American Airlines and JetBlue Add Reciprocal Mileage and Elite Earning to Partnership American Airlines and JetBlue Add Reciprocal Mileage and Elite Earning to Partnership

American Airlines and JetBlue Add Reciprocal Mileage and Elite Earning to Partnership

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American Airlines and JetBlue frequent flyers now have the ability to earn points or miles when traveling on all flights operated by both airlines. Previously members of each airline's frequent flyer programs were limited to earning when traveling on codeshare flights. Today, members of each airline's program will now earn on all flights operated by the two airlines.

Simply put, American Airlines AAdvantage members can earn AAdvantage miles when traveling on flights operated by JetBlue and JetBlue TrueBlue members can earn TrueBlue points when traveling on flights operated by American.

Here is what this announcement means for travelers.

American and JetBlue's Northeast Alliance

The so-called “Northeast Alliance” is a partnership between American Airlines and JetBlue that was first announced in mid-2020. First, this partnership added codeshare flights on select flights in and out of the Northeast. However, the partnership has grown to include dozens of new flights from key markets.

Now, the partnership includes the ability to earn points when traveling on the two airlines. Prior to today's announcement, members of each airline's loyalty programs could only earn points or miles when traveling on codeshare flights. However, effective May 26, members will now earn points or miles when traveling on any of the two airline's flights.

Earning Points and Miles

Both airlines have published earning rates for this new partnership. American Airlines frequent flyers will earn a base of 5 miles per dollar spent when flying JetBlue (before taxes and fees). AAdvantage elite members get an elite bonus on top of this.

JetBlue frequent flyers will earn a base of 1 point per dollar on AA basic economy flights and 3 points per dollar on all other fares. You may be able to earn more points based on how you book and which card you have. There's one exception members should be aware of: AAdvantage members cannot earn points on transatlantic flights operated by JetBlue.

Below is a breakdown of how members of each program will earn points or miles when traveling on flights operated by the other carrier.

Earning AAdvantage Miles When Traveling on JetBlue

The table below is a mirror image of how AAdvantage members earn points when traveling on American Airlines.

AAdvantage StatusMiles Earned per Dollar Spent
AAdvantage Member (No Status)5 miles/dollar spent
AAdvantage Gold7 miles/dollar spent
AAdvantage Platinum8 miles/dollar spent
AAdvantage Platinum Pro9 miles/dollar spent
AAdvantage Executive Platinum11 miles/dollar spent

One exception to keep in mind: AAdvantage cardholders won't earn bonus miles on flights booked via or via the JetBlue app. AAdvantage cardholders can only earn bonus miles on flights booked at or via the American Airlines app.

Earning TrueBlue Points When Traveling on American Airlines

TrueBlue members will want to consult the table below as earning points with partners is not as straightforward. American Airlines flights will earn at least 1 point per dollar spent. And there are several bonuses that you can earn on top of that.

 All Fares (Excludes Basic Economy) per Dollar SpentBasic Economy Fares per Dollar Spent
All Members (Base Points Earned)3 points per dollar spent1 point per dollar spent
Mosaic Members (Bonus Points Earned)3 points per dollar spent3 points per dollar spent
JetBlue App or Booking (Bonus Points Earned)3 points per dollar spent1 point per dollar spent
JetBlue Plus Card (Bonus Points Earned)6 points per dollar spent6 points per dollar spent
Total Maximum Points per Dollar EarnedMax. 15 points per dollar spentMax. 11 points per dollar spent

As is the case with AAdvantage members booking flights via JetBlue, JetBlue TrueBlue members will only the following bonuses when they book AA flights through or the JetBlue app:

What Travelers Need to Do to Earn Points or Miles

The partnership between American and JetBlue is quite similar to other partnerships of this nature. Travelers don't have to link accounts or opt-in to take advantage of this partnership and the ability to earn points or miles on flights operated by the two airlines. The only thing travelers will need to do to earn points or miles is to ensure their frequent flyer information is added to their reservation before taking the flight.

