Turkish Airlines Sweepstakes: Win a Share of 30 Million Miles Turkish Airlines Sweepstakes: Win a Share of 30 Million Miles

Turkish Airlines Sweepstakes: Win a Share of 30 Million Miles

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To Celebrate its 30th anniversary, Turkish Airlines is running a sweepstakes promotion, offering you the chance to win a share of 30 million Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles miles. The promotion runs through the end of the year, and every month, 30 winners will each receive 100,000 miles.


Key Terms

  • You need to register for the sweepstakes by December 31, 2019
  • No purchase is necessary
  • Every month 30 winners will receive 100,000 miles each
  • Winners will be selected every month from March to December
  • Monthly winners will be announced in the first week of the following month

Entering the sweepstakes is simple, just head over to the offer page, and enter your Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles number, your name, and surname, and answer the simple multiple choice question. Hit “Join The Sweepstakes,” and you are set to go.


Our Take

Simply put, we love this promotion. It takes less than 30 seconds to enter, and you are set to have a chance of winning 100,000 miles. Even if you don’t win, you have only lost 30 seconds. If you're one of the lucky winners, or if you're curious about how to find the best redemptions with Turkish Miles & Smiles, check out our post on Turkish Airlines' redemption sweet spots.

 Source: Turkish Airlines

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  • Ahmed Zayed says:

    Can l know the names of the winners of December?

  • Somebody can help:

    where can see the monthly list of winners??
    what happened to the VIP sweepstakers ??
    any list of winners theere?

    Thank you!!!

  • Great news! I flew TK last year and it was a good experience

  • Can you sign up more than once? Do they publish the winner list anywhere?

    • 1. I guess not 2. “From the first month of the competition through december, the winners will be announced on the first day “week” of the next month through the site (www.30yearsofsmiles.com). Notification will be sent to the email addresses of the winners. If the winner does not respond to Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles within 1 week, the award will be transferred. Winners will also be contacted by Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles or its representatives, so all participants must agree to provide the required up-to-date personal information”

  • Christopher says:

    I can’t wait to win!

  • Good luck everyone !

  • I’ve been playing this game ever since they announced it. What is strange to me at least is that most winners for March and April seemed to be Turkish nationals.

    • I’ve just seen the list of june winners. The situation has not changed. It seems this sweepstake is a kind of Turkish get-together.

  • Solangel Guerra says:

    Great offer.

  • For anybody that was creating an account and having issues, the password is numerical. At least that is what worked me.

  • Since we already had Miles & Smiles accounts, it was quick to sign up. We’ve been to Istanbul but would be happy to go again, especially if the tickets are free 🙂

  • Austin Bennett says:

    Just signed up for Turkish Airlines miles account and will be joining this sweepstakes every day. Thanks for the info!

  • Answering their question is really easy. If you get it wrong, they show the correct answer and let you try again. 🙂

  • The registration is a nightmare!

  • Stephen Lioy says:

    Good luck, readers! Great award prices to Africa out of Istanbul on TK.

  • Contests are great to increase engagement. I prefer a sure thing but setting up a frequent flyer account with Turkish Airlines could come in handy with future promotions.

  • Christopher says:

    I’ve never won a sweepstakes, but I will try for this one! Sounds nice!

  • Would be a lottery jackpot !!

  • Love a good sweepstake!

  • The_Bouncer says:

    No reason not to give it a shot.

  • Thank you. This is a nice competition that I wasn’t previously aware of.

  • Would love to have entered but could not create an account with my city!

  • In order to register for the promotion you have to first have a Miles & Smiles account. To apply for the Miles & Smiles account you select your country, state, and city from a drop-down box. For California, not only does it not have San Francisco but it also is missing Los Angeles! This is crazy because it does give Los Altos, Los Gatos, and Los Osos as options.

    The solution is to choose the closest option you can (for example, you can select South San Francisco since San Francisco isn’t available) and then contact Turkish customer service using the feedback form and ask them to correct your address.

    Good luck!

  • Love an easy sweepstakes for miles 😀

  • Yes had difficulty signing up

  • I have been entering, but no luck yet.

  • Patrick B. says:

    It would be awesome if more airlines gave away miles like this.. might also help to improve their PR a bit after some of the negative press some of them have accumulated over the past 10 years or so.. just sayin’…

  • It’s worth going for this. Hardly see a drawback.

  • I cannot remember the last time I won something, let’s see what happens?

  • I’ve never won anything. Maybe this is the time.

  • I didnt have a good experience the only other time ive flown Turkish.. Having said that, ill try anything twice to be sure. Hoping this sweepstake will change my mind. Fingers crossed!

  • I never win anything but there’s nothing to lose by entering. I would love to go see the new Istanbul airport. Winning their miles would make it easy.

    • Keep at it! Over the years, the wife & i have won a number of travel related contests. Never to the magnitude of 100k miles, but my mind set is always the same as this posting: only a very small amount of time is required for a potentially huge reward.

      • You are so lucky. You are right, only take a small amount of your time and you will have a potential great reward, why not!

    • Allow plenty of time for discovering new IST airport. Its just huge, but roomy and light, so allow enough time for changing your flights too!

  • You’re right a very easy contest to enter and who knows maybe someone from here will win. Can’t wait to hear about it if so.


    The website is buggy. After I chose California as my state, it offered me a long drop-down list of cities, but not San Francisco.
    The password site would not accept a single character.

    A waste of time.

  • Shakeidra Davis says:

    Cool. Thank you

  • Sounds like a good opportunity. However, the system is not allowing you to create a password in order to create an account to be eligible to win. Hope they fix the issue soon.

  • Kripal Singh says:

    never got lucky to win a sweeps