Delta SkyMiles Dashboard: Newly Improved Medallion Status Tracking Delta SkyMiles Dashboard: Newly Improved Medallion Status Tracking

Delta SkyMiles Dashboard: Newly Improved Medallion Status Tracking

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When it comes to the frequent flyer program, nothing hurts worse than flying all year and expecting to (re)qualify for elite status, just for you to miss it by a few miles or dollars. For some travelers, it's easy to figure out where you currently stand. But, projecting where you'll be months in advance can be painstakingly difficult. Fortunately, Delta has made tracking Medallion status much easier after rolling out its new Delta SkyMiles dashboard.

The new dashboard is a much-needed improvement to Delta's previous interface. At a superficial level, the user interface is way more polished. Also, it is far more useful. Now, you can see both your current progress toward Medallion status and your pending progress. Importantly, this information is based on your upcoming flight reservations.

In this article, we'll discuss how it works and all of its features.

How to Find the New Delta SkyMiles Dashboard

The new Delta Medallion dashboard displays the majority of the information you need on a single page. To access the Delta SkyMiles Dashboard, you can log into your SkyMiles account online. Delta directs you back to the landing page, so you'll need to click on your name in the upper right-hand corner. The account panel box that opens hasn't changed. Click “My SkyMiles” at the bottom of the box. Then, you'll be taken to the new dashboard.

Delta landing page after logging in with account panel opened

If this is the first time you've accessed your new dashboard, you'll be presented with a modal box that will walk you through the dashboard features. It'll look like this.

Delta SkyMiles dashboard
Delta SkyMiles dashboard modal box

Once you got through this, your fun can begin. At a glance, the new Delta SkyMiles dashboard provides a wealth of information. Your total number of redeemable SkyMiles leads the page, followed by a much improved elite status tracker. But, it's the status tracker that I want to highlight.

Delta SkyMiles dashboard
Delta SkyMiles dashboard

SkyMiles Dashboard Medallion Status Tracker

Thankfully, you can easily see your current progress toward the next Medallion status level. The left two progress circles show Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQMs) and Medallion Qualifying Segments (MQSs). In addition, the right two show qualifying dollars and progress toward the Medallion Qualifying Dollar (MQD) waiver.

Remember, you qualify on either MQMs or MQSs *and* either MQDs or the MQD waiver.

Right now, I'm lagging way behind qualifying for any Delta status this year. So far, I've earned just 3,705 MQMs, 2 MQSs, and $39 MQDs. The only perplexing part here is that I have spent between $500 and $1,000 on my Delta SkyMiles Reserve card this year. But, this isn't showing in my Medallion status tracker.

The Improved Part of the SkyMiles Dashboard Medallion Status Tracker

One of the snazziest features of the new dashboard is the “Pending & Upcoming” flight credit tracker for MQMs, MQSs, and MQDs. Using this feature can help you immensely with tracking your future progress toward Delta Medallion status. This keeps you from having to manually total up all your upcoming travel to figure out what Medallion status you will land each year.

The big caveat is that if you plan to credit partner airline flights to Delta SkyMiles that you didn't book through Delta. These partner flights simply won't show up.

However, all your upcoming Delta travel will be projected into the Medallion status tracker. This will allow you to immediately see which status tier you'll earn if your plans don't change.

I made a dummy booking to see how quickly the Delta SkyMiles dashboard updates the Pending & Upcoming figures. After booking a ticket late in the evening, my Pending & Upcoming amounts showed correctly by the following morning. More than quickly enough, if you ask me.

Below that, you can see your total lifetime mileage toward Delta Million Miler status. This isn't something I check often. Honestly, it surprised me that I am nearly 20% of the way to Million Miler status. You don't get much at 1 million miles with Delta, as you're only awarded Lifetime Silver Medallion. Below that you can see your total lifetime mileage toward Delta Million Miler status. Previously, you had to find a button on the My SkyMiles page to display your million miles progress.

Other Information Available on the Delta Medallion Dashboard

Scrolling down the page, you'll see some more great info. If you currently have Medallion status, you'll see a snapshot of the primary benefits this provides you. Further down — below the dropdown showing your recent SkyMiles account activity — are two panels that show your total vouchers and credits.

Both vouchers and credits are aggregated — which leads to a minor problem. For example, the “drink vouchers” that I have aren't all drink vouchers. If I click through to view these, two SkyClub single-visit passes are included in the list. Instead, I actually have eight drink vouchers and two one-time lounge visits.

The certificates and eCredits can be a variety of things. Currently, I have a Companion Pass voucher earned from holding the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card. In addition, I have a residual credit from a previously canceled flight booking. Both of these show up if I click the “Certificates & eCredits” box.

Delta SkyMiles dashboard
SkyMiles dashboard status benefits and vouchers

Delta SkyMiles Dashboard in the Mobile App

Along with the new online dashboard, Delta updated the app as well. You'll see the same status tracker, followed by other useful info all in one place. It's pretty much analogous to the online dashboard, which helps keep the experience seamless. Previously, I knew how to access some items easily in the app (e.g. my vouchers and credits), while finding them through the Delta website was a bit more difficult.

The Delta SkyMiles dashboard in the mobile app is still an improvement. You find the same status tracker, including the Pending miles feature under “SkyMiles” section, the first option in the top ribbon. Pending miles in this case include both recent trips that are in the process of posting, plus upcoming travel.

Updated Delta app status tracker

The remaining details are much the same. You can access your recent account activity and status benefits and the touch of a button. The app also prominently displays million miler progress. However, unlike the website, the app files your vouchers and certificates under “My Wallet.”

Delta SkyMiles dashboard
SkyMiles detail in the Delta app

Final Thoughts

The Delta SkyMiles dashboard is a much-needed update to the previous My SkyMiles page. It shows the majority of the information most Delta flyers will want to see — all on one page. For the few items where you want to see details, they are a single click away.

The only things that seem to be an issue are the MQD waiver progress, which isn't displaying correctly for me. In addition, there are some issues with the “drink vouchers” that include more than drink vouchers. To fix the latter, all Delta needs to do is change it to say “Vouchers.” I hope Delta figures out the issue with the former. I hope that it will stay closely updated with the data from American Express, allowing users to see exactly where they are in terms of progress toward the MQD waiver.

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