TSA Expands TSA Precheck With 7 New Airlines

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The Department of Homeland Security announced that they have added a further seven airlines to TSA Precheck. The new additions cover both international and domestic carriers. This brings the total number of airlines that are registered with the expedited prescreening program to 37 47 52 as of May 2018


New carriers to join the TSA Precheck program are:

  • Copa Airlines
  • Dominican Wings
  • InterCaribbean Airways
  • Silver Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Swift Air
  • Turkish Airlines

While it is great news for travelers that the TSA Precheck program has expanded, who now have greater choice and options, sometimes too many choices and options can be confusing. With so many different expedited security programs such as Global Entry, Nexus and CLEAR available, which is the best for you?

Finding out is relatively easy–just head over to the Department of Homeland Security website, and use their matching tool to find which program best fits you. With TSA Precheck now available in 180 airports, and so many trusted travelers’ programs, there is nothing to stop you getting through those lines quickly.

If you decide to enroll in one of the trusted traveler programs, don’t forget to check your credit cards first, since many premium cards will provide you with an enrollment credit to offset the cost of joining the programs.


The addition of new airlines means that the TSA Precheck program has expanded significantly since January 2017, when 11 new airlines joined. This can only be excellent news since it adds more options and greater choice for travelers, which is never a bad thing. Is your favorite airline now a member of TSA Precheck?

Source: TSA

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  • PreCheck is the best money spent, especially when travelling out of DFW. Life saver!

  • PreCheck is the best money spent, especially when traveling out of DFW. Life saver!

  • Looks like strong Star Alliance representation in this new batch.

  • Great news! I really value Global Entry and TSA Pre-check.

  • Great news even if I have noticed more and more people using those “faster” lanes!

  • Michael Baker says:

    This is great! Making my TSA Pre / Global Entry even more valuable.

    Personally, I see no downside to GE. Whether you’re paying out of pocket or getting it via CC. $20/year is a bargain!

  • It seems that all airlines will soon have pre-check

  • Great. It is always good to expand this program.

  • Always nice to see more airlines expanded!

  • Mobile passport app has better overall functionality and efficiency. Each airport is different so paying for GE is not worth it in my opinion. Unless it comes free with premium CC

  • Thanks for the link to TSA’s matching tool. If I read it correctly, NEXUS is only $50 for five years and includes Precheck. Other than the hassle of having to travel to a live interview, isn’t NEXUS a much better offering?

  • My wife talked me into getting GE and I’m exceedingly glad she did!

  • Nothing particularly interesting from the airlines for me but its good to see the program expanding

  • Global entry and TSA precheck have definitely made travel less stressful. I was reimbursed for the fee through my Amex Platinum. Which then also lets me spend more time relaxing in the lounge!

  • Ryan Schmid says:

    I think it’s true that as this catches on with more people, it’s not as fast.

  • Karen Klein says:

    Does anyone know if Precheck is random for anyone who is not enrolled still? I thought I read that TSA was changing that? United lets you use miles, in voucher form, to cover the cost, which I COULD see as money saver but depends on how many I would be getting. Since my fam doesn’t travel THAT much I am very hesitant about getting anything right now.

    I see that greyhk, mentioned that Mobil Passport app. I have looked at that. It grea tot hear it’s SO helpful! I am looking to travel international with my family and hope this will help with getting through customs with two children. It’s hard to get everything filled out, etc with them milling around, tugging on your arms, calling for you after they have ran past an officer and they’re telling you that you’re child can’t be there, etc. is SO stressing :o( I, now, cannot wait to try out this app!

    I had been thinking about global entry to ease all the hubbub but maybe it’s not as needed as much as I thought, right now.

  • Great news! Anything that makes navigating the security lines easier is alright by me!

  • I live in Denver and would actually prefer CLEAR, but all the credit cards I am looking at seem to offer TSA pre-check refunds….

  • meant to say no pre-check in international terminal.

  • Good news…unless you fly out of LAX. Still no pre-check. Although GE coming back home through immigration is a godsend.

  • nice move, more useful of the amex plat benefit.

  • PreCheck can be great, along with all the other options. Unfortunately there’s still not uniformity though which will ultimately speed things up the most.

  • I can’t figure out why I’m not pre-check when I fly on my husband’s Southwest companion pass. My account has my Global entry number in it. Any ideas?

  • I have Global Entry. I always get TSA pre-check for all my flights.

  • Jacqueline parsons says:

    We’ve noticed recently the pre check lines are growing bigger than the normal lines in most of the airports we’ve flown from, not a good sign!

  • Binita Patel says:

    Good to see the list growing!

  • Great news since I use Singapore Airlines !

  • There’s got to be a more efficient system than this.

  • Air Flyer says:

    Good news. I have Global Entry which includes TSA Pre.

  • Kevin Davis says:

    Not a bad idea.. However, I wish the TSA Offices be open during the weekend to do a pre-check.

  • This is great news although I hope more carriers continue to get added.

  • Pre-check lines are getting as long as the regular lines. Sometimes they don’t move any faster. Ugh!

  • Nice to see more airlines entering the fray, so to speak. I love having GE and love even more how my Chase Reserve picked up the bill for it.

  • Pre-check is a great service you should definitely take advantage of it if you can

  • the only problem is that the pre check lines are now sometimes longer than the other lines

  • Weird to see an airline subject to the electronics ban (Turkish) also be added to TSA Precheck

    • It is weird but doesn’t the electronics ban only apply on flights into the US? So the risk on ex-US flights has seemingly been judged lower

  • Has anyone else noticed that the Pre-Check line is starting to get real lengthy at Miami International?

    And using the free Mobile Passport app is quicker than Global Entry because you bypass using even having to use a kiosk. You simply use the app while still sitting on the plane.

    • @greyhk, not just at MIA. at SFO the pre-chk line is usually longer than regular line too.

      • i also experienced a long line in mia before. maybe more of us have to request to do something against it. what is the use of this feature if we still have to wait long time. the idea is good, the implementation needs improvement.