Southwest Promotion: Up to 3X Companion Pass Qualifying Points Southwest Promotion: Up to 3X Companion Pass Qualifying Points

Southwest Promotion: Up to 3X Companion Pass Qualifying Points

Earn Bonus Points

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This promotion has ended; please review current/active promotions.

Southwest Airlines is offering one promotion after another to help you earn a Companion Pass. The newest promotion gives members up to 3X Companion Pass qualifying points on flights through November 30, 2023.

Here are the details of these Companion Pass-focused promotions from Southwest Airlines.

Earn Up to 3X Companion Pass Qualifying Points Promotion

Southwest Companion Pass Promotion banner

Southwest Rapid Rewards members have several ways to earn bonus Companion Pass-qualifying points through the end of November 2023. First, members must register for this promotion. Thereafter, members can earn qualifying points with flights, credit card purchases, and even flights purchased with Rapid Rewards points.

Once registered, members will receive the following through November 30, 2023:

  • 2X Companion Pass qualifying points on all qualifying flights.
  • 3X Companion Pass qualifying points for business travelers booking through, GDS, or SPS.
  • 2X Companion Pass qualifying points on all Southwest co-branded credit card purchases.
  • 1X Companion Pass qualifying points on all flights booked with Rapid Rewards points.

Members can earn qualifying points with each of these offers simultaneously throughout the duration of this promotion.

Terms and conditions

  • Members must register for this promotion before earning bonus companion pass qualifying points.
  • This promotion ends on November 30, 2023.
  • Qualifying flights to earn 2x or 3x qualifying points must be paid entirely with cash.
  • Flights booked with rewards points only earn 1x qualifying points and are still subject to additional taxes and fees.
  • Companion Pass qualifying points can only be redeemed for a Companion Pass, not for any other product or service Rapid Rewards points could be redeemed for.
  • Members will receive bonus qualifying points in their account within 72 hours of completing each eligible flight or by December 30, 2023 for qualifying credit card purchases.

Our Take

Southwest is regularly rolling out good promotions to help earn the 135,000 points needed annually for Companion Pass qualification. If you haven't already earned a Companion Pass for 2024 — or want a pass that will last past March 8, 2024 — consider taking advantage of these new avenues to earn up to 3x qualifying points.

If you still need more points, remember other channels like Rapid Rewards shopping promotions, credit card spending, etc. Unfortunately, you no longer earn Companion Pass qualifying points with Rapid Rewards dining. Check out our full guide on how to earn a Companion Pass for more details.

If you already have a flight booked for the promotional period, remember that Southwest has no cancellation fees. You might be able to cancel your existing reservation, register for this promotion, and then rebook your flights.

Are you taking advantage of this amazing offer?

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  • I booked a roundtrip flight in May about a week ago and noticed that the prices just dropped. So I registered for the bonus, then canceled my flight, and re-booked it using the travel credits from the previously canceled flight. Would this work for the promo?

    • JT Genter says:

      It sure should! You registered before booking. Using travel credits shouldn’t prevent you from getting the promotion!

  • If I purchased multiple qualifying rt tickets during the promotional purchase period (Sept 6th-8th) to fly during the promotional flight period (Sep 6th – Nov 17th) and I actually fly on those tickets, will I earn more than one Promotional Companion Pass? I didn’t see any language in the promotional rules that limited promotional companion passes to one per person for this promotion.

    • Interesting. I’m pretty sure Southwest will limit you to one Companion Pass…but you might have found a loophole.

  • Thank you for sharing this clear, concise, and enticiting offer from Southwest! Would have missed it otherwise! Always something GREAT to be found by checking the blog on Award Wallet. Appreciate you.

  • very helpful post- thank you!

  • Great deal, I was able to book it

  • The above says, “Changes to your itinerary will cancel the Companion Pass” while the SW terms state that it “may eliminate qualification for this promotion.” Do we know which is accurate? I don’t have any experience with SW promotions. I was rushing to beat the deadline and inadvertently booked the same leg of my trip twice instead of one each TO and FROM. Called immediately but there’s a 2 hour + wait. I went on and changed one of the reservations (at a higher cost. 🙁 ) The change occurred AFTER the deadline passed but the original confirmation was right at the deadline. I ask because I booked the flight at this time specifically to get the promotion. If I’m not going to get it, I’d rather take the trip another time.

    • Hi Shelly, I wish I had a confident answer for you. I would guess that you could probably convince someone at SW to honor the promotion in light of the nature of the change you made. But that could be time consuming. If you decide to take the flights, I’d love to know whether you encounter a hassle with the promotional CP. Please keep us posted.

  • Was able to find $49 nonstop fares to go along with this promotion right before midnight. Too bad Southwest pulled out of Newark so will have to trek to LGA instead.

