Changing and Decreased Signup Bonuses

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UPDATE: We've updated this post to reflect the latest offers available on the cards listed.

The offer on The Hyatt Credit Card has expired and the card is no longer open to applications. You can find all the details for the new Hyatt co-brand card in our dedicated review.

Increased and limited time sign up bonuses come and go. While nothing is written in stone there are patterns where Spring brings blooming offers and cool down over the summer. When back from Summer vacation, things pick up again before the Holiday rush.

With so many card offers changing, we wanted to showcase some of the signup bonuses these cards now offer.


Easy Southwest Companion Pass

The cards are subject to Chase’s 5/24 policy so won't be an option for lots of folks. But for those that qualify, applying for any combination of business and personal Southwest cards, and meeting the minimum spend, will land you a companion pass with the current offers.

Hyatt Card Signup Bonus Changing from 2 Free Nights to 40K

UPDATE: The bonus on the Hyatt Card has now changed from 2 free nights to 40,000 points.

Chase has announced changes to its popular Hyatt Card, revealing the unrestricted 2 free nights for new cardholders will change to 40,000 World of Hyatt points for applications received after June 29, 2017. It’s a blow for anyone planning to redeem free night certificates at top-tier properties like the Andaz Maui which typically costs 25,000 points per night. However, for World of Hyatt members planning stays at lower-tier Hyatt properties, the new signup bonus may work better. Either way, Thursday is the last chance to secure two unrestricted free nights via the Hyatt Card.

Use your free night certificates at the Andaz Maui

British Airways Visa Offering Bonus Avios

Another card enjoying a resurgence in interest thanks to a mammoth signup bonus is the British Airways Visa Signature® Card. A higher spending requirement than some of its compatriot cards to earn the full welcome offer, the British Airways Visa Card is a great option if you have large expenses in non-bonus categories.

The signup bonus is offered as bonus points on all purchases up to a set spending threshold, with 12 months to earn the full bonus. Don't forget to check out some BA Avios Sweet Spot Awards.

Final Thoughts

As we tick over the end of June and launch into the second half of the year, multiple Chase and Amex offers are coming to an end and this may be your last chance to pick up these increased signup bonuses for the foreseeable future.

The signup bonuses across the Southwest co-brand cards are definitely worth running the numbers on. For a low minimum spend, you could earn yourself one of the best perks in the points-and-miles game with the Southwest Companion Pass.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the current offers or the application process for the cards we’ve listed, get in touch via the comments thread below and we’ll do our best to get you an up-to-date answer.

Changing and Decreased Signup Bonuses
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  • I am still trying to decide whether to get the Amex Delta Skymiles Platinum? I already have the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Citi Prestige.

    • terrible redemption values now with skypesos. I regret getting the card now that it is 70~90K for a 1 way EY ticket US-Asia

    • Air Flyer says:

      I’ve been debating getting the Amex Delta Skymiles Platinum card as well. If it was a Visa I would have gotten it by now.

  • When the credit card company has rules of no bonus points within a certain time range, can you still be eligible if you are approved for a card within that timeline, after already earning points within that range, and hitting the bonus spend after the “grace period”

  • Glad I got I. Early on the southwest companion. Sad to hear about so many changes and ending of great deals. Glad I have one place to learn and stay updated on all of this info. Thanks.

  • I did receive an 80k offer for the Delta Platinum in the mail, but I’m still under 5/24. Guess I’ll be waiting on that one. Hard to see some of these offers disappear sometimes!

  • I’m waiting for something similar here at EU – if you can get 10000 miles you are the happy guy….

  • I finally it the bullet and got the Delta. Never flew on Delta and now find the need.

    Too bad miles haven’t posted yet and tickets just came available for my dates. It really didn’t bother me as they weren’t saver ones anyway.

