Get 20% Transfer Bonus from American Express to Singapore KrisFlyer Get 20% Transfer Bonus from American Express to Singapore KrisFlyer

Get 20% Transfer Bonus from American Express to Singapore KrisFlyer

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This promotion has ended; please review current/active promotions.

Singapore KrisFlyer is a favorite loyalty program for many, and its latest transfer bonus should give people another reason to smile. You can transfer American Express Membership Rewards with a 20% bonus in your miles. As of yet, there's no known end date for this promotion, and not all members are targeted for the offer.


Transfer Bonus Key Terms

  • Earn 20% bonus miles on American Express Membership Rewards transfers.
  • At present, there is no known end date for this promotion.
  • Not all members are targeted for this promotion. My wife has the offer, but I don't.
  • Minimum transfer to Singapore KrisFlyer is 1,000 miles.
  • Receive 1,200 miles for each 1,000 points you transfer.
  • No maximum transfer amount is listed in the terms.
  • Point conversions to Singapore KrisFlyer miles can take anywhere between 18 hours to 3 days.
  • All KrisFlyer miles expire three years after issuance, regardless of activity

New Singapore Suites Individual Suite

Should I take advantage of Singapore's 20% transfer bonus?

We never recommend speculative transfers. If you don't have plans to make a redemption with KrisFlyer in the near future, the answer is “no”. Remember that Singapore continues to utilize an archaic expiration policy for KrisFlyer miles. No matter your account activity, your miles expire three years after being earned. This makes converting points speculatively a bad idea for almost everyone.

For those eyeing a KrisFlyer transfer in the near future or those who regularly redeem with KrisFlyer, this is a fantastic deal. As Singapore itself is starting to re-open, that means Singapore Airlines is adding routes and availability. They'll start flying their A380 suites again soon, and there's excellent availability for redemptions on these flights right now.

Sweeten the Deal for Status

If you're considering a transfer and/or were contemplating another promotion, this could sweeten the deal all around. Remember that KrisFlyer has a promotion until February 28, 2022 that could help you earn status via points transfers. Under the general terms, you would need to transfer 125,000 bank points to get Star Alliance Silver status or 250,000 bank points to get Star Alliance Gold status.

If you took advantage of the 20% transfer bonus rate with the current Singapore KrisFlyer promotion, those numbers drop. You would need to transfer only 105,000 bank points for Star Alliance Silver and 209,000 points for Star Alliance Gold.

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Bottom Line

Singapore Airlines' KrisFlyer program announced a new 20% transfer bonus from American Express. Unfortunately, this offer is targeted. Not everyone will be eligible for this promotion, so be sure to check your account.

There's no maximum points transfer listed on this promotion, and there's no publicized end date. Thus, it could go away sooner than later. If you're thinking about taking advantage of this transfer bonus, you should send your points to Singapore KrisFlyer as soon as you're ready to redeem.

If we find out a known end date, we'll be sure to update this article.

Are you going to take advantage of this 20% transfer bonus from Amex to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer? What redemption will you make with those miles?

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  • This “You would need to transfer only 109,000 bank points for Star Alliance Silver and 218,000 points for Star Alliance Gold.” is incorrect.
    I just transferred 220K Amex MR points, and only 44K Elite miles posted. Redemption miles bonus of 33K posted concurrenlty.

    • David – checking to confirm, so we can update if necessary: you got the 15% transfer bonus as expected, correct? And you got the 20% “elite miles” from transfers, at the standard rate, correct? But the transfer bonus part didn’t cross over to boost your elite miles earning numbers, correct? So you’re saying the “elite miles” is based on how much you send, not on the total that arrives?
      Please confirm. Thanks for sharing this data!

  • Paul Milligan says:

    Fabulous product on a world class airline. Don’t think anyone comes close

  • I like that krisflyer miles are easy to accrue.

  • Didn’t know Sing air was giving status for transferring points. Just wish they would get rid of or at least change their point expiration to only when no activity.

  • Interesting timing as I’m looking for ways to redeem my Amex points. Sitting on around 150k right now and could be at 200 by the end of the year. I need a spend plan so I don’t just keep collecting. IAD is my home airport.

  • I have never used Singapore. The expiration policy is not attractive.

  • Totally agree that the 3 years point expiry by SQ is draconian and confusing to be able to use point effectively. Maybe one day SQ will align its program with others – all points expire at the same time making it easier to monitor just one expiry date, instead of multiples.

  • Why does SQ want to increase the “liabilities” of its FFP at this very moment anyway?

    • It’s probably to help cashflow. Banks have to buy miles from the airline when a member transfers bank points to the airline. So, it’s a way of getting cash now while increasing liabilities for later. And the airline is probably banking on the redemption (even after the 15-20% bonus) being less costly than what the bank paid for it.

  • Singapore Airlines still has one of the most restrictive expiration policy wherein miles are not extendable except for a fee. Only transfer if you have an immediate use for the miles.

  • The expiration policy removes all attraction of this bonus transfer offer.

  • Tough call, given that their routes are so limited right now. This bonus would make up for the most recent devaluation. I’m tempted, given that we fly SQ 2-4 times per year, and these won’t expire for 36 months. Just need to weigh that against the opportunity cost of using the miles elsewhere…

  • Juan Ignacio says:

    Singapore Airlines is one of my favorites Airlines. I miss EWR-SIN in business.

  • If SA removed their expiration policy on the KrisFlyer points, this would be useful. But since they have an expiration policy and given the situation for travel, its a big risk to stash points without a specific plan. Even Cathay removed the expiration restriction, i think SA should learn from them.

  • What about DBS customer in Singapore since Singapore is the home base of DBS?

    • Strange right? Unfortunately, KrisFlyer specifically states: “For Hong Kong DBS customers, 20% bonus miles is applicable to the first 10,000 DBS Bank reward points conversion to KrisFlyer miles only, after which 15% bonus miles will apply. All other DBS customers in other countries will earn 15% bonus miles on eligible conversions.”

  • Not really worth transferring points to Singapore airlines now for those long international routes where you can’t get into those countries.

    • That’s why I think any transfer is not suitable at this moment.

    • Precisely my take on this. We’ve extended, then finally cancelled, all travel plans given the vicissitudes of the Covid-19 waves, travel restrictions, and uncertainty about when the vaccines will be available to all and the duration of the antibodies they convey.

      As always, I appreciate AwardWallet’s honest take on this offer.

  • The three year expiration time makes this possibly a big waste of flexible points for all but the most specific people. I’d hate to have points that could be cash back if necessary tied up with this program, possibly to disappear forever.

  • I think you can then turn these miles into gifts, staycations, road trips, meals and exclusive KrisFlyer Experiences. Or accumulate the miles for future travels to fuel your wanderlust. Find out more ways that you can use your KrisFlyer miles

  • I’ve been more interested in Krisflyer singe the latest Aeroplan and UA devaluations. United availability shows nicely on the Krisflyer website. Air Canada’s availability does not.

  • I transferred 75k citi thank you points to Krisflyer 2 years ago intending to use for a trip but has not had a chance to use them then can’t even use this year due to covid. The miles will hit the 3 years mark October 2021. I’m kinda stump on what to do now before it expires. I would think SQ should at least make an exception to the 3 years expiration rule for now.