Hyatt and American Airlines will Offer Reciprocal Benefits for Elites

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American Airlines and World of Hyatt have announced a new partnership offering crossover benefits to elite members of both programs. While no date has been officially set, it is estimated that the program will formally launch in late 2019.

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Partnership Details

So far the details are a bit thin, but here is what we know so far:

  • World of Hyatt Discoverist, Explorist, and Globalist members are set to earn one bonus World of Hyatt point per dollar spent on qualifying American Airlines flights.
  • AAdvantage Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum, and Concierge Key members, are set to earn one bonus AAdvantage mile per dollar spent at qualifying Hyatt properties.
  • AAdvantage Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Executive Platinum members, as well as World of Hyatt Explorist and Globalist members, will get the chance to take part in special status-match challenges.
  • AA Concierge Key members will receive Hyatt Globalist status, although some perks will be restricted compared with those who have achieved status via the normal route

Our Take

It is always great news when you can leverage one elite status to gain perks with another program. Hopefully, more details will be announced soon, and the level of partnership will be even greater than the reciprocal benefits confirmed thus far. One thing to remember is that there are other airline hotel partnerships, like the one between United and Marriott, so it is always worth checking to see your elite status with one program confers benefits with another.

Source: One Mile At A Time

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  • Can they just launch this already? I’m not staying at Hyatt’s until they announce the challenge offering for Executive Platinum members.

    • I really don’t get the point of these pre-event marketing notices. Just like Apple with TV+ and disney with their streaming services. When you launch these offers make them available so people can start paying/utilizing!!!

      • This is a really good point. The whole buzz dies down by the time it is available.

      • Here’s my theory on timing, and you know they have one. This is perhaps a way to get the buzz, the attention – the marketing, which these offers and programs always are – and not have to pay out the offer to some because people simply forget. So, they bolster their brand by people saying: “hey, that’s a good offer.” But, then, not everyone remembers to use it, so it’s marketing without paying out all the offer benefits/cost they would have to if everyone remembered/registered immediately. Or, it’s simply a way to stretch the marketing out with two attention points.

    • Agreed! Each time I see a new announcement, like this, I think (hope) it is finally ready to go! Unfortunately, just another announcement “we plan to launch”.

  • They need to launch this already. I’m not staying at any Hyatt properties until they announce the challenge for AA Executive Platinum members.

  • Most interested in any status matches or challenges to obtain Hyatt Globalist. Will have to wait and see.

  • I just made Discoverist and this definitely makes me want to achieve Explorist Status. Nice when you can get benefits from two programs that you already use anyway. But I agree — that need to hurry up and implement it.

  • I am very excited about the status match opportunity.
    Hopefully it’ll be good!

  • Hopefully happens soon. Got some bonuses from previous promotions and this one could be pretty interesting.

  • I am looking forward to this partnership!

  • Great news since I decided to make Hyatt my primary hotel for travel. Marriott has ruined the SPG program.

    • I don’t know if they have ruined it, but they’ve certainly made it for less enticing compared to stays such as Hyatt, etc.

  • I’ve been rethinking my Hyatt loyalty, but unfortunately this won’t be enough to cause me to reconsider.

  • It’s really good news, at least for me

  • Excited for the partnership, but would be nice to know when it launches. AA/Hyatt really provided very little information. Definitely willing to give Hyatt a shot with the partnership.

  • Interesting to see the hotels and airlines pairing up. I wonder who will be next? The Delta Skymiles crossover with SPG ended as Marriott was already partnered with United. Perhaps Delta will link up with Hilton as they’re about the only major hotel and airline left who isn’t already doing some form of crossover program.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait for this launch hopefully soon so I can plan my Hyatt stay around that. Love Hyatt properties and love points/miles.

  • This is actually pretty huge news! Thanks

  • Oh now this interests me. I cannot wait until more information comes out. I don’t know if I would try and get status with Hyatt until all the info comes out. I know I would enjoy more AA miles per flight.
    I really need to look into the Marriott and United agreement more.

  • It is like the old Delta – Starwood reciprocal membership.

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    Excellent hotels chain. Its always great when I can leverage one elite status to gain perks with another program. I’ll see if this works.

  • Leveraging status is always a good thing, and it’s relatively easy to get and keep Hyatt status already with their MLife relationship.

  • I have status with AA, but Hyatt doesn’t have hotels in places I often travel.

  • This sounds really great. Can’t wait to see how this develops.

  • LadyAnglesey says:

    This is good news, but I’m hoping to see something similar between Hilton and American Airlines. Hilton is notoriously non-participant when it comes to converting AA miles to HHonors points. But they do seem to follow the leader in many aspects. Just as they did with increasing their cancellation policy to 48+ hours (from 24), and lowering their travel agencies commission basis. Not an innovator, but if they align with AA I’ll finally be able to transfer points easily to Hilton for free stays.

  • Good to know! I love these agreements.

  • Always nice to see something like this.

  • Finally, good news for members.

  • very exciting. look forward to the next update.

  • Wow this is gonna be great I will definitely take advantage of this offer.

  • Great news, probably will be very popular due to what’s happened with the SPG program.

