[Expired] American Express Cardmembers Can Activate a Free Year of Calm Premium Membership [Expired] American Express Cardmembers Can Activate a Free Year of Calm Premium Membership

[Expired] American Express Cardmembers Can Activate a Free Year of Calm Premium Membership

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“Sleep more. Stress less. Live better.”

This tagline for the popular Calm app seems especially attractive during this global period of heightened stress.  We might not be able to travel, dine, or shop quite the way we would like to these days. But maybe we can learn to better appreciate this slower pace?

Thanks to a partnership between Calm and Amex, all U.S. Amex cardholders can enjoy a free premium membership to the app for 12 months. And really, who isn't looking for free ways to live better during these trying times?


Calm is a popular app designed to support users in the pursuit of—well—calm. With guided meditations, breathing exercises, music selections, and even sleep stories, the app offers tools and guidance for “cultivating a happier and healthier life”.


Calm's Partnership With American Express

While Amex cardholders may find it hard to use some of their usual card benefits (Airline Fee Credit anyone?), American Express has been adding new ways to offer value to cardholders.

“We’re so fortunate to serve a membership base of incredibly loyal customers. It was important to us to continue to invest in this loyalty by providing value and support in new and innovative ways.”

-Doug Buckminster, Group President, Global Consumer Services at American Express.

Through the partnership with Calm, all U.S. Amex cardholders can enjoy a free Calm Premium membership for one year by signing up through this page. The membership normally costs $69.99 and cardholders can sign up between now and December 31, 2020. Those who want to continue their membership beyond the first year will receive 50% off the cost of an auto-renewed second year.

Cardmembers that already have a Calm Premium subscription are instructed to cancel their Calm Premium subscription. Then you will be able to sign up for a free subscription through the Amex link.

In the Frequently Asked Questions, Calm confirms that the benefit includes “one Calm Premium subscription offer is available per eligible American Express Card.” Cardholders with multiple Amex cards can give friends or family members a free Calm Premium subscription using their other accounts.

Our Take

Most of us need a little stress relief these days. The Amex and Calm partnership is a nice perk that's easy for cardholders to take advantage of. To sign up, you will have to create a Calm account and provide your Amex card details. You won't be charged but as noted earlier, the subscription will auto-renew (at a 50% discount) after 12 months. If you don't want to pay for the membership, be sure to set a reminder to cancel before your free year is up.

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  • I signed up via the Amex partnership. I had already paid for a year of Calm that was about to expire, so the timing was perfect. I use the app occasionally and probably will pay for another year when the freebie expires. Calm is the best meditation app I’ve seen. I’m just not very consistent (yet) about using it.

  • This is available to Canadian cards members, too!

  • There are so many other sources for this type of content; do people really pay for it? I wish AMEX would offer something more meaningful, or a choice of offerings.

  • I think Calm is a great app for meditation and sleep. Amex card members will need to visit calm.com/amex and create a calm account or log into their existing one.

  • Thank you for the information. I will definitely take advantage of this free offer.

  • Thanks, Amex! I love the app and will enjoy using it. Perfect bedtime stories to help me fall asleep!

  • I’ve seen their tv ads with pouring rain in the Forrest for 30 seconds. I find it irritating not calming and wouldn’t pick it for that reason (there are other environmental sounds that are more calming like surf or birds or even a drizzling rain). Also, I refuse to sign up for a “free service” that needs your credit card so they can charge it a year later if you forget. Not for me!!

  • OK I tried the app and its OK if meditation is your sort of thing. I like Yoga for the stretching, so I see how this could be useful.

  • It’s not an app that would have thought to pay for. But since it is offered free or rather part of membership I’m willing to give it a try. Give these trying times anything can help right?

  • Nice idea from Amex. Would be interesting to poll cardholders later and see how adoption went.

  • Charles Webb says:

    No where near enough of an add-on benefit to make me want to retain a card with fee in excess of $500/year. Good try, though!

  • This one is not for me and adds no value. Although I may not be able to travel now, in more interested in promotions for future travel.

  • Maryjane says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I will sign up and I will use the other subscriptions for some of my family. I will, however, set a reminder to myself to cancel the subscription before the year is up. I’m not sure I would use it enough to justify a cost.

  • Who on this forum has taken advantage of this offer?

  • Florencia says:

    Calm is the best application for relaxation that exists. Well done American!

  • Renewal should be a customer’s choice, not be auto renewed by default.

  • I appreciate Amex improving card benefits, but IMHO this is another pretty much useless one.
    Hopefully they will introduce more meaningful benefits in the coming months.

  • This is great, just signed up! Hadn’t heard about this benefit through AmEx so thanks for sharing!

  • I appreciate the effort of these companies to join and bring new possibilities to get a better time. Good initiative!

  • It’s quite tricky to use auto-renew; my guess is that at least half of the people taking up this offer will forget (don’t care) to cancel.

  • I never heard of Calm before this. I can’t be the only one that finds this news comedic. This is a good sign of the times.

  • I love this add on! I really need this! I will be looking right away into this. I like that I could let someone else have one from my other Amex accounts. This puts Amex one notch higher.

  • Thanks for highlighting this – will give it a try. Appreciate you sharing that it will auto-renew.

  • Does membership cancellation entail monetary penalties?

    • JT Genter says:

      I’m not seeing any mention of that in the terms and conditions. I’m guessing Calm is trying to boost its members and hopes that many Amex cardholders will renew for at least another year!

      • Things like this are usually set to autorenew so that would be my guess – particularly since you’re providing your card info.

  • Has anyone tried this service? Is it even worth signing up for the trial period? I’ve never even used my Saks credit because everything there is so expensive. I fear this could be another relatively useless benefit.

    • JT Genter says:

      I agree that it can be hard to find something good and cheap at Saks, but I have been able to find something for under $50 all-in each time. Check out the sale and clearance sections 🙂

    • Honestly, it just depends on if it is for you. For me, I love it. I find meditation and relaxation techniques, every day, really make my life better. That obviously isn’t going to do it for everyone.

  • William Fay says:

    I’ve been using Calm for a while; their sleep meditations are really helpful, especially the ones read by Tamara Levitt. And thanks for including the direct link for cancelling the current subscription, that was a time-saver as I wouldn’t know where to start!

  • This is an excellent notice. All airlines may offer the same service.

  • It is nice to see AMEX trying to add value for cardholders since so many of the travel benefits are of minimal use right now.

    • And, you can make a case that Calm is a rather thoughtful addition, as many falks are under great stress right now and even having difficulty sleeping.

  • Not a fan of the app. Sorry Amex!