Frontier Status Match: Elite Perks for a Reasonable Price Frontier Status Match: Elite Perks for a Reasonable Price

Frontier Status Match: Elite Perks for a Reasonable Price

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From better seats to more practical benefits, having airline status is an easy way to enhance your air travel experience. Status with Frontier Airlines is no different, even though it's a low-cost carrier.

Out with a new offer, Frontier is allowing you to “match” your airline, hotel, or cruise program status to Frontier Miles — and it could save you a lot of money if you see yourself flying the airline with any regularity.

Here's all you need to know about Frontier's latest status match offer.

Status Match to Frontier From Airline, Hotel & Cruise Programs

Frontier's status match offer looks slightly different than most airline status match offers. Frontier has ditched the typical challenge element (where you need status in another program), instead allowing travelers an opportunity to purchase Frontier status, valid until December 31, 2024.

Frontier has expanded the number of programs eligible for the status match offer. There's now a total of 45 programs that can match to Frontier Miles.

You can view the complete list of status match-eligible programs and the Frontier Miles loyalty tiers they will translate to here.

Frontier Airlines elite status tiers

Frontier Airlines offers three levels of status: Elite 20K, Elite 50K, and Elite 100K. Starting with even the lowest level, you'll find that a lot of the nickel-and-diming that comes with flying a low-cost carrier is done away with almost entirely.

Holding status with Frontier allows you to enjoy complimentary carry-on bags, seat assignments, stretch seating, priority boarding, and more.

You can find the benefits of each status level below:

Frontier status benefits by tier - Elite 20K, 50K, and 100K.
Credit: Frontier

How to status match to Frontier Miles

The process to “match” status to Frontier is simple. Follow the link to the registration page here, and the airline will ask you a few questions about the statuses you currently hold, which you'll verify with a photo or screenshot. Before you submit your payment, Frontier will confirm the status level you'll match to and the associated costs.

Status match from American Airlines Platinum to Frontier Elite 50K.
Credit: Frontier

Fees associated with “matching” are based on the status level received. You can find them below.

  • Elite 20K: $99
  • Elite 50K: $99
  • Elite 100K: $149

If you've status-matched to Frontier previously since November 1, 2020, you will be on the hook for an extra $50 in application fees.

The last step in the process is submitting payment. A point of caution is that this application fee is non-refundable, even if the match is not approved for some reason. So be careful when speculatively attempting to status match and avoid trying to game the system.

Frontier status sounds great, but what if I can't match?

While this option isn't new, Frontier also offers the option to purchase Elite 20K status outright for $499 — offering you status earn without the matching element. Status is good until the end of next year (December 31, 2024).

You're eligible for this offer if you're a travel credit cardholder and reside in the U.S.

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Offer Terms

The Frontier Airlines status match offer has relatively straightforward terms, so there's not much need to dig into the fine print in search of strings attached.

You can find the most notable terms below and the full terms here:

  • The offer expires on December 31, 2023.
  • Only one status match per person is allowed during this campaign. You can't make changes after approval.
  • To retain status beyond the initial 12 months, you must re-qualify as per the Frontier program rules within the qualifying timeframe.
  • Anyone who has received a status match/status challenge with Frontier in the past three years may be eligible for another status match and will incur an additional $50 fee on top of the standard status match application fees.
  • Local taxes may apply to residents of some regions.
  • All status match requests are handled by and are the responsibility of and not by Frontier Airlines or any of its affiliates.

Does It Make Sense to Status Match?

Taking advantage of the Frontier Airlines status match offer makes the most sense if you see yourself flying the airline regularly. In this sense, “regularly” means more than a trip or two throughout the status period. Frontier's business model centers around providing a cheap flight and charging for each and every extra, and having status negates a lot of this.

Prices for bags, seats, and priority extras vary depending on the route you fly but can quickly eclipse the cost of paying for status. Prices in the realm of $50 each way for carry-on and checked bags are incredibly common. In some cases, these can be much higher.

For illustrative purposes, here's a flight between Atlanta and Boston connecting in Orlando. The total for this itinerary without any extras is $44.58.

Frontier flight from ATL to BOS that costs $44.58.
Credit: Frontier

If you choose to forego Frontier's complimentary random seat assignment, you could pay between $21 and $61 to select a seat on the first leg of your journey and between $27 and $75 for the second leg. At a minimum, this comes out to $48 — already doubling the original cost of the flight.

Carry-on and checked bags are priced per direction. For this itinerary alone, prices are pretty steep. You can see the breakdown below.

Frontier bag prices for the ATL to BOS flight - starting at $53 each for a carry-on and checked bag.
Credit: Frontier

If you check a bag and carry one on, this tacks $106 onto the fare. Add even the bare minimum costs of $48 for selecting seats, and your $44.58 one-way flight becomes $198.58.

For this one flight, you would incur a cost of $154 in extras alone. Comparatively, your cost for these same extras would be substantially less or even waived completely had you purchased Frontier status for as little as $99.

TL;DR: If you travel Frontier with any regularity and pay for extras, you might save a lot of money by purchasing status with the status “match” offer. Check the math before you book your next flight!

