Your Vaccine Shot Could Win You Free United Flights for a Year Your Vaccine Shot Could Win You Free United Flights for a Year

Your Vaccine Shot Could Win You Free United Flights for a Year

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Are you fully vaccinated? If so, you can have a shot at winning free United flights for a year. To encourage travelers to get vaccinated and upload documentation of their vaccination records, United Airlines is running a sweepstakes offering participants the chance at free flights for a year. Here's how to enter and what you could win.

United's “Your Shot to Fly” Sweepstakes

According to recent data, 50% of the U.S. population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, the U.S. still has a ways to go to reach the 70% threshold that experts estimate is needed to reach herd immunity.

If you're still on the fence about getting vaccinated, there's yet another reason to do so. United Airlines is offering vaccinated travelers the chance to win free flights for a year, among other prizes.

United Free Flights Sweepstakes Details

Now, through June 22, 2021, travelers that upload documentation of their COVID-19 vaccination records will be entered to win two possible prizes. This includes free flights on United for a year. Here are the prizes participants have a chance to win:

  • Grand Prize: 5 winners receive one year of free travel to any United Airlines destination in any class of service for themselves and a companion
  • Runner-Up Prize: 30 winners will receive a roundtrip flight for two in any class of service to any United Airlines destination.

In all, there are 35 prizes up for grabs. Free United flights for a year are limited to 26 roundtrips and $275,000. The 30 roundtrip prizes are limited to 2 tickets up to $7,700.

United Airlines Polaris Business Class
Your COVID-19 shot could land you in United Airlines' Polaris Business Class (Image by Max Prosperi / AwardWallet)

To enter, you'll need to upload your COVID-19 vaccine records by the end of the day on June 22. You can still add your COVID-19 vaccine records to your MileagePlus account after the deadline. However, if you do so after June 22, you will not be eligible to participate in this sweepstake.

How To Enter United's “Your Shot to Fly”

Entering United's COVID-19 vaccination sweepstake is simple and takes only a few minutes. To get started, click the following link to navigate to the sweepstake landing page. Once on the landing page, scroll down and select “Upload your card.”

Keep in mind, you will need to be a registered MileagePlus member to upload your COVID-19 vaccination card.

Upload your card to enter to win free United flights for a year
Click “Upload your card” to add your COVID-19 vaccination card to your MileagePlus account. (Image via United Airlines)

Once you click “Upload your card,” you will be prompted to log in to your MileagePlus account if you are not already logged in on your device. Once logged in, you can upload your COVID-19 vaccination card. Your vaccine card must be stored on the device you're using to register for the sweepstakes.

Upload COVID-19 vaccine card to United MileagePlus account
Upload your COVID-19 vaccination card, enter manual info, and check some boxes to add your records to your MileagePlus card. (Image via United Airlines)

Once you've uploaded your card, you will need to enter your vaccine records manually and click a few boxes. Upon entering vaccine data and checking each box, click save.

Just like that, you've added your COVID-19 vaccination card to your MileagePlus profile. You will see a message like the one below if your submission was added to your account successfully.

Add COVID-19 vaccine records to MileagePlus account for free United flights
You'll see the following message if you've successfully added your COVID-19 vaccine records to your MileagePlus account. (Image via United Airlines)

The Bottom Line

Now through June 22, adding your COVID-19 vaccination records to your MileagePlus account gives you a shot at winning free United flights. 5 winners will receive free flights for a year, and 30 winners will receive a round-trip flight for two. All you have to do is add your COVID-19 vaccination card to your MileagePlus account. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes.

Additionally, as more countries and organizations require proof of vaccination, uploading your COVID-19 vaccination card to your MileagePlus account will streamline providing proof when traveling. You can click here to access the full sweepstakes terms and conditions.

Will you be entering United's ‘Your Shot to Fly” sweepstake? If you were to win, where is the first place you'd visit?

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  • Promotions like these can be good ways to help incentivize people who are hesitant but wish to travel towards getting their shots. i hope that it will be as successful as intended to help communities worldwide overcome the pandemic.