  • Wish we were allowed to use points to book the initial travel with

  • Thanks for this, will reach my companion pass sooner

  • Great consolation for people that are over 5/24 and cannot get the companion pass the usual way.

  • Nice offer, for those who can use it.

  • I did register because you never know. However this seems a really short notice promotion. I know I do not have anything planned for travel. I am assuming SW is trying to keep ridership up before the holiday period. It’s awesome if you’ll be traveling. Plus, it gets some people trying out the pass and seeing that maybe it’ll benefit them a lot and get their credit card and try to get the pass for the next year.

  • Nice find. Will definitely sign up.

  • Easy way to get a companion pass with only one round trip flight!

  • Seems like a great deal.

  • Assuming booking a revenue ticket, does the companion earn miles too?

  • Pretty big give away for Southwest. Millions have to be flying during that time period.

  • Guau! Excelent promotion !

  • Glad to know about such a great oportunity

  • Nice promotion if you are planning on purchasing a SW ticket.

  • So if I have a reservation already, need to cancel, register. And rebook. Good even if using SWA points to travel?

    If I get this, can I still apply for a card in Jan and get a CP with welcome bonus + spend in 2022?

    • You need to pay cash for the flights for them to qualify to earn this promotional Companion Pass. T&C read “A qualifying one-way flight for this promotion is a one-way revenue flight on Southwest Airlines”
      But yes, you can still earn the “regular” Companion Pass in early 2022 even if you have this promotional Companion Pass.

  • This is certainly tempting to make a mattress run just to get the companion pass. I just wish that covid will not be with us any longer by the time 2022 arrives.

    • It will be with us I think but we will learn to live with it. I’m personally crossing my fingers for minimal travel disruptions in 2022.

    • Just live your life in the next couple of years as if the world were in a serious flu season.

      • Giving Covid advice is delicate business. You usually don’t know the personal risk profile of who you’re talking to, especially online. Put the unfortuante politics aside, you don’t know if you’re talking to someone who’s immunocompromised themselves, living with elderly parents, lacking access to vaccines, etc. For some time, risk calculations are going to be very personal.

  • My P2 has the companion pass expiring the end of 2021. If Southwest does not extend companion pass for those who earned it in 2020, this will be a good way to extend it a few months. One thing in the fine print, it looks like you will not be able to add the companion until January 6 2022.

    • That’s correct. We saw that last year when Southwest offered this promotion. You have to wait until the CP is valid before you can add a companion. Thankfully you can still book the original flight now and then just add the companion later.

    • Yeah, it looks like it’s valid for only a month and a half. 🙁

  • Registered. Sweet deal! I don’t fly WN too often but this promo is going to work out well for me. I’ll only be able to take advantage of the companion pass one time but that’s still saving me money.

  • Facundo Fernandez says:

    This shows the big effort that airlines are making to recover lost customers during the covid. chears for that

  • Is there any benefit if I already have a companion pass? ie.., can I take 2 companions on a single flight??

  • Excellent promotion, I will fly Southwest the next week so I will register me inmediately, thanks

  • My round trip fares are more than 3 times the cost from Southwest’s 50th Aniv sale a few months ago. Not going to rebook for that increase in cost.

  • The companion pass is an amazing deal for flyers like me who take a lot of short flights! Booking companion flights is easy and can be done through the app. Southwest has great incentives.

  • This is a fantastic promotion, it will be interesting to see if any other airlines come up with some good promotions. Good deals will for sure encourage people to start travelling again

  • Hopefully this “buy one get one free” offer will increase patronage rapidly. Let’s hope that the pandemic will not return during the upcoming winter season.

  • Southwest bringing a strong promotion. Wish I had a need/desire to fly right now.

  • There are really some great flying deals out there now but not sure I am ready o travel due to CVD19.

  • Any idea why they extended it (although just for 1 day?) Are people not hopping on this amazing deal? Things like this makes me weary.

  • Well, they are smart. This does make me want to try out SW. Right now? No. I can see that a lot of people will take advantage of this offer. I know that I would jump on this if I had plans to go anywhere on a plane. Giving people a test of what they could have is a good idea because then they’ll crave that new thing. I wonder if they’ll do this again if they see a benefit to it?

  • This is a really attractive promo and kudos to SW for coming up with something like that. Hopefully this should kick the bit 3’s into offering something more substantial.

  • These promotions are getting better and better!

  • This is a very good opportunity if you are going to book a SW flight in next days.

  • I’m sure this will benefit some. The window is to narrow so won’t be one of them. ?

  • That’s a fantastic deal if you have SW flights on the horizon!

  • Wow! Thanks for the head’s up on this one. That’s a fantastic deal if you have SW flights on the horizon.

  • This is how you do promotions!