[Extended] Earn United Elite Status Through January 2024 With Elite Status Match-Challenge [Extended] Earn United Elite Status Through January 2024 With Elite Status Match-Challenge

[Extended] Earn United Elite Status Through January 2024 With Elite Status Match-Challenge

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Airlines are always looking for more profitable passengers. And the best way to get one is to take one from another airline. That's why many airlines—including United—offer elite status matches and challenges to try to poach frequent flyers from their competitors. With that in mind, United is offering an elite status match-challenge for 2022.

Qualifying members can use their status with another major airline to temporarily match to Premier status. Then, you can extend it by meeting specific criteria. If done right, members can get United Premier status all the way through January 2024 with far easier requirements than earning status through normal means.

Unlike previous years, this year's match lasts for 120 days instead of 90. Moreover, members who attempted a United status challenge in 2020 or 2021 and failed to meet the requirements can try again in 2022.

Let's go over all the details.

United Polaris Business Class Seat

United MileagePlus Premier Status Match-Challenge

In 2022, MileagePlus members with another airline's elite status can match it to United. Here is an example of how United equates other airline status:

United status match chart

Once matched, you'll get United Premier status for 120 days. To extend the validity of the matched Premier status, members must complete specific travel criteria within those 120 days:

United status challenge requirements

Note that members can only qualify for the Premier status matched under these thresholds, not a higher status. (To reach a higher status, they'd have to qualify under United's standard Premier qualifications.)

Interestingly, United offers two different lengths of Premier status extensions. If a member meets the requirements for a status challenge on or before June 30, 2022, their status is good through January 2023. However, if they meet the requirements on or after July 1, 2022, they get to keep the status through January 2024!

To give yourself a shot at earning status after July 1, you'll want to wait until at least March 4 — and probably a little later to give yourself some wiggle room — before starting the status match. And, as you'll see below, you can start the challenge on any day that you want.

How to Request a United Status Match

To request a status match, start by navigating to United's dedicated webpage for the MileagePlus Premier Status Match. Once there, you'll have to sign-in and fill out a form that includes:

  • United MileagePlus account number
  • Valid email address registered on your MileagePlus account
  • Proof of your elite status with another qualifying airline (with your name, elite status, and the status' expiration date)

United allows for matches from most major airlines, apart from its Star Alliance partners. Moreover, you can choose any start date in 2022 when you fill out the request. Typically, you can only select a date within 30 days of the request.

Once submitted, United may take 7–14 business days to respond and upgrade your account.

Premier Status Match Key Terms

  • Status challenges are not available to members who have completed a status match or received a status exception within the last 5 years. (Excludes members who received a United status match in 2020 and 2021 but failed to complete the challenge.)
  • Trial or temporary statuses aren't eligible for a MileagePlus Premier status match.
  • Members will receive no Premier membership materials or reciprocal Star Alliance partner status benefits during the 120-day period.
  • Members who complete both the PQP and PQF requirements to retain Premier Platinum status will receive 20 PlusPoints within 7–10 business days.
  • If a member fails to meet the status challenge requirements, the matched status will expire, and they may return to a lower status tier or general member status.

Bottom Line

United relaunched its MileagePlus status match program for 2022—offering a longer qualification period and leniency towards incomplete 2020 and 2021 status challenges.

This is a fantastic opportunity for elite members with other airlines to earn Premier status for a lot less flying. It's especially enticing given the longer qualification period and the ability to select your start date.

However, considering travel still isn't back to normal, you should carefully consider how valuable airline status will be to you. Furthermore, while United has shown leniency to incomplete 2020 and 2021 challenges, United generally limits members to one challenge every five years. So, make sure you have a plan before requesting a match.

Do you plan to match your status to United MileagePlus Premier status?

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  • The problem with this is you actually have to fly united airlines and their constant delays, embarrassing meals in business class and constant delays/cancellations through newark.

  • I’ve never had status with any airline, but thinking of going w/ AA and then doing a united status match.

  • AA you’re making a fool of yourself, United have had some good promotions lately and improving a lot.

  • My son with AA Platinum is getting first class upgrades 75% whereas I as United Platinum did not get a single upgrade last year. I was often #8 to 20 in upgrade list. Some flights I saw all Prem1K sitting in economy. United sells first class upgrade quite cheap now a days and people buy them. If one flies mostly on United, status match may make sense just to get preferred seats. Don’t expect any upgrades.

  • Carlos D'Alessio says:

    This articule was very helpful! I would tried to see if this actually works as AA is not doing so well lately with the AAdvantage program. Hopefully they will see this and try to get back into the game as well!

    Good choice United, let’s keep up the promises now!

  • This is great, though I’m curious how quickly the status match actually gets approved. These days it is difficult to plan ahead since every city’s situation differs. I just sent in my request but my upcoming trip is hitting it a bit close to that 7-14 day mark.

  • I requested the status match based on my AA executive platinum status sending the email and requested proof last Saturday. Today I got an email granting me United 1K status. It starts the middle of this month (on the first day I have a United flight booked) and ends in the first week of July. I need 15 flights to qualify. I’m going to have to make sure my last flight isn’t until after July 1. (No problem, if I think I’ll hit it too soon, I’ll book a few flights on American or Delta instead.).
    The article was so helpful in helping me strategize. Thanks!

  • I’ll be starting a new contract where United is the only airline that flies to the location. That was disappointing since I have status on American and Delta but not United. I will use this challenge to rectify that. Thanks for the information and hint about the start date to maximize the length of the status.

  • Interesting that they would have a longer time of elite status for qualifying after July. I wonder what the thinking is behind that. Would have to time it just like one would time the Southwest Companion ticket it seems. I am sure they are betting on this getting more people traveling them if they get status.

    • I suspect they view July 1st as a new beginning for the travel industry, with most of the American public having been vaccinated by that point. They need to reset the status window at some point, so starting when they believe more travel is possible makes sense.

  • Wish I was flying enough to use elite status but perhaps next year. For now only the cheap necessary flights for me!

  • AA are you watching, United has had some good promotions lately.