Select Chase Cards Now Offer NEXUS Membership Fee Reimbursement Select Chase Cards Now Offer NEXUS Membership Fee Reimbursement

Select Chase Cards Now Offer NEXUS Membership Fee Reimbursement

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If your Chase credit card comes with a Global Entry/TSA PreCheck reimbursement benefit, you may have a new use. Chase recently, but quietly, added a new option to several of its cards: an application fee credit for the Trusted Traveler Program called NEXUS.

This isn't an additional credit on top of the Global Entry/TSA PreCheck credit — just another option instead of using the once-per-four-years credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck.

What is NEXUS?

NEXUS is a bilateral program for U.S. and Canadian travelers that gives prescreened passengers crossing between the US and Canada expedited processing. Members with NEXUS can use kiosks located at border crossings, airports (Global Entry kiosks when entering the U.S.), and also at marine reporting locations.

The cost to apply for NEXUS is $50 on either side of the border. And, unlike some other Trusted Travel Programs, NEXUS is limited to U.S. Citizens, U.S. lawful permanent residents, and Canadian citizens.

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Key Terms

  • Certain Chase credit cards now include reimbursement for NEXUS application fees instead of Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. See list below of which cards come with the NEXUS option.
  • Credits are good once every 4 years.
  • A NEXUS application costs $50
  • NEXUS includes TSA PreCheck and Global Entry

(At least) the following Chase cards now offer this new NEXUS application fee statement credit option:

Image of US passport and Global Entry card. Global Entry is included with NEXUS, the fee for which some Chase credit cards will reimburse.

Benefits of NEXUS

  • Expedited vehicle and pedestrian entrance into the United States or Canada.
  • Expedited marine entry into the United States from Canada.
  • Get access to TSA PreCheck when available at U.S. airports.
  • Use Global Entry when arriving into the U.S.
  • Children under 18 need their own NEXUS membership, but it is free to add them when added to an adult's application.

It can't be understated that having a NEXUS membership automatically includes the ability to use Global Entry and TSAPrecheck. Moreover, the NEXUS application fee is the cheapest of all three of these programs.

How to Apply for NEXUS

Getting NEXUS involves applying for the program and eventually undergoing an interview, which you'll need to do at a mandated airport facility. To get NEXUS, you'll need to do the following:

  • Apply Online, which you can do here. Note that first you'll either need to login or create an account.
  • Fill in the information to enroll for NEXUS.
  • Schedule & attend your in-person appointment. You can find your closest enrollment center here.
  • Once you have been accepted, your membership will be good for 5 years.

For your interview, you will need to be seen and questioned by representatives from both the US and Canadian border authorities.

Screen shot of NEXUS application process.
The Department of Homeland Security's Trusted Travel Website takes you through the entire process –from setting up your account, to scheduling your interview.

Final Thoughts

NEXUS is a great option for frequent international travelers who want to avoid the lines and hurry through airport security. Along with the same perks that Global Entry and TSA PreCheck offer, you can enjoy a sped-up customs process into the United States and expedited entry into Canada.

Essentially, you can get all three programs (NEXUS, Global Entry, and TSA PreCheck) by applying for NEXUS — making it the best option for some travelers. And now some Chase credit cards will reimburse you for the $50 application fee.

Have you used the NEXUS application reimbursement benefit from your Chase cards yet?

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  • mamasweetpea says:

    anyone know if Chase covers two nexus applications since they reimburse up to $100 for TTP? has anyone had any success or experience with getting both credited back? I am only seeing one and not the second. thanks

    • Ryan Smith says:

      Great question. I wish the answer was “yes,” but it reads like “no.” Here’s the wording from the Aeroplan Card:
      “Global Entry or TSA PreCheck® or NEXUS Application Fee Statement Credit. To be eligible for this statement credit, you must use your Chase Aeroplan Card to complete either the Global Entry, TSA PreCheck® or NEXUS application and pay the application fee. You will receive one (1) statement credit (up to $100) every four (4) years after the first program (either Global Entry or TSA PreCheck® or NEXUS) application fee is charged to your Chase Aeroplan Card, by you or an authorized user.”
      You can receive only one statement credit, and application fees will be charged separately for each applicant.