  • Great news, and an interesting way to get everyone interested in getting vaccinated

  • It is a really excellent initiative. Just being safe have to be the main reason to get the vaccine but if you also add these temptress bonus, then pls run to get vaccinated now!!
    Does this also applies for members of another’s countries??

  • I guess If international United members are eligible for this promotion

  • This is a great promotion!

  • Great promotion. I am more than willing to give up all my medical privacy to anyone who asks as long as it keeps me safe.

  • Is it applicable to international frequent flyer members?

  • It is a really excellent initiative. Just being safe have to be the main reason to get the vaccine but if you also add these temptress bonus, then pls run to get vaccinated now!!
    Does this also applies for members of another’s countries??

  • Programs like these are excellent steps in the right direction. Nice!

  • If i am not US resident, could i apply to de benefit?

    • JT Genter says:

      Unfortunately the sweepstakes are only “open to legal residents of 50 US, DC, PR, USVI & Guam who are 18+ or age of majority, whichever older, at entry”

  • This is what I call an Airline that does good in the world!

  • This is a great idea. Anything that will overcome apathy or hesitance.

  • Uploaded my vaccine card tonight. Hope someone on this blog wins! (but mainly me.. hope I win!)

  • Thanks for sharing this promotion! Seems like a great win-win for everyone.

  • Wow, thanks for the heads up! I love that United is helping motivate people to get vaccinated, and also that those of us who have already been vaccinated can still participate

  • This is pretty good incentive to help the vaccinations among the general population and a nice reward if you are a lucky winer.

  • So they’re making us say where we got our shot and all that. I’m in the Air Force and got it at work. I have no clue who the physician was. Is there still a way for me to enter?

  • This is a great idea! I hope to see more airlines providing incentives like this. It will encourage people to get vaccinated AND boost travel, helping to reinvigorate the travel industry after a hard year.

  • Great idea from a Great Airline! I encourage you all to participate, this is a total game changer!

  • Nice idea!!

  • Miguel Angel Baltanas says:

    I love this kind of news! United smart move will certainly help many travellers to make up their minds. As for myself, I am just a few clicks away from entering the sweepstake!

  • Ana Maria del Rosario Valencia says:

    This is a smart treat from United and I surely will sign up right now. I am glad I already had my second shot two weeks ago!

  • Thanks for getting the word out about this! Anything that entices otherwise hesitant individuals go get vaccinated is a good thing.

  • Thats a great idea! great reward for encouraging people to get vaccinated and we can finally enjoy traveling safely again!

  • Max Prosperi says:

    Re: 1099s: I am reaching out to our contacts at United to see if they can provide any further clarification. I will update the post and to respond to comments as soon as we receive a response.

    • EWayfarer says:

      Thank you Max – both for posting this article with easy to understand instructions and for reaching out to United.

  • Excellent idea, in other parts of the world we are not so lucky.

  • Paying taxes on $275,000 value is not something most people can do easily.

  • Regarding the 1099 point, it might be more attractive and flexible if one of the winning options is to award miles instead of up to 26 flights, because in the past I believe United has awarded miles on sweepstakes without issuing corresponding 1099s. It would be an added bonus if United could add notes to the winners’ MileagePlus accounts to have guaranteed redemptions rather than based on regular award seat availabilities.

  • Perfect Match!

  • Maryjane says:

    This is a great incentive to get vaccinated for those that are on the fence. A remarkably generous prize from United also…I would not have imagined the “any class of service” detail. I’ll be up loading my record next time I’m on a United Flight…it will be something to while away the time.

  • Great contest, but I wonder if there are any risks with uploading medical records like this online? I’m a bit weary and will think about it a bit.

  • SH in SF says:

    It’s not 26 trips *or* $275,000. It’s 26 trips *and* $275,000.

    From the official rules:

    “Each Grand Prize is one year of free airfare for winner and guest on United Airlines or United Express and $275,000 awarded in the form of a check.

    Approximate retail value (“ARV”) of each Grand Prize: $784,600.

