Turo Rentals and Southwest Airlines Partner Up for Points Turo Rentals and Southwest Airlines Partner Up for Points

Turo Rentals and Southwest Airlines Partner Up for Points

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As the world embraces more and more property-sharing websites, Turo Rentals and Southwest Airlines have partnered up. Now you can earn up to 30,000 Rapid Rewards points with Southwest when you rent and list your car on Turo Rentals.

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What is Turo Rentals?

For years, property-sharing websites have been gaining traction. In the travel industry, websites like HomeExchange.com and Couchsurfing.com have allowed travelers to swap houses or use each other's couch for a place to sleep.

More recently, this has moved into the transportation sector. While Uber helps you to find a ride from a private driver, Turo Rentals goes one step further and allows you to rent the whole car. Instead of going with the big car rental companies (most of which are under the same umbrella corporation), Turo helps you to give back to the city or community you're visiting and rent from a local. Rentals include full insurance for the driver and full protection for the hosts.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Points from Turo Rentals

For the first time, Turo Rentals has partnered up with an airline rewards program. Until October 15, 2019, you can gain up to 30,000 Rapid Rewards Points for renting and listing your car. Points are awarded as follows:

  • 2,000 points for completing your first trip valued over $50 (excluding taxes and fees)
  • 500 points for each additional Turo rental over $50
  • 10,000 points for listing your car with Turo and hosting your first trip valued over $50

When signing up for your Turo account to take advantage of this offer, make sure your username is the same as your Southwest account. This is a verification factor to ensure it's the same individual between accounts.

Is This a Good Deal?

Southwest Rapid Rewards Points are worth 1.3–1.6 cents each, so you will net as much as $160 in air miles just for listing your car with Turo. If you can book enough rentals by October 15th, you can get up to $480 towards Southwest flights with the full 30,000 points.

That doesn't take into account how much money you'll be making on Turo. By just renting your car out for a fraction of the days each month, you can cover your monthly car payments. Just think, instead of leaving your car at the airport parking lot the next time you fly out for a week, rent it out from the airport with Turo and reap the rewards. Turo pays out 65–85% of the rental cost within five days, depending on the insurance coverage you choose, or 90% if you use your own insurance. It's a win-win situation.

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  • So if you rent your car through Turo during a week away (car parked at airport), do you have to meet the renter in person to give them the key?

    • Hey Lee Ann, that is a great question. I was actually wondering the same. I would think you’d have to work out some sort of system (perhaps storing the keys in an airport locker with a code you could share). Good idea in principle, but probably hard to execute.

  • Great! That’s really a nice combination. It’s a good deal and I have to say Turo is quite smart to partner up with an airline.

  • Turo is the site I use when I’m looking to rent a Tesla. Glad these are linked up now.

  • Never heard of Turo, but might have to check it out now.

  • This is the first I have heard of Turo. It sounds like an interesting concept. I’m wondering if there is a good insurance scheme, to make it worthwhile.

  • I’ve been leery of using Turo as a renter due to the lack of credit card insurance protection applicable. But it seems like as an owner, they have cleaner protection.

  • Stacy Y Liu says:

    Never heard or used Turo before. Is it available everywhere domestically? Or only in large cities? I like the incentive it gives.

  • I’m not sure I would ever use this new partner. Just not mainstream enough for me yet.

  • I’ve checked Turo prices a few times in the past when I was planning to rent a car. Every time so far cars on Turo cost more for the rental than comparable cars at the normal car rental agencies.

    It is a handy option when you want something unique or specific.

  • this could be incredibly lucrative for those who have a number of cars in their families that are available part time (or full time?) for this purpose.

    • I agree! I am not sure what all the insurance requirements are but definitely could be beneficial. I am in a Military town and often Car Rental companies are sold out. This could be a solid deal.

  • Rachel Arreola says:

    I have never used Turo before, but I have an Uber driver who has 2 vehicles he lists on Turo. He has had nothing but good things to say about Turo. 30,000 bonus points is nice too.

    • Thanks for taking the time to share the direct experience of your Uber drive. Always helpful to hear firsthand reviews.

  • I will have to look into this. I can’t see listing my car, but I would be open to renting through them if it were a competitive price. There is actually an Amex offer right now on one of my cards. Spend 150 or more and get 45 dollars back. So that would make it even more interesting.

  • The best bonus is for people listing their cars with Turo and not for the people who rent a car with Turo.
    Maybe this is for expanding the market.

  • I’ve never heard of Turo before, but nevertheless always good to have partnerships for travel services.

  • Is this available everywhere or just major cities? I’ve never heard of the product around the WV region or even when traveling. Always looking for SW miles while I have the companion pass.