  • “For your interview, you will need to be seen and questioned by representatives from both the US and Canadian border authorities.” – If you live in the USA far from the US-Canada border, and are not traveling towards Canada anytime soon, how do you interact with the Canadian border authorities?

  • So, NEXUS only costs $50, but has all the benefits of GlobalEntry and PreCheck which cost $100 and $85, respectively? There must be a catch. Otherwise, why would everybody just apply for NEXUS?

    • Dinh – it does seem to good to be true. I had to read and re-read this info multiple times to verify before we posted. I think the fee is lower because it’s less common, requires the interview with Canadian border patrol (maybe people don’t want to deal with that?), the perception there are more hoops to jump through…? Not sure.

  • Very interesting but Global is best for me. I do not live close enough to Canada to go there that frequently, Mexico yes and I don’t go there even. I can see this being a very good thing for everyone living just across the border.

  • In the NEXUS section of the website, it says it “may” include TSA Pre-Check and there is no mention of it including Global Entry. The article says those are included. What am I missing?

    • BJB – “All NEXUS members can enjoy the benefits of Global Entry at no additional cost through using the Global Entry kiosks for entry at participating airports.

      When using the Global Entry kiosks in Canada Preclearance locations you can use your passport, U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident card or NEXUS card. You cannot use your NEXUS card at Global Entry kiosks outside of Canadian Preclearance locations. At all other ports, you will need to use your passport or U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident card.

      If you are traveling with persons into Canada or the United States that are not NEXUS members, you must use the regular lanes.”

  • First of all, it’s about time…dual US/Canadian citizen here who has had Nexus since it first started (and CANPASS – the Canadian only version of this – before that). I could never understand why Nexus, was never reimbursed as part of the GE/Precheck credits – amazing considering the program is half the cost of GE, and still less than Precheck alone. For me, who crosses the border multiple times a year, the full cost is well worth it, but it baffles the mind why I’ve had the GE credit benefit but never been able to use it – makes no sense. If you need to go through Pre-clearance just once at YYZ, especially in the peak morning rush, this program is well worth it.

    A couple of big disclaimers missing in this piece though. First, you mentioned that you need to be interviewed by both US and Canadian authorities to be approved, which is absolutely correct. No mention of the fact it’s not that easy depending on where you are – the locations are all in Canada or along the US side of the Canadian border (the deepest into the US is the Seattle office), so take into account you’d need to get to a Nexus center to complete the interview.

    Second, important to note that at the moment, interview are not taking place because all Nexus enrollment centers are closed again, you can still apply (in fact, both mine and my wife’s expire this year – so we need to renew – current members are having the benefits extended so long as they submit the application prior to the membership expiring). Our 6 year old also renewed hers last year, but still needs an interview as centers have been closed essentially since COVID started. Even before the closures came it was difficult to get interview times at many enrollment centers – and now with the backlog, it is going to be worse. Maybe this means more renewals will be auto-approved instead of requiring interviews – rumor has it that many renewing have had this waived in the past, but I’ve renewed several times and never had this happen.

    Lastly, would be nice if Amex and the other card issuers extended their benefit as well. There’s some pretty good speculation that Chase kind of had to add this option with their recently launched Aeroplan card, since having the Nexus on there is probably much more relevant to many who are investing in a card with Air Canada’s loyalty program. However, would be nice if the other issuers added it to compete. With me and my wife both having renewals in the same year, and both a CSR and Amex plat in the family, we can only reimburse one – while that is definitely an improvement from past years, would be nice, give the cost of these cards, if they both reimbursed it.

  • Just did this last week with Sapphire Reserve. Reimbursement is automatic and immediate:

    Jan 23, 2022 KNOWN TRAVELER CREDIT Fees & adjustments -$50.00

    Jan 23, 2022 USCUSTOMS TRUSTEDTRAVELER Bills & utilities $50.00

    This was for a NEXUS renewal which occurred surprisingly fast.
    1/23/2022 applied online for renewal. Status “Wait for Conditional Approval”
    1/29/2022 Got e-mail “TTP Application Status Change.” Approved!

    Renewal did not require re-interview or updated photo. Can continue to use old card until new card arrives in mail.

    Also NEXUS includes all the benefits of Global Entry. Love this program, wish I’d been able to use it for the last two years!

  • This needs to be noted, most Nexus enrollment centers are in Canada. Not exactly easy for most Americans to get to these centers even before Covid.