How To Track Delta SkyMiles with AwardWallet

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Unfortunately, Delta does not allow AwardWallet to access information on your behalf from As a result, we cannot offer the option of obtaining your SkyMiles balance from

Instead, you can forward your Delta SkyMiles monthly statements to your personal email address that you have with AwardWallet:

[Your AwardWallet Login Name]

You can configure your email provider to forward SkyMiles monthly statements and reservations to your AwardWallet mailbox, or you can update your Delta profile with your AwardWallet email address.


AwardWallet will forward any emails we receive from your Delta account to the email provided on your AwardWallet profile. If you want to set this up for multiple users under the same profile, you can use different emails such as:

[Your AwardWallet Login Name].[Your SkyMiles Number]

Make sure you add your Delta account to your AwardWallet profile with the correct SkyMiles account number (this is how we will know what account to update).

Finally, you will need to opt-in to receive your SkyMiles statements.


AwardWallet supports more than 670 other loyalty programs, and we are trying to establish a business relationship with Delta. If you wish to voice your opinion, you can do so by tweeting to the official Delta Twitter page or signing our campaign to allow AwardWalet to support Delta SkyMiles.

Reach out in the comments if you have any questions and thank you for your continued support of AwardWallet!

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  • I am trying to set up a forwarding rule to my awardwallet email in my gmail inbox to forward all skymiles statements to awardwallet. However gmail requires accessing that email and entering a verification email to confirm the forwarding. How can we access our @awardwallet email to get the verification code?

    • Yes, we should approve your forwarding request automatically. If you are still not seeing it please log out of gmail and log back in again. Let us know if that doesn’t work.

  • What are the concerns on the part of the airlines that are not allowing your service? What are there arguments against it?
    I would like to know before linking my emails.

    • Hi Rochelle. We’ve never been able to get a satisfactory answer from the few airlines that don’t allow us to access loyalty accounts. I think these airlines believe it is to their benefit to force members to log in to their website to check their account info. When you log in to your account, they can show you advertisements and control the experience. Unfortunately, a few airlines have decided to prioritize control over your account over allowing folks to choose to use a service like AwardWallet. I hope that helps; I’m sorry we don’t have a better answer for you.

      • Thanks for the explanation 🙂

      • Thanks for the explanation. I’ve found that the workaround of using my Awardwallet email exclusively on my Delta profile works wonders, as it keeps my account updated frequently, and I don’t miss any emails on my end.

  • Any issues with forwarded Delta statements? I sent mine over after plugging in the info into accounts and got an auto reply that the statement email wasn’t recognized.

  • Michael Pawson says:

    Any chance that Delta (or United or Southwest, for that matter) will ever change their mind on this? It doesn’t make much sense to make things more difficult for their customers.

  • How does this work with multiple persons attached to one account? I’ve got my wife and children added on my account. If I have their Delta statements forwarded to my awardwallet email address (meaning multiple Delta statements coming to the same AwardWallet account), will AwardWallet be able to apply each to the appropriate person?

    • Hey Bill, great question. If you added multiple Delta accounts to AwardWallet, there will be a unique email address generated for each one. Just click the edit button for each in the account list, and you’ll see that the email for your family members’ Delta accounts look something like this: Just copy the correct email to each of their Delta accounts, and we’ll update the balances based on the Skymiles statement.

  • Well, I can’t see the points of this: if you get the email with monthly statement in your email box why bother to route it via awardwallet then?

    • Doing this provides you a mechanism to keep all your points/miles tracked in one location. If Delta is your only rewards account, I would agree with you, but assuming you have other rewards accounts, this allows you to keep everything in one place.

  • Why would you offer the Delta (and others) Credit Card offers on your website if they do not participate in your Program? Why support them if they do NOT support you??

    • While Delta as a company has chosen to request we not access their site on behalf of our members, we can’t ignore the fact that American Express and Chase have card products that make sense for anyone loyal to those respective airlines.

  • […] 681 different loyalty programs to track, there are some notable exceptions. For example, United, Delta and Southwest do not allow AwardWallet to pull data from their systems, so those are some big holes […]

  • tony matyas says:

    Does this work around work with SW & United as well?