Google Announces Bill Protection on Project Fi Google Announces Bill Protection on Project Fi

Google Announces Bill Protection on Project Fi

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Project Fi, a mobile phone plan by Google, just introduced their own “unlimited” data plan. Project Fi offers simple flat rate billing, seamless connectivity between cell and open Wi-Fi, and “pay for what you use” data pricing. Google is now improving their service and your potential savings even further with their newly announced Bill Protection.

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What is Project Fi Bill Protection?

Bill Protection is essentially a combination of their already existing $10/GB data plan with the flexibility of an unlimited plan. For a single person this means that anything over 6 GB is absolutely free, with one small catch — anything above 15 GB is subject to slower speeds unless you pay $10/GB. Better still, ALL data is covered by Bill Protection, including international and data only SIM cards.

For plans with multiple people, the total amount of data you'll pay for before Bill Protection kicks in his higher. See the chart below:

Google Project Fi Bill Protection Limits
Data you'll pay for with Google Fi before Bill Protection kicks in

As for the limit before slower speeds/throttling kicks in with multiple people on the plan, we can't seem to find this number, so if you've got it please share.

Key Features of Project Fi with Bill Protection

  • Still only pay for what you use
  • No cut-offs, just slower speeds
  • Domestic, International and Data-only SIM data is covered
  • Automatic connectivity to open Wi-Fi with built-in data protection

Project Fi Bill Protection Example

Our Take

If you don't use much cellular data you're not going to see any benefit from Bill Protection, but it's always nice to know that you have the option to be a bit more liberal with your data use when Wi-Fi isn't readily available. Remember, Project Fi automatically connects to open Wi-Fi sources and encrypts your data, meaning you have to worry even less in areas with abundant Wi-Fi access. Most people don't burn through 6 GB a month (nevermind a whopping 15 GB) yet this plan offers huge benefits and peace of mind for both international and domestic travellers who use a lot of data without access to Wi-Fi. This plan just makes sense — you pay for what you use without being penalized for those rare months go over the top.

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