  • It is a shame the link up isn’t between American Airlines and Hilton or IHG. Unfortunately Hyatt don’t have good coverage in places I visit.

  • The sooner they launch this, the better for me. Like really soon. I’ve got an AA flight and Hyatt stays next week. 😀

  • Patrick B. says:

    While I don’t have membership/status with that hotel chain, it will be great to see more details about this emerging partnership.

  • Kudos to them. Partnerships are a great way to make people like us happy.

  • This seems like a step in the right direction, but I’m not sure. Hopefully, it works out.

  • This could be a good one. I didn’t get Starwood status until after the crossover rewards ended, but I also haven’t flown Delta since they pulled their international flights from my airport. Being an AA hub hostage, I’ll actually benefit for a change. Hopefully it starts soon, I have some flights coming up.

  • Always nice to get reciprocal benefits among programs.

  • Hopefully we will be able to leverage status at another hotel into Hyatt status and then into AA status. Hopefully this will be so.

  • Finaly some good news. Hoping some benefit related to lounge access.

  • Looking forward to more promos where you can earn both Hyatt points and AA miles for the same stay…

  • do kyoo yang says:

    it looks good. I look forward to have benefits of elite

  • I really don’t get the point of these pre-event marketing notices. Just like Apple with TV+ and disney with their streaming services. When you launch these offers make them available so people can start paying/utilizing!!!

  • well done!

  • Any idea when it will go live?

  • Too bad this isn’t available for all members of the program.

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    I love crossovers. It would be nice if Delta will link up with Hilton as they’re about the only major hotel and airline left who isn’t already doing some form of crossover program. I hope to make the most of this.

  • Benjamin Tan says:

    Good news!

  • This will work out great for me.

  • Thanks for the information!

  • Great news!!! AA Status and I love Hyatt!!!

  • This sounds very promising. Will have to wait for details on when this goes live.

  • I think Hilton gives Diamond status to Gold Guest List status holders in the BA Executive Club, so there certainly are a few hotel/airline partnerships.

  • Too bad there is a delay in implementation, however maybe the information is simply being spread too early. Will wait and see how it unfolds. Thanks for the update.

  • For me, this is great.

  • Might be good incentive to jump ship from Marriott to Hyatt next year. Especially with Hyatt adding a few new brands (Thompson).

  • I’m glad they’re adding new partnerships!

  • It’s too bad there is nothing for Discoverists. Even 0.5 mile/point per dollar spent would have been nice.

  • This will also be a way to keep my Hyatt points from expiring since I do not have regular stays.

  • Hoping this rolls out soon. Would love to use my Hyatt points.

  • I have used Hyatt just in few occasions so this partnership does not bring any added value for me!

  • Love these cross benefits.

  • This is perfect timing as I’m jumping ship from Marriott and wouldn’t mind having an easier time getting airline elite status.

  • Tony Williams says:

    Perfect! Can’t Wait

  • This is great news. I already have AA status and it would be nice to be able to leverage it into Hyatt status.

  • So is there a way to get a Hyatt credit card and then get status with AA?

    • Great question. They haven’t confirmed any status match opportunities to my knowledge, but they have said that elites in both programs will have access to “special status-match challenges.” If you have the Hyatt card and earn elite status through spending, that may work out to get you easier access to AA elite status, but there aren’t many firm details at the moment.

  • This would be great if I was still elite with Hyatt. Regretfully I don’t think the lowest tier Hyatt reciprocates into anything with AA

  • Federico says:

    Great! I guess I should signup for Hyatt rewards now 🙂

  • The Arts Traveler says:

    I really like the Hyatt brand and this gives me new reason to give them a second look. I just wish their footprint was larger. However, I would rather have a smaller footprint and better hotels across the board. The Park Hyatt is my favorite high-end hotel.

  • Hopefully, this will filter down eventually to non-elite status members too.

  • Has anything been announced regarding the status match opportunities between the two programs?

  • Well this nice, now only better status matching 🙂

  • George P says:

    This is great – a combination of my preferred hotel provider & airline!! Just to clarify – does this program operate in both directions, or do you need to choose? Said differently, do you earn AA miles AND Hyatt points when you stay at Hyatt hotels, or do you need to pick just one (so if you stay at Hyatt, you only get one or the other, not both)? thank you!

  • Too good to be true – my favorite airline & favorite hotel coming together!

  • Ann Perry says:

    Love Love Love…. One vacation, Hyatt Points and AA Points. Faster way to get to more vacations!! Thanks AA & Hyatt!

  • Great addition to the program

  • Very good news.

  • Hasjim Williams says:

    Great addition to AAdvantage.

  • Question… I’m currently AA Plat and Hyatt Discoverist.

    The promotion I see via AA only refers to ability to upgrade to Explorist if I stay 10 nights. No mention of Globalist at 20.

    If I were to reach Explorist without the promotion via stays, would I then get a Globalist promo?

  • Is this only for “elite” status tiers? I’m a member of both, but only use them during our annual family vacation. We don’t have the opportunity to travel a lot, so it’s difficult for us to obtain a higher status and gain some perks from our memberships.

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