Hertz Gold Plus Reduces 2021 Elite Status Requirements, Extends Point Expiration

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Hertz Gold Plus elite status requirements have been reduced for 2021 (but only barely). Plus, you don't have to worry about your Hertz points expiring soon. Hertz is extending the expiration of points through the end of 2021. Here's what Hertz Gold Plus members need to know about these changes.

2021 Hertz Gold Plus Elite Status Requirements

2021 Hertz Gold Plus Tier Requirements

For 2021, Hertz has reduced Gold Plus elite status requirements. That said, the reduction is fairly underwhelming:

  • Five Star Status — 10 rentals (instead of 12) or $2,000 in spending (instead of $2,400)
  • President's Circle Status — 15 rentals (instead of 20) or $3,000 in spending (instead of $4,000)

If you are planning to make some trips this year, it will be easier to move up the tiers and take advantage of Hertz elite status benefits.

Hertz Extends Points Expiry

Hertz points usually expire after 18 months of inactivity. Even if you made a booking with the points and then canceled it, the points would still expire at the end of 18 months.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Hertz sent out an email allowing members to extend their points expiration by 3 months. Then, Hertz extended expiration until January 2021.

Now, Hertz has announced that point expiration has been delayed even further to December 31, 2021. This is certainly good news for those who have been unable to travel due to the restrictions introduced by the pandemic.

Our Take

Considering the limitations on travel this year, it makes sense that Hertz would reduce the number of rentals required for Hertz Gold Plus status. It still remains to be seen how many members will still be able to move up in the ranks. Personally, I'm one of the many individuals counting the days until I'm able to take my next trip.

Don't forget, you can also get Hertz Gold Plus elite status with credit cards, reward programs, or as a gift from a current elite,

H/T: Loyalty Lobby

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  • Stefania Moyers says:

    It’s great that Hertz has extended point expiration to 12/31/21 because of Covid-19. They’ve always taken great care of me and I very much appreciate the extended expiration.

  • Extending the expiration is good news. But in general the Hertz points program is awful.
    The points disappear quickly, are difficult to redeem online, and they devalued the program in 2019 without notice.

  • Seeing stuff like this you notice that the car rentals was hit hard by covid19 , the new mandatory covid19 PCR test and quarantine make it difficult for visitors to come to USA

  • meh…. so my 246 points that were due to expire in Jan 2021 now get extended to Dec 2021. I’ll take it!

  • Not entirely sure how car rental companies are going to survive…

  • Hertz should undo their massive devaluation that happened in 2019 without any notice. Makes me not likely to trust them.

  • Yah it sure has reduced it-10 rentals from 12. We see that as they will support us with only 10 trips and not 12 which adds up when you travel a bit in a year. Specially after that last year which saw very little travel :(. We do intend to travel more if all goes well with this Covid thing. ­čÖü

  • Thank you for sharing this. Since we are still working towards the 5 start status this is something to keep in mind.

  • Great to be reducing status requirements during a pandemic. WeÔÇÖll see how long hertz lasts through bankruptcy

  • Hope they decide to extend it one more time.

  • With Hertz in bankruptcy, all of their actions now have to be seen under a microscope. You better watch out what comes next.

  • The emerging consensus is that things are not looking up in 2021, so let’s hope that the full year extension will be the one last time that is adequate for all.

    • In the US at least, they are actually very much looking up. We should have 600 million doses of vaccine by the end of July, which should allow us to vaccinate every American that wants it.

  • Gerardo Gonzalez says:

    Muy inteligente la estrategia comercial de Hertz de cuidar a los miembros de sus grupos de lealtad extendiendo el vencimiento de los puntos.
    En este contexto de crisis mundial a causa de la pandemia del coronavirus, los miembros de los grupos de afinidad, valoramos más que nunca las buenas desiciones de las compañias para cuidar nuestros intereses.
    Agradezco a AwardWallet por hacerme llegar está noticia, de otra forma seria imposible enterarme.

  • ThatÔÇÖs good news, but when I logged into my account I donÔÇÖt see my points anymore. ?