[Extended] Get $30 Cashback From Google Pay by Completing Spring Challenges [Extended] Get $30 Cashback From Google Pay by Completing Spring Challenges

[Extended] Get $30 Cashback From Google Pay by Completing Spring Challenges

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Google Pay is giving users $30 cashback for completing spring challenges between April 12 and May 3, 2021. To claim your $30 bonus, you'll need to collect five stamps. If you don't already have the new Google Pay app downloaded, you'll need to do that to enroll in this offer.

Google Pay $30 Cashback Promotion

Google Pay is serious about getting people to use its app and going contactless. A new promotion has just launched giving users $30 cashback just for completing simple tasks, such as paying friends or redeeming cashback offers. Each task has the chance of giving you a stamp. Collect five different stamps to claim your $30 cashback.

To enroll in this promotion, take the following steps.

  • Download the NEW Google Pay app. This app replaces the old Google Pay app, and usually shows up on the home screen as GPay, not Google Pay.
  • Open the Google Pay app HQXJa1QoXZF0Wc3JoEKzFvD4owWeRwKtX2NIXSi5tLMcAu0ftEx4pqw5OGyZJq7CcA=h36.
  • At the top right, tap your profile picture or Account jC4ePqUEwRsRvsAYuhkQNFd7bROtYT2W8Ps_yUbqvayLlEV51XGTW8NV8khbeUBH63tj=w36-h36.
  • Tap Settings and then Offers & rewards.
  • Turn Earn rewards on qualifying actions on.
  • Collect all 5 unique spring stamps to get $30 USD.
  • After you collect your final stamp, tap the claim button and $30 USD will appear as money in Google Pay.
  • If you do not claim your $30 cashback by May 3, 2021 after collecting your stamps, you will forfeit it.

Note that there are only 200,000 $30 cashback bonuses to claim, so don't wait until the end of this promotion to collect all your stamps.

Earning and Trading Stamps

Here's the full list of tasks that can earn you a stamp:

  • Open the promotion page in Google Pay.
  • Pay a unique friend.
  • Gift an extra stamp to a unique friend.
  • Refer a friend that makes a first payment.
  • Tap to pay a unique business.
  • Pay 3 friends or businesses today you haven't paid before.
  • Redeem cashback offers at 2 participating merchants.
  • Activate spending insights on your bank account or card.

Google Pay Spring Challenges promotion


The five stamps you can collect are Robin, Grizzley, Alligator, Elk, and Fox. Some of the challenges will give you a guaranteed stamp, while other challenges will give you a random stamp. The random stamps have a 95% chance of being Robin, Grizzley or Alligator, and a 5% chance of being Elk or Fox.

Each of the challenges has a daily limit (either 1, 3 or 5 times) or a limit for the whole challenge (inviting 3 friends, redeeming cashback offers, or visiting the promotion page). Completing that challenge more than the daily limit will not get you additional stamps, and will not roll onto the following day's limit.

If you get more than one stamp and are missing another, you can trade stamps with your friends.

Once you've collected all five stamps, make sure to claim your $30 cashback on the promotion page. The cashback will be credited to your Google Pay account.

The “Activate spending insights on your bank account or card” challenge connects Plaid to your bank account to help monitor your spending. Unfortunately, I tried linking my Schwab Bank account, and there's a problem connecting to that bank. Hopefully, you won't have a problem connecting to your bank so you can collect that stamp.

Our Take

This is a fun and easy way to get $30 cashback this month. Just make sure to follow the steps carefully, and use the new Google Pay app (GPay). I'm still surprised that contactless is hardly used in the U.S., considering it's almost the only way to pay many places in Europe. Some countries, such as Iceland, have gone completely contactless. During my week in Iceland, I only saw the local currency once — and that was by an American who didn't have a contactless card.

This promotion also ties into other offers with your linking cards. You'll be able to earn even more cashback with the challenge to redeem cashback offers at 2 participating merchants.

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  • Thanks for the tip!

  • Denise Martin says:

    This might help push me into concerned payments. I’m a 100% credit card payments spender. Making it a game with a cash prize, now it’s interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Sofia Guerrero says:

    Too bad I just read this! I won’t make it! 🙁

  • Outside US, the contactless payment is very common. Specially in China, the Credit Card is not useful at all. People scan the QR code with their phone and the transaction is completed.

  • I completely agree. I do not know why more stores don’t have the tap on their pay consoles. I really have to go out of my way to shop somewhere who does. I do not really clothes shop or shop at target, who have this. I wish more did. I wish more restaurants had a mobile payment that comes to my table. I have had it at only one restaurant here in the US and it’s awesome! It even calculated the tip once I put in a percentage. I know that made me up my tip some.
    I do Samsung pay and I don’t think I’ll do this, but it’s great for those who want to. I wish Samsung would do something.

  • Mylinh Nguyen says:

    Ahh darn. I’m late to the game on this. Lucky the challenges aren’t too unobtainable in short time frame!

  • Marina Abbondandolo says:

    Great deal. Wish to have more of these.

  • salina chen says:

    this is definitely worth doing.

  • Easy $30, didn’t take that long to do everything.

    • You can get the fox or elk guaranteed with some activities, so this looks relatively easy for everyone to complete if you build a small referral chain of maybe 3 people. With trading and paying each other, you’d have plenty of stamps.