Do Radisson Rewards Points Expire? Do Radisson Rewards Points Expire?

Do Radisson Rewards Points Expire?

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Yes, if the is no points activity on your account for 24 months, your Radisson Rewards points may expire. If you are wondering why the rule sounds vague, it is because Radisson's terms and conditions are equally ambiguous. Per the Radisson Rewards terms and conditions page:

“If there is no points activity in your Radisson Rewards or Radisson Rewards for Bookers and Planners account for any 24-month period, we may, at any time and in our sole discretion and without notice or liability to you, void and cancel any or all of your points.”

Although the terms do not state that your points will expire, treating the 24 months as a hard deadline is best to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Goodbye Radisson Americas

In 2021, Radisson split its loyalty program into two: Radisson Rewards and Radisson Rewards Americas. Each had its own terms and expiration policies, although you could transfer points and status between programs for free.

However, Radisson Rewards Americas ceased to exist on July 18, 2023 when it merged with Choice privileges. All your points, status, and credit should have been moved to Choice Privileges by now. You should still be able to access your Radisson Rewards Americas account, although it has minimal functionality.

aerial view of overwater bungalows at luxury Radisson Blu Maldives hotel; earning or redeeming points here will ensure your points don't expire
Radisson Blu Resort Maldives. Credit: Radisson

Earning Radisson Rewards Points

There are many ways to pick up Radisson Points, although there is some variation between programs:

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Redeeming Radisson Rewards Points

You can use your points for various redemptions including:

One point to note is that redeeming points for a Priority Pass membership provides horrific value. Please don't redeem in this way. Numerous credit cards offer a Priority Pass membership at a better value.

Our Take

Now that Radisson Rewards has no hotels in the Americas, it is more difficult to use and leverage value from the if you are based in North or South America. However, if you are based in other parts of the world or take frequent international, the program could be worth a closer look. Radisson Rewards points are worth less now, thanks to an October 2022 devaluation, but it's still a relatively simple program with a generous policy on when your points expire.

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  • Martha Werlen says:

    I am finding it impossible to talk to anyone in the United States about my Radisson Account. The only phone numbers
    given are for all other countries. I need to find out when my points expire. How do I do that?

  • Fazlur Rahman says:

    Very helpful. Reduced my confusion on e-mails I was receiving from Radisson.

  • Rakesh Gupta says:

    Does transfering point from Radisson Reward to Radisson America considered a valid transaction enabling extending expiry date. Thanks

  • I am looking for a way to extend my points… Looks like I will just have to buy some.

  • Mohand Abdelli says:

    Your report of expiry date extention is not quite true. Unfortunately Radisson Rewards America decided to extend expiration to Dec 31, 2021 of only points that were to expire on or after March 1st 2020. My points expired February 2020 barely missing the March 1st date. No matter how I pleaded my case with Radisson’s CS, they keep repeating there is nothing they can do fir me. They deprived me of 152,082 points hard earned to use during my retirement. I am retired now and could not use the points yet. At no point was I informed that my points were about to expire if I did not do anything. In fact kast year Radisson extended ALL points to expire on March 31st 2021. Then in January 2021 they extended expiry further to Dec 31, 2021. So I thought that the first extention of the expiry date became a new expiry date of all points. But such is not the case. Apparently points kept their original expiry date. Very confusing.

    At this point I am convinced that Radisson Rewards Program is designed to remain silent on expiry date and to let hard earned points expire on purpose. Add to that the fact Radisson Rewards Policy states that points May expire and not WILL expire…
    This is down right unethical.

  • Tracking point expiration is such a pain. AwardWallet definitely makes it easier but as a consumer my preference is for the providers that do not expire the points.

  • Seems like a mess to keep track of for us members.

  • I cannot see how splitting the loyalty program into two different programs “serves their customers better” in any way. Anyways, good that they paused the expiration of points, hopefully I’ll make a few Radisson stays before the end of the year. In the mean time, I should sign up for a Radisson Rewards America account, adding it to the already way too long list of bonus programs.

  • Alan Miller says:

    I have to say these 2 programs are the most confusing ever.

  • Bhikhu Shah says:

    They really should make points not expire.

  • Is there a limit to the number of times one can do a status match in either program, and if so, do past status matches from external hotel chains to the original Radisson Rewards program preclude matches between Radisson’s two Rewards programs?

    • It’s unclear, but it seems that the status match between the two Radisson Rewards programs is completely separate from outside status matches.

  • Good summary. Useful given the changes made to the program. But I’m still longing for the good ole days of the credit card 2-for-1 reward nights.

  • Thank you for highlighting how to set up both programs and transfer in between.