issue, for the past 2 years and no one at either Iberia or BA seems to even care to look into it. Total BS!

  • Jose Roberto da Cruz says:


    It will really help me, I have a few points and I will try to ship to Qatar,

    Thank you so much for the information and in so much detail!

  • Thanks, very useful info

  • tassojunior says:

    I just used and transferred points from BA to AL and then AL to Iberia, so it does handle all 3 easily for immediate transfers. BA to Iberia through AL is a 1 minute process.

    Ive noticed BA is now showing some AE awards at the AE low level but with very slightly higher fees. But only if you search for Dublin.

    Here’s hoping the integration brings down those outrageous BA surcharges some but more likely IB and AL will increase.

    btw, AL Dublin/DC is often 13K plus $150 and business at 60k plus $150 is often available, so Dublin is my favorite hopping off point now.