Award Travel 101 Podcast Episode 4: 8 Steps to Better Award Travel Award Travel 101 Podcast Episode 4: 8 Steps to Better Award Travel

Award Travel 101 Podcast Episode 4: 8 Steps to Better Award Travel

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We're back with more member questions, enhanced offers, and we cover the 8 Basic Steps to successful Award Travel. If you want us to air your question, send us an email or reach out to us in the Award Travel 101 Facebook Community.

Award Travel 101 Podcast Show Format

We break each show into six sections:

  • Question of the Week — asked by members of the community
  • News & Enhanced Offers
  • What Bonuses Did We Get — which will tell you what credit cards we're working on and why
  • Trip Updates
  • Highlight Feature
  • What You Didn't Know — a feature which will be dedicated to a big or small tip that will help you better maximize the value you receive from your rewards.

How to Listen to the Award Travel 101 Podcast

You can find us anywhere you listen to other fine podcasts including:

Episode 004 — 8 Steps to Better Award Travel

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Award Travel 101 Podcast Episode 4 Show Notes

Question of the Week

Joicee Joyce asks:

I'm new to the points game. I've been saving up points and and just finally got my P2 to start with the CSP. How can I explain to him how much 44k miles are worth in terms of dollars? To give some background, I am looking to book a flight through United for a partner airline for 44k pp one way. When I looked at the partner airline website to see how much the ticket would cost in cash, it was almost $2k without taxes and fees. He asked me what is the redemption rate and how much I had to spend just to get the amount of points I have accumulated. I did let him know that there are different categories for purchases, like 3x for dining, etc.

Thanks for reading and your guidance!

News & Enhanced Offers

What Bonuses Did We Get?

Trip Updates

Highlight Feature: 8 Steps to Award Travel

Who can do it? We have a comprehensive guide to the 8 Steps to Award Travel in the Award Travel 101 Facebook Community. Have you joined to learn more yet?

  1. Build healthy credit Building up and maintaining your credit score is essential.
  2. Transferable over fixed points — Earn transferable points over fixed value or branded points when getting started.
  3. Start with Chase — Due to the Chase 5/24 rule, start with Chase cards.
  4. Expand to other banks — Once you fill your 5 Chase card spots, expand to other banks’ cards.
  5. Business cards — Business cards are a huge part of credit card strategy, and you may be eligible!
  6. Maximize spend Sign up bonuses are the key to building up large points balances.
  7. Finding award space — Learn to search for award space with airlines and hotels.
  8. Utilize card benefits — Learn the benefits of your cards and use them.

What You Didn't Know

Use Virgin Atlantic to Book Delta (and possibly upgrade for a few dollars). I've written before how Overlooking Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Can Be Costly. If you fly non-stop on Delta, not checking Virgin Atlantic could be a serious mistake. Here are just a few of the posts I've shared in the Award Travel 101 community:

Where To Find Us

For questions, you can join us in the free 90,000+ member Award Travel 101 Community. If you want to dig into some of the less discussed strategies, our Award Travel 201 community is filled with those who want to dig into the weeds a little more. To book time with our team to discuss how to better your earning and burning strategies, check out Award Travel 1-on-1.

You can also email us or find us on Twitter or Instagram. If in-person meetups interest you, save the date for our next available meetup, and keep an eye out for more announcements coming soon!

Let us know what you think of the show so far, and hit us up with questions or topics you'd be more interested in hearing!

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