Get a $50 Flight Voucher When You Book an American Flight with Mastercard

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This promotion has ended; please review current/active promotions.

American Airlines teamed up with Mastercard to offer AAdvantage members a $50 coupon when booking an AA flight with a Mastercard before September 30, 2021. You can use the $50 voucher on flights booked between November 11, 2021, and March 15, 2022. This great promotion is open to all Mastercard cardholders, not just American Airlines credit cards.

$50 Flight Voucher Mastercard Promotion

This is a relatively simple promotion:

  • First, you'll need to register your Mastercard for the offer.
  • Use your Mastercard to book a flight with American Airlines before September 30, 2021.
  • You will receive a $50 flight voucher within 6-8 weeks to be used on another American Airlines flight between November 11, 2021, and March 15, 2022.
  • You don't need an American Airlines co-branded card for this deal. Any debit, credit, or small business card is eligible.

Terms and Conditions

  • The $50 flight voucher can't be combined with AA trip or flight credits.
  • Only flights within the US valued at $60 or more are eligible for the voucher, not including taxes and fees.
  • Tickets must be booked on, using your AAdvantage number.
  • Each AAdvantage member can only receive one voucher. However, several passengers on the same booking can each earn a voucher using the same Mastercard.
  • Corporate cards are ineligible for this promotion.
  • Only 100,000 vouchers are available.

Our Take

We haven't seen a lot of Mastercard promotions recently, so this is a nice benefit for cardholders. If you're an American Airlines flyer and looking for a Mastercard, the AAdvantage® Aviator® Red World Elite Mastercard® is currently offering 60,000 bonus miles after making your first purchase in the first 90 days and paying the $99 annual fee..

The main disadvantage with this promotion is the limit to the first 100,000 customers. Perhaps not that many people will qualify, but if the number is exceeded, you won't know until after your voucher doesn't arrive. The promotion also doesn't say anything about when your first flight must take place, only when it has to be booked.

The other downside is that you can't combine this voucher with a trip credit, and a lot of travelers are probably still trying to work through flight credits from canceled trips.

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  • Has anyone heard back from mastercard or American with a voucher?

  • Easy $50 voucher is booking with American. With only 100,000 vouchers available, hard to know when they will quit giving them and you don’t know until you don’t receive the voucher. Seems there could be a better way.

    • Yes, the only data point you could find to give you a rough sense of your chances is when the offer was announced. You’d search for its first reference online perhaps or it also looks as if they marketed it with an email announcement someone referenced below. Then, it would be an outright guess as to how many times it was used per day. But, some pro here would have a halfway decent guess at that.

  • Juan Manuel Villa says:

    I could use the voucher to pay for an upgrade on a already booked flight or for extra luggage? Or only to book new flights?

    • The code is only good for new flights. From the T&C: “Gift is valid for reservations made in the U.S. on flights opersated by American Airlines and/or American Eagle originating in the US48, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands” (

  • It’s frustrating that these offers aren’t open to travellers who are based in the UK. I still can’t find an American Airlines credit card that accrues miles and is offered to UK-based customers.

  • Nice offer for those with mastercards!

  • I registered and I’ve bought a ticket with my Barclay Arrival Plus Mastercard. Is it the Mastercard that needs to be registered or just your Aadvantage account number? I didn’t see where I had to input my Mastercard number. (If there was another step, I guess I missed it and am not eligible.

    • You need to register with MasterCard. Just follow the second link in the post to register (or click here). However, you are correct that MC is not collecting your credit card number; just your AA frequent-flyer number. I believe they will link your purchase made through your AA account when you pay with a MasterCard.

  • How long is the bonus credited? Could I buy a ticket for myself and then take advantage of the voucher to buy a ticket for my partner? (although they remain in different reservations)

    • As I understand, each AA frequent flyer is eligible for one $50 credit. Mastercard T&C state that “Gift will be awarded to the account holder” which makes me think that each voucher is tied to the passenger to whom it was awarded. So you may not be able to use the voucher earned in your name to buy a ticket for your partner, but I’m not certain how (or if) that is enforced. In the worst case, you could earn a voucher for both you and your partner buying the first flight and each have $50 for a future flight in your name and your partners name. Hope that helps.

  • No AA flights in my near future to use this.

  • This seems like a pretty good deal especially if you are confident that you can use the voucher. I’ve had bad experiences with vouchers in the past where I’m essentially forced to use an airline that is more expensive and has less preferable flight times than the other flights available just so I can “use” my voucher.

  • Nice perq, for those with plans to fly AA during the specified timeframe.

  • This is a nice promo for the road warriors. I assume everyone has a mastercard.

  • I did get an email on this promotion and when I saw first come first served I immediately dismissed it in my mind. I wasn’t stupid though and signed up but I wouldn’t make an effort to book American if they didn’t have a better fare or flight.

  • Easy way to get a $50 gift card booking with AA

  • Juan Eduardo Gutiérrez says:

    Excelente noticia de American Airlines que se ha asociado con Mastercard para ofrecer a los miembros AAdvantage un cupón de vuelo de $ 50 al reservar un vuelo AA con Mastercard antes del 30 de septiembre de 2021.

  • Tiene algunos problemas esta promoción límite a los primeros 100.000 clientes no muchas personas califiquen, pero si se excede el número, no lo sabrá hasta que no llegue su cupón. La promoción tampoco dice nada sobre cuándo debe realizarse su primer vuelo, solo cuándo debe reservarse.

  • It is an offer practically everyone can take advantage of right away.

  • Strange promotion IMO, but I may bite since I have to fly AA fairly often.

  • Well, if you’re gonna fly anyway on AA in that timeframe, why not….otherwise it’s not enough to change most folks purchase habits….nice perk if you can use it though….

  • What an offer, rather generous actually! Pleased to hear any MasterCard works

  • AA is really on a roll with the promotions in 2021!

  • Definitely a nice extra if planning two AA flights already, but since I’m not, not going to go out of my way to take advantage of it.

  • Interesting that they don’t let you use this with flight credits. Yet another reason to ask for a full refund when possible.

  • Wow! Quite the promotion! I’ll sign up in case I can use it. Thanks!

  • Great offer, esp on a cheap ticket

  • Not sure if I could get the second flight in time to use the $50. Something to consider though…