    Winner agrees to complete Form W-9 and promptly return it to Sponsor upon request. If required by law, an IRS 1099-MISC Form will be prepared in the winner’s name and submitted to the IRS for the value of the winner’s prize. Sponsor will cause a copy of any submitted 1099-MISC Form to be sent to winner’s last known address.”

    $784,600 income puts you into the 37% federal tax bracket with a tax bill well over $150,000, plus any state income taxes.

    So, unless you are already planning on a ton of travel and can easily use the grand prize, this seems to be really risky.

    • JT Genter says:

      Strange! I’m pretty sure that I had “and” in the post. After all, it seems that cash portion is to cover the taxes on the entire prize – as it is set right at 35% of the total ARV.

  • David H Schwartz says:

    this is such a nice idea! win win for the customer, the airline, and the global community’s health!!!

  • Is this how the world has come to wherein vaccination is being encouraged with a prize?

    • EWayfarer says:

      Well, the state of CA didn’t want to be left out so they are going to pick 10 vaccinated winners that shall receive $1.5 Million each!

      Wonder who is going to top that.

    • Yes , I have seen some Caribbean islands do it to , get vaccinated to win a weekend stay at a 5 star hotel

  • Saw this in the app Tuesday when taking my first flight in 15 months. Entered and hoping for at least one free flight.

  • angelo fonseca says:

    Very well thinked. Improving vaccinating. Great Congratulations to United for this campaign.

  • What is the winning odd of this sweepstake?

    • Always depends on the number of entrants.

    • Thanks AwardWallet for this information! This is incredible and a great way to incentive people to get vaccinated! Unhappily it’s not all countries think this way…

  • Not normally a United flyer, but why not give it a whirl….I once won a free trip to Vail with AA AAdvantage, so maybe lightning will strike twice here….

  • Some other entities in other countries are running “free airline roundtrip tickets for vaccine shots” promotions.

  • Entered! Now here’s to winning!

  • Clever UA promotion. I’ll be uploading as soon as I get my second dose this week.

  • Fenspinbi says:

    American Airlines is my preferred airline, but it’s nice to have my COVID card saved with at least one airline, for future convenience. I’m hoping that AA and a few others follow suit, because although Florida outlawed any such “vaccine passports”, this is voluntary, and outside of their purview. Thanks for the reminder, I saw this on TPG, and forgot about it today until I saw the Awardwallet email.

  • I am wondering if the winners and runners up will receive 1099s for r $275,000 or $7,700 correspondingly… if so paying taxes on $275K would be unsustainable for the most.

    • EWayfarer says:

      Great observation. I am curious about the same.

      In fact, why wouldn’t United advertise the cash component of the prize? Could it be that United is giving that cash to pay towards the 1099 tax obligation of the actual flights which the 1-year Grand Prize has been valued at, wait for it…$784,600!

    • EWayfarer says:

      @Max Prosperi – Can you (or someone at Award Wallet) reach out to United to get clarification on this point?


  • Worthwhile to spend a couple of minutes to do, seems to stay in your profile which would be helpful for future travel.

  • Konstantin says:

    Smart way to get this info in advance and cut down on lines in future when people to check in. Maybe they seat vaccinated passengers in a “vaccinated section” of the airplane?

  • This is a very unusual offer, but top prize is potentially worth a lot. If planning to fly with United anyway then it certainly makes sense to upload your vaccination card details and enter the sweepstake.

  • Marcelo López says:

    I was reading the conditions and it is only for U.S. residents.

    • Max Prosperi says:

      Unfortunately, yes. Only U.S. residents can participate in this sweepstakes. It’s likely to streamline the process as this ensures only CDC issues vaccine cards are uploaded to the system.

  • Fun but I’m a little bit concerned about this health information floating around in their database…

  • Was a very simple process. Hoping the information can be verified and used as a “vaccine passport” in the future, perhaps with CLEAR HealthPass or CommonPass or VeriFLY

    • Max Prosperi says:

      I’m thinking that’s the plan with United allowing members to add this info. We’ll see what happens though. My guess is that international travel and COVID-19 vax records will become streamlined in the near future.