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Thank You for Being an AwardWallet Member

As we kick off the new year, we would like to take a moment to thank you for being a member. Your enthusiasm for travel made 2018 an exciting year at AwardWallet, and we’re glad you’ve chosen us to help you manage your loyalty programs and travel plans. Our team put together some 2018 statistics on the AwardWallet community that we thought you might enjoy.

Merchants Would Like To Refuse Premium Reward Credit Cards

In what could spell bad news for the industry, large merchants like Amazon and Walmart want the right to be able to refuse premium reward credit cards according to The Wall Street Journal. The key to the merchant’s desire is mitigating the interchange fees they pay for accepting various credit cards.

Russia Waives Visa Requirements for World Cup Ticket Holders

Russia has announced a visa waiver for the 2018 World Cup. According to a statement on the website of the Russian embassy in Washington DC, if you hold a valid match ticket, fan ID, and passport you will be able to enter the Russian Federation without a visa. The program is not restricted to citizens of the 32 participating countries, and the holder of a match ticket from any country can use the visa waiver program.