If you're an AAdvantage member traveling on JetBlue, you will want to be sure to include your AAdvantage number when booking with JetBlue. If you're a JetBlue TrueBlue member, be sure to include your TrueBlue number when booking on American. It's that simple.

Here's what this looks like when booking a flight on


Here's what this looks like when booking a flight on


Members of both the AAdvantage and TrueBlue programs will also earn elite qualifying credits on flights operated by each airline. For example, AAdvantage members will earn miles and Loyalty Points when flying on JetBlue — even in Blue Basic, which is JetBlue's basic economy product.

Also, TrueBlue members will earn points towards Mosaic status when traveling on flights operated by American.

Below is a breakdown of how members will earn elite qualifying credit when traveling on the two airlines:

Earning AAdvantage Elite Qualifying Credit with JetBlue

Image shows AA earnings on JetBlue flights

All flights, including Blue Basic, are eligible for earning Loyalty Points. You will earn based on the the base miles from your ticket fare, as seen in the chart above. Earnings are based on the cost of the ticket (includes base fare plus carrier-imposed fees; excludes government-imposed taxes and fees).

Earning Mosaic Status Points with American Airlines

The base points you earn from flying on American Airlines count toward JetBlue's Mosaic elite status. To earn Mosaic status, TrueBlue members must earn 15,000 base flight points — or a combination of 30 segments and 12,000 base flight points in a calendar year.

JetBlue also noted that, while members of each program can only earn points for the time being, the ability to redeem points for flights operated by the two airlines will be added in the near future.

The Bottom Line

This is fantastic news for both AAdvantage and TrueBlue frequent flyers. While the Northeast Alliance already meant earning points on codeshare flights and new flights across the U.S., this week's announcement brings this alliance to a new level for travelers.

This announcement also means that American Airlines is the only U.S. airline to offer travelers the ability to earn points on two other U.S. carriers: Alaska and JetBlue. Even better, the earning rates are solid and also allow travelers to earn points towards elite status.

Are you an American or JetBlue frequent flyer? Will you take advantage of this added ability to earn points and miles on each airline's flights?

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  • Keith Anderson says:

    Any idea when we might be able to redeem AA miles for Jet Blue flights or vice-versa?

  • It is rather annoying that American Airline miles expire though!

  • Very glad to see this – still have JetBlue points from the promo from a couple years ago! Haven’t had the chance to use them aside from a trip hawaii. Glad to see more options!

  • The best part about this is having options. I’ve never flown JetBlue, never had an opportunity, but I will most certainly be keeping an eye out with the knowledge that I can fly a different airline and get rewarded with the loyalty program I’ve signed on with.

  • It’s fantastic that AA and JetBlue are partnering on a points alliance. JetBlue is fantastic for many domestic flights and AA for international travel. It will be interesting to see if other large carriers follow and for alliances with smaller point-to-point domestic airlines.

  • javier cresseri says:

    WOW! Great news for travellers!

  • Linda Mary Falat says:

    Will you be able to use AA miles for Jetblue flights?

    • No, this alliance only involves earning miles, not redeeming them, unfortunately. However, it’s a new partnership that has already improved for the bettter in a short period of time, so perhaps a redemption option will be offered down the road.

  • Great news for travelers from the NE although I have not had a need for use of JetBlue previously. Will have to add them to the mix the next time I make travel plans.

  • This is huge for Chase customers! There are now two transfer partners to book flights on American now. I’m correct in thinking you can use True Blue points for AA award tickets, yes?

    • JT Genter says:

      Not quite yet! But soon you will have three (!) Chase partners that you can use to book AA flights: British, Iberia, and (soon) JetBlue. But we are still waiting for JetBlue and AA to iron out how redemptions will work.


    This is good news for people who are American Airline elite travelers. I wonder if this means that American Airlines will follow JetBlue rules of no mileage expiration.

