2,500 Southwest Points If You Wait At TSA Pre✓ For More Than 10 Minutes 2,500 Southwest Points If You Wait At TSA Pre✓ For More Than 10 Minutes

2,500 Southwest Points If You Wait At TSA Pre✓ For More Than 10 Minutes

Bonus Points

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Southwest has announced a promotion at Oakland airport that will give you 2,500 Rapid Rewards points if you wait for more than 10 minutes at TSA Pre✓. The promotion is a trial at Oakland Airport (OAK) only and will run through June 29, 2018.

Southwest TSA Precheck Promotion
Southwest TSA Pre✓ Promotion

Key Details

  • Promotion valid through June 29, 2018, at Oakland (OAK) terminal 2
  • No proof of wait necessary, if you wait for more than 10 minutes notify a supervisor, and they will give you a voucher for 2,500 Rapid Rewards
  • Claim your points online
  • You can claim up to 5 vouchers in one time

Our Take

This is a great pilot promotion from Southwest. Interestingly Oakland terminal 2 only caters for Southwest airlines, so it is much easier to implement this trial. Its expansion to shared terminals could prove a little more complicated.

Thanks to this promotion, waiting for 11 minutes at TSA Pre✓ should now be a joy. If you fly Southwest through Oakland airport please share your experience with us!

Source: Mommy Points

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  • I hope it comes to Dallas Love Field. Sometimes more people are in the TSA Pre-Check line than in the regular line. Southwest, support your home base customers.

  • Considering that no proof is needed, I’m sure this will end up being abused

  • With E-miles ending. Would like to see a post about how to keep Rapid Rewards active. Especially for non-Americans who cannot qualify for a credit card.

  • How does “being able to claim 5 vouchers in one time work?”

  • William Twomey says:

    Great way to soften the blow of a long wait. Smart move by SW.

  • Wow, amazing by Southwest!

  • Is it bad I’m hoping that i need to wait and can get the miles?!

  • So I’m assuming then that they have had people waiting that long at TSA when they are the only ones who use that TSA?
    Odd but maybe other airlines use it in Oakland? Didn’t seem like it from what you wrote. I have been hearing some complaints from people about the lines of TSA PreCheck sometimes is longer than the regular line. I wonder if that more in TSA lines that are used by more than one carrier? well at least you get miles for the wait and hopefully it’s not more that 11mins.

  • beppoello81 says:

    Very unconventional promo!

  • What a great idea! I think if BA did this at their dedicated terminal at Heathrow for fast track security it would bankrupt them.

  • I can’t wait for it to come to the Austin airport. How do they verify how long you took?9

  • nataraj davalath says:

    This is backwards. This is what it says on their website:
    “Get through the TSA Precheck® line in 10 minutes at Oakland or Southwest® will give you 2,500 Rapid Rewards® bonus points.”

    So, you get miles if you it is less than 10 minutes.

  • Haha maybe TSA pre-check will be shorter now, people trying to get those miles!

  • Maryjane says:

    This is a brilliant marketing idea for Southwest and costs them almost nothing. Airlines love giving out points and vouchers for inconveniences because rarely do people actually use the points or vouchers so the airline has created goodwill but doesn’t lose any revenue. (Those of us in the points and miles hobby are exceptions to this rule.) Of course, greater than 10 minutes to wait is not long and it would not be Southwest’s fault anyway. This is definitely not enough to convince me to fly Southwest.
    It reminds me of the baggage guarantee that some airlines offered for 2500 miles if you waited for more than 20 minutes at the carousel. I will admit that it was enough to make me consider checking a bag.

  • Do think it’s a low cost marketing. OAK is usually quite fast. SW will definitely go bankrupt if they try SFO or LAX 🙂

  • That’s what I call a good customer service! Well done, Southwest!

  • Very inventive, SW! Good for you!

  • deerseason says:

    Quick, everyone book a flight out of OAK and rush at the same time!

  • Flying from OAK next week but on AS instead of WN.

  • Whoa! I should have chosen to fly into OAK instead of SFO this weekend.

  • I love how southwest runs various promos like this. Oakland is one of my nearby airports.

  • It’s a good program, a great gesture, and smart marketing. Now we’ll see if anyone abuses it and either gets it shut down, or prevents expansion elsewhere.

  • I’d rather not have the wait and miss out on the miles

  • charles j says:

    Kind of like the Circuit City ‘your (online for store pick up) order is ready in 24 minutes or you get a $24 gift card. It took just over 24 minutes, and they just handed me the card without my saying anything. Then, when it became obvious that Circuit City would ne filing for bankruptcy in a matter of time, I used the last $3 on a overpriced , small bag of pistachios, because I figured it was better than nothing.

  • Jacqueline says:

    This is got to be one of the easiest point earning opportunity I have seen in a while.