Bottom Line

Frontier's latest promotion to status “match” and pay for Elite 20K, 50K, or 100K Frontier Miles status presents an intriguing and cost-effective option for those who fly the airline with any regularity and pay for seats, bags, or other extras.

The cost to match your status from another airline, cruise, or hotel loyalty program could be well worth the cost to do so! Make sure to match by December 31, 2023 if you're interested in this offer.

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  • Thank you for the post! I was contemplating at $49 match fee at first but I was planning to make weekend getaways in 2022 so I gave it a try.
    Status match went through within 24hrs and I went to the frontier counter to buy the ticket at the airport.
    I was be able to buy me and my three other friends’ RT tickets (from SNA to LAS) for whooping $38 each for Friday to Sunday itinerary (for those of you who doesn’t know about buying frontier, allegiant, and sprint tickets at the airport saves you somewhere around $15-$20 each segment heck, look it up. It’s real)
    Best part was since I, Elite 50k member, was on the same booking reservation, my friends were be able to choose stretch seats for free ahead of time.

    I got a free carry on (currently offered at $55 one way) and free stretch seat for me and my three other friends ($ xx. Not sure how much they charge).
    I think $49 was totally worth it.
    Now I read this article again, I’m thinking maybe I should’ve paid for another $199 to upgrade to Elite 100k for the works bundle for friends and family.
    Oh well.
    Still, great info.
    Thank you!

  • I have never used frontier airline so far. This new offer does catch my eyes for it this time.

  • Bil from Maine says:

    They fly out of PWM though I probably wouldn’t fly them because of the other options I have there. I’m signing up anyway because you never know, and things happen.

  • Laurence Richman says:

    “One of the biggest complaints from travelers flying discount carriers is the surprise fees.”

    Do you mean like the “$49 application fee to verify and process your status match” which you do not mention at all in your email – and is only briefly mentioned towards the end of your long article?

    Kind of disingenuous of you to practically ignore (hide) that. Then again, it is a sponsored email/article. I’ve never paid a fee for a status match with any hotel or airline.

    • Thank you for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry it wasn’t clear up front that there is a fee to take advantage of the Frontier Status Match offer. We always try to summarize the key info to help you decide if an offer is worth investigating further, and we missed an important detail with this email.

      I’ve passed your message along to our Editor-in-Chief so that we can improve our future email communication.

  • You snooze you lose. They stopped matching top hotel elite statuses to Elite 100K on 12/7/2021.


    siempre es agradable encontrar estos matcheos. Sobre todo a los amantes de los viajes nos encanta. Sin embargo, a veces parece que esto no termina más… cuando será el día que podamos volver a viajar y beneficiarnos con estas oportunidades, como lo solíamos hacer antes

  • Does $49 fee worth the value to get status match?

    • Sherry – it depends on what you will get out of it. Checked bag fees start at $30 with Frontier. Choosing a seat can start at $17. If you use the benefits a few times in a year, that’s definitely more than $49 in savings. Compare it to your potential travel plans, then see which number is bigger for you. If $49 is worth it, then you can apply.

  • I just did this a couple weeks ago and they matched my IHG Platinum Elite to the 50K level. No free checked bags but free carry-on, seat assignment and some other things that makes it worthwhile to use Frontier if you’re in a location where they have a lot of flights…

  • Filled out the application with a photo proving my platinum elite status at IGH. Got to the last page and found out Frontier wants $49 to verify my status with IGH and then they’ll accept my application. Frontier is fishing, casting about for new elite members and then trying to set the hook with a $49 fee that was not revealed anywhere that I could see in their promotion. I won’t take the bait.

  • While Frontier did match my IHG hotel status to their Elite 20K, Alaska denied my status match to their MVP because my Frontier status was obtained via a promotion.

  • How long does this matched status last? How do I maintain the status?

  • Nice. Definitely saves money after 1 flight. Wonder if the venture X card get you status here

  • Your email leaves out the fact that it charges $49. Not sure why I have to pay $49 if they require me to take a photo? Ill pass.

    • Thank you for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry it wasn’t clear up front that there is a fee to take advantage of the Frontier Status Match offer. We always try to summarize the key info to help you decide if an offer is worth investigating further, and we missed an important detail with this email.
      I’ve passed your message along to our Editor-in-Chief so that we can improve our future email communication.

  • Misleading... says:

    The $49 application fee should not be buried at the bottom of the post.

  • The fact that there is a $49 fee for a status match should have been at the top of the article.

  • $49 fee for a status match? For Frontier? I don’t think so.

  • Joe, Do you have AMEX aspire? Did you get them to reimburse this? If so, did they do it automatically?

  • Can someone help me with a doubt… for my itinerary I am finding Frontier flights on CheapOAir much cheaper than what they are Frontier website (>$200 cheaper per RT ticket). If I do the status match to 50k level, but then buy the tickets on CheapOAir, then will I get free carry on and seat assignment?

    • Neena – yes, you should be able to later add your reservation into your account on Frontier’s website. If in doubt, contact Frontier and ask them “am I required to buy tickets directly from you to get the status benefits?” I’m positive the answer is ‘no’, but if you want to confirm before spending money that’s a good way to have something from them in writing.