  • Hopefully other airlines will do this too… It’s a win/win

  • Felipe Di Meo says:

    This is excellent news. I´ll take JetBlue as an option from now on. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the info. Yes, I will most likely use this perk to earn American miles. I’ve been wanting to fly Jet Blue for some time, but with no other partners and the temporary flight suspension out of ONT, there hasn’t been a reason to do so. Ideally flying from ONT and then connecting at JFK for a flight in Mint would be ideal!

  • Unfortunately I don’t think they are included as the article says “AAdvantage members cannot earn points on transatlantic flights operated by JetBlue.”

  • Blackbeered says:

    Alaska and Jet Blue are great partners for AA. This opens up my destination window tremendously.

    Four years ago I was disappointed that AA and Alaska parted ways but am now cheering.

  • Too bad we can’t earn miles in both programs simultaneously by, for example, taking an AA flight. But thanks for a great article, this is good news!

  • I occasionally fly AA and JetBlue. In my case, which program should I pick? JetBlue points don’t expire, so maybe JetBlue?

  • Dee Johnson says:

    Can I simultaneously earn points from both airlines?

  • Derek Khanna says:

    When do flight inventories get merged for cross-flights, like one jetblue then american?

    • I believe connecting flights are already available, if that’s what you mean? There’s no ‘merging of inventory’ but a codeshare agreement, and the flights have been bookable since a couple of weeks ago. You should be able to book a connecting itinerary on either airline’s website.

  • Great notice! Many thanks

  • This is great news – a great way to keep AAdvantage miles from expiring if you live in the Northeast and fly JetBlue.

  • This is indeed great news! I enjoy Jetblue’s in-flight services and snacks, but I always felt like I had to pick between that and AA miles since it was so difficult to achieve anything relevant on Mosaic. We finally now have what I consider a better option to connect domestically after getting off of AA’s international flights.

  • This is certainly a good thing if you are an american airline loyalty program member as they allow earning of miles with 2 other domestic carriers unlike the other legacy carriers.

  • MIchael R Karpiel says:

    Of course the real question is which program should I use since many of us are members of both.

  • Michael Spinato says:

    Other airlines should follow suit on these types of reciprocal partnerships. Definitely makes me more likely to fly these airlines going forward.

  • I cannot wait. I don’t really use JetBlue but I have been eyeing some flights and I would much rather earn with AA. I do wonder how this will all go. Will they also share fares and keep competitiveness low between them in some markets?

  • It is totally a move to consolidate AA’s market share in the NYC area.

  • Alaska – AA – Jetblue, combined…. the most comprehensive coverage of United States

  • Hopefully JetBlue will join OneWorld some day soon too and we can use all our JetBlue points to get to Europe (ie the Continent…)! In the meantime, we can fly to London on JetBlue soon enough…boy these 2 airlines (well and Alaska too) really, really don’t want you flying on Delta do they!

  • During the previous partnership I used to credit my B6 flights to AA, but now I have a pooled B6 account with no point expiration, I’m not sure. I’ll probably get more value out of continuing to credit B6 to B6, and AA to BA, but maintaining a small usable balance with AA.

  • Such a great news! Hope to be on any of these planes back soon!

  • Fernanda Coelho says:

    WOW… very helpfully. I will try it. Thanks for this information.

  • What great news! I learn more things from AwardWallet than the airlines themselves. Glad to earn AA miles on JetBlue, now hoping I’ll be able to USE miles on JetBlue.

  • I’m more interested in seeing what the redemption side of this partnership will look like.

  • This has been a mainstay with international travel (ex earning United miles on international flights operated by other carriers) for awhile so nice to see it picking up traction in the domestic market. I wonder if any other airlines will follow suit on this.

  • Frederick Vos says:

    Can you use American points on any JetBlue flights?

    • JT Genter says:

      Not yet! That’s one aspect of this partnership that we are still waiting on. For now, you can’t redeem AA miles on JetBlue – or visa versa.

  • nice to see the benefits come together for both sides of the scorecard.

  • Maryjane says:

    This is great! I’ve not taken JetBlue due to needing more AA flights for status. Now I can use JetBlue This makes their new service to London even more interesting…as long as those flights are included in this agreement.