More Mile Play Offers Launched by United

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This promotion has ended; please review current/active promotions.

United has extended its Mile Play promotion, where you can earn rewards for completing various tasks (flights) with United. The promotion is targeted, so you will have to log in to your United account to see if you are eligible and, if so, what tasks you have been given. This round of United Mile Play offers runs through October 31, 2019.

Key Terms

  • You need to register for the promotion.
  • All activities in the offer must be completed by October 31, 2019.
  • Mile Play transactions must be initiated after registration.
  • Transaction bonuses will post to your account after each transaction, while cumulative bonuses will be awarded at the end of the promotion.
  • Mile Play activity must be credited to your United account to be eligible for the promotion.
  • Allow six to eight weeks for the bonus miles to post to your account.

Activity-Based targeting

The Mile Play promotion offers you the option to earn bonus miles when you complete the tasks (flights) United sends you. There is no single version of the promotion, and yours will reflect your recent travel history with United. So if you have some travel plans coming up, but have not flown recently, it is worth checking out if you have been targeted for Mile Play, since you might receive a lucrative offer as United tries to tempt you back.


Our Take

If you are a United member and are planning on traveling between now and October 31, 2019, it is worth your while to log in to see what United has on offer for you. It takes seconds to register, and you could be nicely surprised to see a great deal. On the other hand, if you have not been selected or the offer is poor, you have only lost a few seconds. Let us know in the comments what you have been targeted for with this round of Mile Play.

Source: Frequent Miler

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  • Complete tasks and get bonus points….Feels like geocaching – but instead of walking around in the forest searching for tupperware you need to fly around 🙂

  • Despite the short booking window United has the best promos, in this seasons at least. Thanks.

  • I have 2 challenges to complete (2 round trips, and I’ve done one) and both Mileage Plus shopping (covered with my MileagePlusX app) and I still have to do a dine with MP dining. Not hard, I’ll do both, but not a lot of miles

  • Although i appreciate United now starting these MilesPlay offers, i wish the offers were a bit more achievable. The last two offers i got required spending almost B or Y class ticket fares and the number of miles on offer were still pretty meagre.

  • Avraham Treiger says:

    What a fascinating article! Keep on it United!

  • I wonder how their AI is managing to select reasonable flights/legs, given the fragmentation of flight data. But I guess those who are serious in using United/codeshare are going to get good results if they are routine flyers. What about vacationers?

  • Would be better if the booking window wasn’t so short.

  • I used to fly United all the time for work due to corporate contracts, but then we switched to AA and my UA activity dwindled to nil. So I was expecting a decent offer to entice me back, but mine was very meh. Too bad, I could use some more UA miles; I really enjoy flying Asiana and connecting through Inchon on flights to Asia.

  • Dexter Ohama says:

    Usually a short window of time is offered BUT the god news for me is that I’ll be doing so much traveling that I’m bound to score on this one. This is great news! These tasks will be a breeze.

  • That’s great – didn’t know about this – thanks for the update.

  • Whenever I am targeted for these offers, I am always frustrated by the short window for booking and taking a trip. Often my trips are booked much farther ahead!

    • I’m not certain, but I have to believe that the short windows on such offers mean they are mostly targeting business travelers who more often book on short notice. I would think non-business travel is, on average, booked further in advance.

  • My account wasn’t eligible and my wife was give two impossible tasks. I guess we’ll have to skip this one. Still, Thank you for pointing the option out.

  • Unfortunately I was not selected for this promo.. was super excited…

  • For those who were selected, do you have a lot of miles and status? I wasn’t selected, but I also am not very high up.

  • If I don,t recieve any offer (not targeted),Could I register by myself in United website?

  • I have done this offer before. Always whenever I am not flying them unfortunately. So again I won’t be able to take advantage this year either. I wonder if that’s how I am targeted everytime? I wonder if you have the United credit card if you get different tasks, too? I have to take a flight and fly in Economy Plus, check a bag and shop through MileagePlus Shopping. I can do the last one but it seems it has to be done in order. Oh well.

  • These pop up from time to time for me but they’re never anything that I can take advantage of.

  • No offer at all when input the FF #.

  • Thanks for sharing.

  • buy and fly and we’ll give you a bonus…. wow

  • Thanks for the share. Unfortunately not everyone can reap the benefits if they’re not selected.

  • Last time UA had a similar promotion like this, but my miles never posted…I still don’t understand why/how.
    Hopefully this time will be different…

    • Sorry to hear, and thank you for sharing. It’s rare for points not to post, but it’s always a good idea to screenshot the offer page so you can follow up and ask for the bonus to be posted manually.

  • My offer is the same as last time, “Book and take a trip.” But United is offering more miles for less minimum spend on the ticket this time around.

  • Nice

  • looking forward to it. thanks for sharing!

  • Waiting for AA’s reaction to all these recent good promos from United.

  • I got a good offer but wont be flying them in time

  • My task is to take a trip by October 31 for 9400 miles. I wonder how this compares to others.

  • I have two mile-play offers. One is for two flights in premium class, one is for one flight in premium class and shopping through MileagePlus shopping. I have completed the shopping deal but I doubt i’ll achieve the others. 500 extra points was certainly worth the effort of shopping.

  • So does this basically mean that any flights taken during this time period would simply gain more miles than the usual rewarded amount? I guess I’m kind of confused as to how the user benefits from this promotion. I logged onto my United account and it doesn’t appear that I am eligible anyways. When I clicked on the link in the article and entered my information, it said this: “Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, the account number you entered is not eligible for this offer. Please visit to view your account details, book flights, and explore all the ways to earn and use miles.” If anyone is able to participate, add your experience here! I’m curious to see how I can become eligible in the future. Thanks!

  • Brenda Galavis says:

    It is a great opportunity

  • If every single united flight I’ve taken in the last year wasn’t delayed or canceled I would think about this, but they have fallen so far from being reliable! Its bad when I drive an extra hour out of my way to just to fly anyone but united!

  • Steven William Van Meter says:

    I wonder what “tasks” one would be presented with in order to win the bonus prizes. I think it would be best to wait and see on this one.

  • Matthew Weyer says:

    Thanks for sharing that link – makes it easier for me to check friends/family accounts too.