Why I’m So Excited About Frontier’s Incredible Elite Status Match

Leverage your elite status with one of seven airlines to score priority boarding, extra legroom seats, free checked bags, airfare discounts, and even free cancellation and refunds on all flights. Even if you book a flight for just $9 each way. The airline? Frontier! Here’s why I’m so excited about this incredible status match promotion and how you can use it to jet around the country for incredibly cheap out-of-pocket.

[Expired] Delta Launches Incredible New Status Match and Challenge Promotion

Delta just launched one of the most lucrative status match promotions that we’ve ever seen. For a limited time, flyers with elite status on another airline can match their status to Delta Medallion status — with a one-tier boost! This includes matches all the way up to top-tier Diamond Medallion. Plus, if you meet the reasonable activity requirements, the status is yours to keep until 2022!

Earn Bonvoy Elite Status Through February 2022 via Marriott Status Match and Challenge

Hotel elite status-chasers rejoice! Marriott has brought back the ability to earn Marriott Bonvoy status through a status match and challenge. You can match to either Bonvoy Gold Elite or Platinum Elite status. Then, retain that status through February 2022 by staying as few as five nights! But hurry, depending on how many people apply for a match, Marriott may end this promotion at any time.

Ultimate Status Match Guide to Atlantic City

Atlantic City casinos are currently offering generous status match incentives. With the right strategy, learn how to maximize your next trip to the East Coast gambling center and earn hundreds of dollars worth of free play, free nights and lucrative status benefits.