  • Rebecca Knapp says:

    On multiple occasions my husband and I have applied for the same credit card and he is instantly approved while i have received the “we’ll let you know in 30 days” euphemism for rejection. He is retired and I am still employed as a professor at a medical school, and we either have listed the same income or he has listed a smaller amount based only on his retirement amount. We both have excellent credit scores and the same number of credit cards. Recently this has happened with our applications for the Hilton Honors Visa and the Hyatt Card. Since all factors are the same on our applications except gender, we can’t help but think that the algorithms used by these companies have a built in gender bias. Have you heard of this happening to others?

    • Rebecca, I’ve never heard of this, and a gender bias within a credit card application would not only be highly unlikely but also against the law. I would recommend you review each application closely to see where you can list your combined income and if you don’t receive an instant approval, get on the phone to speak with someone. Oftentimes you’ll get a quick answer as to why you were not approved and what you can do to increase your chances of instant approval. At the same time, you’ll often receive an approval over the phone after clarifying information.

    • Rebecca Hi, Yes we have similar situation. Some times it falls in my favor and sometimes my wife’s favor. The chase 5/24 is a pain. We have been doing Travel hacking big time since 2015 with retirement in fall 2015. Our latest CC no problem are Hilton Surpass amex and AA advantage aviator red barclays. My wife is now having better chase luck because many credit hits from summer 2015 are coming off. After the med school loans at 18% in the 80s Chase is not our favorite company anyway. Check out million mile secrets for more information. Also if you list or spreadsheet when you received CC this may answer some of the CC denials.

  • Bertrand Say says:

    I think one should just look up the offers when there is a need for a new credit card. No need to chase the sign up bonuses since they change all the time.

  • The 100k BA offer is tempting…but if not this go-’round, I’m sure it’ll be back again.

  • Perfect timing to let my recent inquiries and new accounts to cool off on the ol’ report!

  • thanks for update. With Citi/Hiton relationship ending we’re considering what to replace it with.

  • I took advantage of the 60k Delta offer, but butted up against the 5/24, so I’m on pause until next year when I get another Chase UR card… Most disappointed to see those free nights dry up!

  • Fall seems like a good time for reward offers. Last October/November was awesome.

  • AMEX Delta really only makes sense if you get the miles, burn em and cancel the card. Separate Amex question – I just got an upgrade offer to Platinum and took advantage of it. Can you still get the sign-up bonus for the amex platinum card since it was an upgrade? Cannot seem to find the answer to my question anywhere

    • As someone with 3 Delta cards in his household, I can’t agree with this. While SkyMiles credit cards are far from my favorite when it comes to earning miles, the card benefits can easily make sense for a casual Delta flyer. Free checked bag, earlier boarding and companion passes have good value.

      • I guess it depends where you live. I live in a United hub but lately have been getting really good deals on American so the Citi card has been helpful. But I would only use SkyMiles to fly international business on one of their partners. Personally, i prefer first when redeeming so this would be more of a backup

  • I thought about the Delta Platinum too, because it comes with an annual companion certificate, which I would think more than makes up for the AF. I’ve seen a lot more love for the AAdvantage Silver card, which carries the same fee but I think has far inferior benefits. Why isn’t there more hype for this Delta card?

  • My referral emails for the delta business Amex cards show an expiration of 7/26/17, as opposed to 7/05/17. Can someone confirm that the 7/05/17 expiring date only applies to the personal cards?

  • I’d love to see a deeper dive on historical sign-up bonus trends for cards that might be seen as analogs for the likes of a Chase Sapphire Preferred, Reserved, etc. For example, does history suggest that the bonuses for these cards will decrease or increase and with what frequency?

    • High level: Bonuses are driven by an identification of the desire for an issuer to get their product in the hand of consumers and the value proposition of that card.

      In theory, you’d think bonuses would drop over time, but to counteract inflation we often see bonuses stay at similar or slightly higher rates. The exception really is when a new product is introduced, the desire to get it into the market by an issuer is high and we often see a significantly outsized bonus (think 100,000 points/miles).

  • I’m still a little confused with all the hotel credit cards and how it can benefit me. Usually I dont want or need to stay at a nice hotel and while a free night at hilton would be nice, I just dont see the benefit of working towards hotel points..

