Award Travel 101 Podcast Episode 17: Husband Cashes in All Their Points' Programs To Book Round The World Flights Award Travel 101 Podcast Episode 17: Husband Cashes in All Their Points' Programs To Book Round The World Flights

Award Travel 101 Podcast Episode 17: Husband Cashes in All Their Points' Programs To Book Round The World Flights

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The Award Travel 101 podcast is back with more Award Travel 101 member questions, what to do with a husband who cashed in all of a couple's points and which programs offer extreme value in building a Round-The-World flight. If you want us to air your question, send us an email or reach out to us in the Award Travel 101 Facebook Community.

Award Travel 101 Podcast Show Format

We break each show into six sections:

  • Question/Win of the Week — asked or shared by members of the Award Travel 101 community
  • News & Enhanced Offers
  • What Bonuses Did We Get — which will tell you what credit cards we're working on and why
  • Trip Updates
  • Highlight Feature
  • What You Didn't Know — a feature dedicated to a big or small tip that will help you better maximize the value you receive from your rewards.

How to Listen to the Award Travel 101 Podcast

Episode 17 – Husband Cashes in All Their Points; Programs To Book Round The World Flights

You can find us anywhere you listen to other fine podcasts including:

Previous Episode Show Notes

Award Travel 101 Podcast Episode 17 Show Notes

Post of the Week (From the Award Travel 101 Group)

Reva Palmer Cook: “Anyone want to take my husband? This man cashed in all their UR to pay the bill!! What would you do if this happened to you, and is there any way to recover?”

News & Enhanced Offers

Trip Updates

  • Angie — P2 (Player 2) has a reunion so we’ll be piggybacking a family trip onto that. Planning to use Southwest travel funds and Companion Pass to book the flights and AutoSlash for the rental car.
  • Joe — it's been over 2 months since kid's passport applications were submitted. Hoping those come though. Looking to swap out the hotel in Split. The current property isn't a great value in points + I can earn a nice chunk of miles (and Loyalty Points) toward American status.

What Bonuses Did We Get?

Highlight Feature: Round-The-World Trips

Which award programs allow for around-the-world trips and what are some of the basics?

What You Didn't Know

If you have to cancel a trip and there’s a cancellation fee, see if there’s been a schedule change that gives you free cancellation now or can you actually change the ticket to a different date (with potentially a future schedule change) for less money. All carriers are different in terms of how much of a schedule change there needs to be and whether a change in your travel dates would be sufficient.

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For questions, you can join us in the free 94,000+ member Award Travel 101 Community.

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