    • The points to look at would be SPG points — hotel points that transfer to many airlines at a ratio of 1:1 with a bonus 5,000 points/miles when you transfer 20k.

      If hotels aren’t your thing, you shouldn’t otherwise focus on them.

    • You don’t have to stay at a nice hotel. You can stay at cheap ones too for far fewer points (e.g.: Holiday Inns or Hampton Inn).

      For any vacation – figure out how much money you spend on hotels – and you can probably take that all the way down to zero with points.

  • Rick Watts says:

    My wife and I each got the 2 nights free at Hyatt cards from chase a few years back. We stayed 4 nights at the Hyatt Vendome in Paris in $1200 a night rooms so it is a great deal if you stay in the right location

  • So many great options going away. 24 months have passed Hyatt card sign up today before 2 nts gone. SWA Companion pass has actually changed me. Now I can accept a stop if I have a companion to hit the airport bar with. 3 BOGO trips coming up. Will be sad to see mine end

  • Alice Chen says:

    This is really good to know! I got started with credit card bonuses and it’s so sad that they’re going away

  • Hopefully we’ll see new offers on other great cards in the 2nd half of the year!

  • I got the Hilton Citi card from this info. I love that I am getting Hilton miles for such a low amount! I would not have thought about it otherwise. I don’t know if I’ll go for the Amex after the Citi card goes away. I am very curious when I’ll get info from Citi on what they might change me to once the Hilton card is gone.

  • More and more I find myself applying less and anticipating offers that really speak to me. Years ago I managed a lot of cc’s and paid a lot of annual fees. Now I find I prefer operating with fewer cc’s which require higher annual fees. This shift kind of matches my previous out of pocket AF costs but with more bang for my buck either by the sign up bonuses or perks. Still, I watch the landscape of offers diligently while being happy to wear out my CSR.

  • The Southwest 60K offers are still available. They did NOT expire on June 29.

  • If history is an indication doesn’t look like 100k BA offer will get much better so it may be worth grabbing

  • Unfortunately, I got the Southwest card back when it was only 50k miles. Will be quite some time before I can take advantage of the 60k miles offer. I’m sure it will be gone by the time I re-apply.

  • I just got the Delta platinum card, and used a very easy method of reaching the $4000 spending requirement to get 70K bonus miles. I took advantage of an AA buy miles promo. Was able to buy 150K AA miles plus 100K bonus miles, a total of 250K AA miles. Used my new Delta platinum card for the $4300 purchase. Thus instead of having to track all my purchases for the Delta card over a 4 month period I reached the requirement with just one purchase. Right now I’ve got about 300K AA miles and soon will have over 100K Delta miles. Now just hoping I can use them when I want/need to travel!

  • I am looking for advice. We are trying to get a companion pass. We signed up for a southwest plus card for my husband October 1st to receive the 60,000 point bonus. We also canceled his premier card since he had had it for over 24 months and we tried to sign up for another premier card the same night for an additional 60.000 bonus points. We were approved for the plus but denied for the premier because we still owed money on the previous account. By the time we got it all worked out the reward points for opening a new credit card was back down to 40,000 points. We waited and are just now reaching the credit limit on the plus card so it will post in 2018. We keep checking and waiting for the bonus to go back up to 50,000 or 60,000 points, but don’t know when that will be. We have 3 options, sign up now for the 40,000 point bonus and go on a spending spree to get that last 10,000 points needed for the companion pass, or keep waiting until the bonus increases, or sign up for a business card even though he does not remotely close to owning a business. He is a pediatrician and works for a big medical group. He consults for friends and family on the side but doesn’t get paid for it. Any insight or educated guesses on when the sign up points will increase. I don’t want to sign him up for the card with 40,000 point bonus if it’s going to go up to 50,000 in a couple weeks. I also don’t want to keep waiting for months and months. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    • We, unfortunately, don’t know when the signup bonus will increase. When we know, we share it. The chance that the bonus increases before the end of the year, I would say, is close to 0%. Unfortunately, I think you’re out of luck.

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